Mexican Hat Dance

So here’s a tex-mex meal for you that was created out of necessity when Christopher and I had first gotten married and I was still in grad school. We only had one car (which Christopher had at work since I could walk everywhere on campus) and we only made grocery trips once every two weeks. I was at the end of that time and I had a random hodge podge of things in my freezer and pantry to work with. So I threw it all together into a casserole dish, covered it with cheese, and called it a day! We loved it so much that we decided to name it and call it a recipe. 😉

mexican hat dance

“Tex-Mex Casserole” probably would’ve been the appropriate sort of name for this dish, but that sounded boring to me. I wanted something with a little zazz. So I jokingly called it “the Mexican Hat Dance casserole” and the name just stuck. So naturally you must perform the Mexican Hat Dance while preparing this meal. 😉 For inspiration, I give you…


Now moving on to the recipe…

Mexican Hat Dance

Mmm… look at those layers of goodness. It’s by far one of the less healthy things that I’ve made (all that rice! all that cheese!), but man, it was cheap to make and it fed us for days!

mexican hat dance

mexican hat dance casserole{click recipe card to see larger}

I hadn’t made this recipe since that first year of marriage (when it was in our regular rotation), but I’m glad I made it again. This time around I made my own taco seasoning for this recipe (you can find the spices for it in my Taco Salad recipe) because I’m used to doing that now. But other than that, this recipe stayed the same. And it was delicious. I had forgotten how carby-cheesy-delicious it was! 🙂 So friends, do the Mexican Hat Dance and then eat a meal that would probably never be served in Mexico. 😉 Happy Friday!

Love Rach

18 responses to “Mexican Hat Dance

  1. You go girl! What other recipes have you come up with? I’m terrible at making my own recipes! This looks delicious!

  2. Love anything with a Mexican flair, especially with a homemade spice blend. Looks good and perfect for cinco de mayo!

  3. I loveee when the end of the week foods manage to create some kind of masterpiece!

  4. screw being healthy for this meal – it looks DELICIOUS!

  5. I think we have most of the stuff for this meal…I’ll have to make it! We get a ton (not literally 2000 lbs but still, a lot) of ground beef from my parents and I’m always looking for ways to use it. 🙂

  6. wow, this looks amazing! tex mex is pretty much my favorite type of food. and you made this recipe up?! that’s impressive. i can’t wait to try it!

  7. Looks good! I am always up for Mexican anything!


  8. That looks so good and easy! I”d have to skip the beans as hubby can’t eat them, but I know this would still be a delicious meal for my family. Thanks, Rach!

  9. I love Mexican food as you know. So this recipe is something that I would absolutely love to try. It’s so easy too. Definitely want to make this next week and use ground turkey 🙂

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