BLT Deviled Eggs

I love deviled eggs. They are one of my favorite pot luck / Thanksgiving / Christmas / feast-meal foods! 😀 I like boiled eggs anyway, but add in that creamy bit of goodness and I love them even more. So when I saw a recipe for BLT deviled eggs I was more than a little excited. I mean, it’s a deviled egg with BACON! 😀 Plus they are absolutely adorable!

blt deviled eggs

blt deviled eggs

This recipe originally came from Kraft Recipes and I left most of it the same (other than the fact that I cheated and used bacon bits so I did change that) because I actually made a dozen of these instead of 8. So really I just added mayo and ranch until the consistency looked right. 😉 Also, I didn’t mix tomatoes into the yolk mix. I only decorated with them.

But you guys, these are delicious. If you like deviled eggs and ranch and bacon… you will love these. I took them to two different parties last weekend and they were a hit both places. So enjoy! 🙂
Love Rach



21 responses to “BLT Deviled Eggs

  1. I don’t love deviled eggs, but I DO love bacon!! These look good, Rach!

  2. Deviled eggs are the best party food – so easy and they disappear so quickly every time! Love this variation!

  3. I love deviled eggs! These look so good!

  4. These look like such a great canape to make for a party.

  5. dude i could eat my weight in these!!! YUM!

  6. These deviled eggs look so good! I would totally use turkey bacon in this 🙂

  7. These are so cute, and what a great idea!

  8. Oh, deviled eggs. I had my first deviled egg about a year ago. I was missing out my whole life!! I love the addition of bacon! Can’t go wrong with that 🙂

  9. I used to dislike deviled eggs, but I feel like I should revisit them now that I’m an adult. This recipe seems right up my alley!

    • It’s possible that you didn’t like some of the ingredients some people put in their deviled eggs. I know a lot of people put minced pickles in their yolk mixture. I like deviled eggs and I like pickles, but I don’t like them together. Or it could just be that you didn’t like something else about them as a kid. I hope you like them now, though! Because this recipe is so yummy! 🙂

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