Tuesday Night In

Every Tuesday we have dinner at our friend Whitney’s house. This has been an on going weekly tradition with our group of friends since the fall of 2011. Yeah, she’s pretty awesome with the whole hospitality thing. Anyway, since most of our friends have small children we decided not to go last night for fear that we might still be carrying lingering germs with us. It was a bummer not to see our friends, but we still had a fun night in. It was really strange to be home on a Tuesday night. I kept getting confused about what day of the week it was, ha! I know a lot of you saw these photos on Instagram, but I thought I’d give you the detailed version of the night here! πŸ™‚

chicken 'n dumplin's

We started with my grandmother’s homemade chicken ‘n dumplin’s recipe for dinner. Β I grew up eating this and it’s one of my favorite comfort foods. And a good in between food for welcoming me back to the world of eating real food. πŸ™‚


Then Christopher and I played a round of Life.Β He was an accountant with twin sons living in a lodge. I was a doctor who adopted twins (one boy, one girl) living in a house. I retired at Millionaire Estates and he went to Countryside Acres. We laughed a lot along the journey. πŸ™‚

cake in a mug

Then we got hungry for dessert so we made cake-in-a-mug! I used 2 1/2 tbsp baking Stevia in place of the sugar for mine and Christopher actually liked mine better! These things are kind of huge so next time we’re just going to make one with Stevia and split it instead of two. πŸ™‚

oreo wants cake

Then, of course, Oreo wanted in on the cake-in-a-mug. Please ignore my I’ve-been-sick-face-and-hair. For the record, we don’t normally let him climb up our chairs and put his face this close to the table, but heΒ was cracking us up with trying to get to the chocolate so Christopher took a picture before we told him to get down. I know, I know, bad parenting. Here’s to hoping we’re better with our human children someday. Also, for the record, he didn’t get any chocolate. πŸ˜‰

fam pic bw

And finally, this wasn’t from last night, but this shot cracks me up. I wish you could see it better, but Oreo is actually sitting with his belly out and paws up as if he were a human. It cracks us up when he sits on the couch with us like that. Oh my goodness, my dog is half human. And it’s awesome. πŸ™‚

So yeah, bummer that we didn’t get to see our friends, but I’m glad that I get to live with my very best one. I love living life with him. πŸ™‚
Love Rach


22 responses to “Tuesday Night In

  1. I’m so ready to see y’all!!!!!

  2. That last family shot is the best! Adorable πŸ™‚ YUM for all of the food. For not being able to see you friends it still seems like you had a good night πŸ™‚

  3. mmm dumplings look yummy. yall are so cute!

  4. That’s such a lovely tradition to have with either friends or family. It’s so important to stay in touch and a weekly dinner sounds perfect for this.

  5. I love both pictures with your sweet pup!!

    And I saw the Life photo on Instagram and immediately told Kevin, “We NEED to buy the Game of Life.” I love that game!

  6. That tuesday night tradition sounds really fun, but it also sounds like you guys had good reason to stay in for the night. Hope you get to feeling completely better soon!

  7. So sweet! Sounds like a wonderful night in. And that soup! Oh my yummmm I’m going to go pin the recipe now!

  8. I’m glad you could enjoy a nice night in and I hope you’re feeling much better now! I love the last picture of you guys and Oreo!!

  9. optimistichealth

    That soup looks devine! We do the same thing with Axel… we don’t allow him to beg and jump up but sometimes it’s just too cute and it kinda, sorta happens.. πŸ˜‰ life is balance right?!

  10. Too bad you didn’t get to hang out with your friends, but it looks like you had such a fun night anyway!! I just want to play Life now…maybe I can convince Steve to play with me tonight πŸ˜‰

  11. That soup looks delicious! I love life!!!! My sister and I used to play that game all the time growing up. I have it at my house and we still play it occasionally. πŸ™‚

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