To end off a week of blogging about the weekend I thought I’d share some sweet shots I got of my newest nephew, Jax. 🙂

jax grumpy faceLove that grumpy little face

jax Aww, now he’s happier

jaxBig baby yawn! {ps. my brother and his wife are HUGE Dallas Cowboy’s fans}

jaxSpeaking of my brother… these were his shoes when he was a baby! How sweet is that?!

kaitlyn Aaand since I’m sharing photos of my brother’s newest son, I thought I’d share one of his other two kids as well. 😉 This is Katilyn his daughter.

austin And this Matt’s older son, Austin. He is the spitting image of my brother at this age. Pretty much pure adorable.

So there ya go! My brother’s three kiddos. They are precious and I love ’em! Glad I got to see them this past weekend. 🙂 Happy Friday, friends (especially if you aren’t going back to work until Tuesday)! 🙂

Love Rach

30 responses to “Jax

  1. Oh Rach! Your nephews and niece are beautiful!
    Your photos are fabulous.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I bet they were so happy you took these pictures! That last one is so stinking cute! They all are, but that hat on him is just precious!!

  3. You can’t help but love pictures of babies. Beautiful shots!

  4. Amazing photos as always, sooo precious!

  5. rach!
    you are seriously so talented!
    these are great pictures of some gorgeous children!

  6. Oh my goodness, all of these photo’s are precious, but I especially love the one of him yawning…. SO CUTE! 🙂

  7. Aww.. the baby yawn just makes my heart skip a beat!! so adorable!!!! And Katilyn sure does know how to look good for the camera 🙂

  8. So cute!! Your photos are fantastic, as always. I bet your siblings love that you are able to capture their kiddos growing up with your talent.

  9. Holy cow he is so precious!!! Your pictures are phenomenal as always!

  10. what gorgeous photos, rachel! lucky you to have such sweet subjects, huh?

  11. oh. my. GOODNESS! Cutest kids ever! That grumpy face is the best 🙂

  12. The pictures of him in the basket are adorable! Very Anne Geddes-esque!

  13. Such beautiful photos…adorable!

  14. You are one amazing photographer, Rach! You are so good at capturing emotions.. a moment in time.. a smile. Everything, really! I think I would get along with your brother and sister-in-law… I love the Cowboys, too!!

  15. Okay, you are an AMAZING photographer! I already knew that, but wow, these are so adorable! The yawn one just kills me!

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