The Grand Buffet

I honestly can’t remember how we first discovered the Grand Buffet. We’ve been going there for years and love it. All-you-can-eat Chinese food, sushi, and hibachi. Their hibachi isn’t the best, but their sushi is really good for buffet sushi. And the rest of their food is delicious. Christopher’s parents really like this place too so we go nearly every time they come into town. 🙂

grand buffet Grand Buffet off Exeter and Poplar

grand buffetMy favorites are the noodles, sweet and sour chicken, and green beans!

grand buffetAnd I love their California Rolls! They make it fresh in front of you so you know it hasn’t been sitting out for a long time. I also love the buffet style sushi because I get to try new things every time. I won’t order something different at a restaurant, but I’ll try a bite of something new at a buffet. 🙂

Grand Buffet on Urbanspoon

And since it has been the week of old family photos… I finally have scanned up to 1990 which means that my little sister has now been born (she was born in Dec ’89)! So I present you with a photo of myself and ALL my siblings!

1990 siblingsMatt, me, Holly, Abby, and Melissa. I love everything about this shot! From Mickey Mouse, to the acid wash jeans, to the giant glasses to the perm to the whatever-I’m-wearing (is that called a “jumper” maybe?)… we were very 90’s chic! 🙂

Happy Friday, friends!

Love Rach


20 responses to “The Grand Buffet

  1. Oh, yeah! You all were stylin’!!! 🙂

  2. Those are some cute babies! This food looks good!

  3. That is a photo of THE ’90’s. Totally.

    Sushi sounds really good to me!! I love sushi.

  4. Mmmm…. a sushi bar. I love them. Being able to try so many different ones without committing to a whole roll of something is the best! I should scan in all of my family photos. I have been putting it off because there are so many. How are you doing it? Please tell me you have an easier way to do this.

    • Oh girl, I wish I could tell you that I have some secret quick way of doing it, but I don’t. I have a scanner that I can scan between 3-5 photos at a time. It probably takes me an hour to scan 100 photos. Definitely slow going, but I’m glad that I’m doing it!

  5. sushi posts always make me hungry – jon’s allergic to seafood, so we tend to stay away– i go any time a girls’ night rolls around though 🙂

  6. Old family photos are the best, and that one is adorable. You have such a great looking family! That buffet sounds fantastic!

  7. I’ve been LOVING the flashbacks lately!! Adorable 🙂

  8. Oh my yummmm!

  9. Ahh, so cute!! And that buffet looks delicious. Buffet sushi is the way to go 🙂

  10. That buffet looks awesome!! Love the pictures of you and your family. So sweet 🙂

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