I’ve been back and forth about whether or not to share today’s post because I was really just an outsider looking in. But the family has been very public with this journey and there is so much hope in the resurrection story so I’ve decided to share.

On April 28th, Megan Coleman began a blog entry this way, “The cancer died at 1:15am this morning, and our Bennett is now healed and alive in heaven!” Her youngest son, Bennett was only 21 months old. He has been at St Jude’s since Christmas when they discovered that he had cancer. We only met Bennett once when we took food to his family in March, but he was a sweet boy. He loved Veggie Tales just like my nephew did at that age. He smiled and had eyes that lit up when he laughed. And he looked great in blue.


I got a phone call Monday afternoon to let me know that Bennett was in heaven now and a request. The family planned to spread his ashes on Wednesday and wanted to know if I would be willing to photograph that special ceremony. Of course I said yes. My heart was breaking for this family so I was glad that I had a tangible way to serve and love them.

coleman (3)

coleman (15)Praying together as a family before they spread Bennett’s ashes

coleman (17)

coleman (27)

coleman (19)

coleman (24)

I could write a book about the emotions Christopher and I have experienced in the last week. But this quote from a book very dear to my heart sums it up best:

“Even when it seems like death has won, the story of Easter echoes from the empty tomb that death couldn’t hold Jesus, and death still can’t hold us. Death doesn’t get the last word. Jesus wins!” – Scarred Faith

Say a prayer for the Coleman family as they adjust to life without Bennett. And hug your loved ones an extra time today.

Love Rach


13 responses to “Bennett

  1. Oh my gosh, this is a tough one. Prayers to all.

  2. What a precious post, and the ceremony looks so meaningful for the entire family and group present. The emotions it brings to my mind are so strong, and I can only imagine how they must have been to be there. Thinking of everyone and saying a prayer, of course!

  3. Heartbreak. Thoughts and prayers to their family and friends during this difficult time.

  4. Oh my heart is so heavy, what a sweet family. Such a tragic loss.

  5. This is a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing!

  6. How beautiful. I am amazed by the fact that even when it’s a terrible loss for them, the family has decided to celebrate and take happiness in Bennett’s existence in heaven. Surely, Jesus wins 🙂 This post made my day.

  7. oh, this story and that sweet boy are pulling at my heart strings. so kind and loving of you to help them throughout this process.

  8. that would be the hardest job! idk how you did it. actually, i do! it was Him.

  9. Such a tragedy that they had to say ‘goodbye’ too soon. But such a sweet testimony that they have faith… and a promise that they will see their little boy again someday. This post brought tears to my eyes!

  10. Bless their hearts. I can not begin to imagine what they are going through. Sending lots of love, prayers, and thoughts their way. Beautiful job on photographing this delicate part of their life. They will cherish it forever.

  11. Oh goodness, I can’t even imagine how difficult this would be! Sending prayers for his family. You captured the ceremony beautifully.

  12. I love the way they looked at his passing. He really is healed in heaven and cancer can’t hurt him anymore. Sending prayers out to his family, all he has touched, and you guys too. {{HUGS}}

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