Strawberry Beer Bread

So I’ve blogged about beer bread before. It is probably the bread that I make most often (besides pizza crust) because it is SO easy and everyone always loves it. Which is kind of funny in a way because I actually am not much of an alcohol drinker. And yet, my friends always count on me to bring the beer bread, ha! Recently when we were in Louisiana visiting Casey and Alan they filled us in on their best beer bread secret… STRAWBERRY Beer Bread! So naturally I came home and promptly made some. You guys… you guys… oh my. You have to try this!

strawberry beer bread

strawberry beer bread{Click card to see larger or to print. Recipe adapted from Jam Hands}

The secret is Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager. It’s such a light flavor in the bread, but it’s definitely there. And it’s incredible. Oh, and if you want to just blow everyone away with the best of the best… top this bread with strawberry butter (recipe here). Just be prepared to have everyone request it with great frequency. 😉

Love Rach



29 responses to “Strawberry Beer Bread

  1. Yum!!! I can’t wait to enjoy this again!

  2. wow, it sounds amazing!

  3. I’m not a beer fan either. But this bread sounds amazing!

  4. My recipe for beer bread is almost exactly the same and I make it allllll the time! I’ve made it with an orange beer, but never strawberry. YUM!!!

  5. I’ve never tried beer bread before! I think this one would be a good recipe to try first! Sounds delicious!

  6. That sounds amazing!! I love beer bread, but add in strawberry and you’ve totally won me over!

  7. LOVE beer bread. So good and easy! This strawberry version sounds great!

  8. Strawberry beer bread, what a FANTASTIC idea!! YUM!

  9. Lovely recipe. I bet this is great for breakfast, beer or no beer. 🙂

    • Funnily enough this has never made it until breakfast, ha! The few times there are leftovers, we end up eating them for a late night snack. 😉 I bet you’re right though! This would be delicious as part of brunch!

  10. um, this looks absolutely delicious – i might just make jon a happy husband and bake some!

  11. This looks amazing! I’ve never actually made beer bread…I reeeeally don’t like beer, but I’ve cooked it in chilli and liked it. I should stop being such a wimp and try making bread with it too!

  12. This bread looks really good! I’ve never heard of or had strawberry beer before. It sounds yummy!

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