Central BBQ

We have some incredible BBQ in the city of Memphis. And I can’t tell you how many locals I know love Central. So much so that I’ve always felt like I’m supposed to like it if I’m really a Memphian. But here’s the thing… it’s good and all, but it’s not Corky’s. Or Showboat. Or Three Little Pigs. When most all the BBQ in your city is good, you end up having to choose between many good options. And for me, Central just isn’t the top of my list. But again, it’s a huge favorite with many of my friends.

central bbqWe went to the downtown location this past weekend. It’s across from the Lorraine Motel which is where Dr. Martin Luther King, JR was assassinated almost exactly 46 years ago (April 4, 1968). Today it is the National Civil Rights Museum. You can see the hotel sign on the right side of this photo.

chips central bbqThey have these homemade chips that Christopher really liked, but I definitely did not. They taste almost burnt to me, but Christopher loves all things crispy and smokey. So again, you can see how so many things come down to personal preference.

central bbqPulled pork sandwiches. The pork was a little dry (something I’ve noticed several times when I’ve been to Central) and their sauce just isn’t my favorite. Again, this doesn’t mean that it’s “bad”… it’s just that we have other BBQ places here in Memphis that I think are better.

central bbq sidesTheir coleslaw and beans were both pretty non descript. Tasty, but not overwhelmingly great. Again, not overwhelmingly bad either, haha!

central cupBut as a fun bonus, you get a cup to bring home with you 🙂

So the moral of this story… Central BBQ is good. But in my personal opinion, Memphis has even better BBQ to offer. 🙂

Central BBQ on Urbanspoon

Also, I just got my hands on the group photo from our Choose 901 event this past weekend.

group shot choose 901Can you spot me? If you look at the Washington Monument look-a-like in the background, Courtney is just to the left of it and I am beside her (in my aviators naturally).  {photo credit: George W.}

Love Rach



19 responses to “Central BBQ

  1. I like to think that George Washington took that group photo with the Washington Monument look-a-like in the background.

    Also, the pig on the cup is cute. And food really is about personal preference. That’s kind of cool really – something for everyone!

  2. Haha! I was thinking the same thing as Amy ^ about the picture.

    There have been plenty of reviews I have seen on Urbanspoon where people don’t like a restaurant and I will go in and love it or vice versa. I agree, it is all about personal preference.

  3. Oh my goodness…now I want BBQ.

  4. Seems like you guys have so many bbq places down there! I can think of one around here… and it’s an hour away!

  5. Those chips look SO good, I would arm wrestle Christopher for the entire basket! Then I would probably share… 😉

  6. I like Central but I have only been there a few times. I really don’t think you can get better than Corky’s. But my husband thinks that Tops is the best. To each their own!


  7. despite the review, it’s making me hungry, hehe. happy easter

  8. I love homemade chips like that! If I see it on a menu somewhere, I always have to order it. 🙂

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