Hanging out with Abby and Dan

So also while we were in Oklahoma we got to see my sister and her boyfriend! They drove up from Texas to hang out with us for the day. 🙂

abby and danAnd they are naturally as adorable as ever. 😉

us with abby and danThe four of us together!

abby and meWith my “little” sis. 😉 For everyone who thinks I’m tall at 5’8, you can see that I’m still not the tallest girl in my family!

rach and christopherAbby took my camera at one point and while Christopher and I were goofing around she got some pretty funny shots. This one was a sweet one, though, so I thought I’d share. 😀

christopher and rachOkay just one more of us. 😉 I thought this was pretty sweet too. 😀

It was good to see Abby and Dan even if it was just for 12 hours. I’m thankful for a weekend full of wonderful family time. 🙂
Love Rach


20 responses to “Hanging out with Abby and Dan

  1. oh my gosh y’all are precious!
    and anyone taller than me is tall! (i’m 5’4 1/2) haha

    • Haha! My sister, Holly, is just a little shorter than you at 5’3 and we tease her all the time for being so short when in reality she’s pretty average height for a female. It just doesn’t help that all her sisters are so much taller than she is (even my oldest sister is at least 5’6). And then our brother is over 6 feet so yeah. Poor Holly got the short genes from my mom who got it from her mom. There’s one in ever generation in our family. My mom is 5’2 and her sister is 6 feet tall. Yuuuup, crazy genetics!

  2. Those are some sweet pictures!!!!

  3. Your weekend was full of family fun!! I love the last two photos. Soooo sweet.

  4. aww, you and your sister look so similar- and ya’ll look sooo happy! love the photos 🙂

    • We definitely look a lot alike! People have definitely mistaken us for each other plenty in the past. Less now that we live in different cities. Just this past Wednesday we had a guest speaker at our church who was positive he recognized me, but just couldn’t quite place his finger on it… turns out, Abby was best friends with his daughter in college. So he was remembering her. 😉 I’m dark where she’s fair (skin, hair, and eyes – though she dyes her hair dark now), but other than that our faces and body shapes are so alike! Photos of us in b&w are trippy because sometimes it takes me a second to figure out which one is me if she isn’t wearing her glasses, haha!

  5. WHOA your sister is TALL! You are too, but she is really tall. What a good looking group of people, and I LOVE the shots she got of you and Christopher.

    • She IS tall! We have lots of tall genes in our family! And short ones too. Abby is nearly 6 feet tall, but one of our older sisters is only 5’3. It’s a genetic tradition in our family, though. My mom is 5’2 and her sister is 6 feet tall. 😉 Christopher always jokes that we’re going to have super tall kids and have a bunch of them so they will be his own personal basketball team. 😉

  6. I absolutely love the pictures your sister took of you and Christopher!! 🙂 And you’re definitely a lot taller than me, but we’re the same in that I’m shorter than my ‘little’ sister too. Ha, ha.

    • Isn’t it weird when your little sister outgrows you?! I was 13 when I outgrew my older sister, Holly (she’s only 5’3, though) and I felt like I was *the stuff*! Ha! Abby was around 15 when she outgrew me and by the time she came to college she was nearly 6 feet tall! I kept being shocked that she was actually taller than me. It just didn’t feel right for my “little” sister to be taller than me. But then I outgrew both my older sisters so I shouldn’t be surprised, haha!

  7. Great pictures! Wow, your sister is very tall! I don’t have any younger sisters but all of my “little” cousins are way taller than me! lol

  8. You have an absolutely beautiful blog – it feels like a hug on a page! So full of love, kindness and warmth! I cannot wait to read more!

  9. Cute pictures! It’s nice that you guys got to catch up with family! (And that you always remember to take photos! I tend to forget until later. That’s the perk of having a photographer in the family, I suppose! They are lucky! ;-))

    On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 9:57 AM, WordPress.com

    • My mom always took photos every time the family got together for anything. So I just grew up used to doing that. In fact, I didn’t know that most people didn’t do that until Christopher and I started dating and I brought him home for the first time. He was so confused as to why we were all lining up on the front porch to take a family shot in our casual clothes. That’s just how we roll in my family. 😉 I’m glad I grew up that way, though, because it’s like second nature to me to have my camera with me and be capturing little moments! 🙂

  10. These are such adorable pictures! You guys are one good looking family 🙂 And I love the light in the first one!

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