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There is an organization here in Memphis called Choose 901. Their mission is to help you fall in love with the city of Memphis. (901 is our area code). As you guys know, Christopher and I volunteer with a group of teens and this past weekend Choose 901 hosted our JR highers. And as you also know, we love Memphis. So we were pretty pumped about the weekend!

memphis jonesFriday night our weekend kicked off with a performance/history lesson by Memphis Jones. You guys, I could’ve listened to him talk all night. He knows so much about music history and Memphis history and how those two intertwine so perfectly. He is passionate about his love for Memphis and just listening to him talk made me fall even more in love with Memphis. It’s amazing how much Memphis has influenced music world-wide (and not just because of Elvis)!

 And to give you guys an idea of what he sounded like… here he is singing “Burning Love” by Elvis. At 29 seconds when he looks over at where I’m filming and you see him chuckle as he’s singing… that’s because he caught a glimpse of Lyndal and I sitting side by side singing and dancing back to him. 😉

The next morning we split up into teams and went around Memphis taking photos of places that make us love our city. Christopher and I got paired with three 6th grade boys and let me tell you, spending the day with them was oh-so-different than being with 11th & 12th grade girls (the age of the girls I mentor). But it was a lot of fun! The boys were sweet and thought that we were SO cool. This is why I love 6th & 7th grade kids. They think we’re the bomb dot com. 😉

christopher jack grady graysonGrady, Christopher, Grayson, and Jack standing on the ledge in Downtown Memphis (don’t worry, this particular ledge was only 5 feet off the ground – we were on top of a parking garage, haha!).

 And as a bonus for you… here are the boys (and Christopher) singing and dancing to “Happy” by Pharrell. Everywhere we drove we had the music blasting and lots of car dancing. I loved that these kids were having so much fun! 🙂

mississippi queen bwNext we went on a prayer walk around downtown Memphis. I snagged this picture of the Queen of the Mississippi Riverboat as we walked by. Did you know you can take cruises down the Mississippi river? You definitely can. I loved how this one turned out in black and white. It looks like such a classic shot with the bridge in the background and everything.

me avery audrey courtneyAnd then it was lunch time! We went to Central BBQ (which I will blog about later this week). This shot was taken just outside the restaurant. Audrey, Avery, and Courtney are some of my favorite 8th graders. They are SO sweet. And they also still think I’m cool. 😉

rick trotterAfter lunch Rick Trotter aka The Voice of the Grizzlies (our NBA team here in Memphis) spoke to us about his love for this city. And naturally we asked that he use his announcer voice at least once which resulted in:

Okay so that was as poorly mashed up video of two separate moments, but I wanted you guys to hear him AND see our kids cheering, haha! But anyway, Rick was pretty cool.

rachtopher choose901True story: I love living life in Memphis with this man. We choose 901. 🙂

Love Rach


27 responses to “Choose 901

  1. What a FUN weekend!!! I love that you two enjoy your city and are such wonderful role models to younger kids. LOVE the B&W photo of the boat…and that photo of Christopher and the boys. They look super tough!!

  2. That music video to ‘happy’ was WAY too cute and fun! LOVED it! Ha, ha. 🙂 And I hope that I can visit Memphis someday!!!! 🙂

  3. LOVE those pictures. Memphis looks gorgeous!!!!

  4. How nice that you guys are so in love with your city! It’s been awhile since I’ve felt that way about where I live. And a great opportunity to hang out with the young’uns. 🙂

  5. What a neat thing to be involved in! I love all of your pictures, and the weekend as a whole sounds fabulous!

  6. I was wondering what all these photos were for!! HOW COOL, you guys are so freaking adorable! Great photos!

  7. What a fun time!! These pictures are making me homesick! I feel like Memphis is really under appreciated by Memphians, which makes me sad. It is a great place to live! And I love Central BBQ.


    • Yeah, I’ve noticed that vibe among a lot of Memphians. But I love the I Love Memphis blog and Choose 901 and how organizations like that are bringing so much city pride. Not to mention how well the Grizz did last year and suddenly we even had an amazing team to root for. I just love this city! And I like to help other people love it too! 🙂

  8. love how you share your passion for memphis with your youth — such a wonderful way to promote community and connection 🙂

  9. I love how involved you are. I’m sure you really make an impact on these kids life. I’ve never been on a prayer walk but my mom tells me she used to do it in youth groups all the time growing up!

    • Prayer walks are so cool. I did my first one when I was a camp counselor. Before all the kids would arrive, we would walk through the camp grounds and pray as we went. It was such a cool thing to think about the kids who were on their way and how we would be impacting them. Since then I’ve done a handful of them. We did a small version of one when we bought our house – just walking through it and praying in each room. Anyway, I definitely recommend them! 🙂

  10. I love how much you guys love Memphis! Looks like such a fun weekend. And I’m so excited to watch the videos later! Steve is hogging the silence with his tv watching 😉

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  12. I love reading about all your adventures with your youth! My husband and I are super involved with our youth group. We mentor a group of junior high students today, and I also mentor a group of senior high girls, and yes, the differences are drastic! But I love them them all 🙂

  13. Great post! Thanks for choosing the 901.

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