Zam Zamz Mediterranean Grill

My sister, Abby, spent a summer doing mission work in Israel back in 2010. She had some incredible adventures there and I remember sitting in rapt attention as she told me the details of her trip when she got back to the States.

lauren savvy abbyAbby with her two best friends who went along with her to Israel. Lauren in orange, and Savannah in brown – ps. these girls were most recently featured on the blog during Savannah’s wedding posts. {photo from Abby’s FB}

One of the things Abby came back talking about was the food. She had fallen in love with the Middle Eastern diet. Which is funny because in general, she can be a pretty picky eater. So I knew that these magical foods called “hummus” and “gyros” must be pretty great.Yup, I managed to make it until 2010 before I’d even heard of either of those things. As much as I love hummus now, I can’t believe I’ve only been enjoying it for the last four years. Anyway, Christopher fell in love with gyros so every now and then he’ll get a craving for them. Like this past week. 🙂

zamzamzSo Christopher found a Groupon for a local place called Zam Zamz. We went over lunch on Friday to satiate his gyro craving.

zamzamz2This was his gyro along with his side of hummus and pita chips

zamzamz3And my chicken kabob “rice plate” which came with two sides. I got falafel and hummus with pita chips.

You guys, all of this food was absolutely incredible. And there was SO much of it! I didn’t even finish half my food and I’m not a shy eater, haha! I brought it home and enjoyed it for two more days. 😉 Their pita chips and hummus were so delicious. I could just order that and be happy. SO good! Oh, and in case you are wondering, Christopher’s craving was definitely satisfied. 🙂

zam zamz mediterranean grill on Urbanspoon

Do you like Mediterranean / Middle Eastern food?
Have you had a great Groupon restaurant find?

Love Rach

18 responses to “Zam Zamz Mediterranean Grill

  1. I love Mediterranean food! Not as much as Mexican food but it’s a close call. That looks like a ton of food! I love when there are leftovers to take home.

  2. Yum! I love all of that food! I would love to eat some Zam zams!

  3. I LOVE hummus (and it’s something that I can still eat, even with the pregnancy food aversions). Ha, ha. And I have absolutely no idea what a gyro is, actually. LOL! Is it a sandwich? Also, I’ve never had a falafel, but it’s totally on my sister’s bucket list… She has always really wanted to try them, and I’m kind of curious myself!

    • A gyro is roasted meat of your choice (usually lamb) put inside a pita and topped with tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce (yogurt mixed with cucumber and herbs). Personally, they aren’t my favorite thing to eat, but Christopher loves them! Falafel is pretty good, but it’s also not a favorite of mine. But I totally order it every time we go somewhere new because different restaurants have different versions of it and I’m searching to find one I’ll love! It’s definitely worth trying! 🙂

  4. Mediterranean food is one of my absolute favorite types. It just tastes so fresh! I love the look of this place!

  5. I LOVE Mediterranean food! Gyro is my favourite. This place looks so good!

  6. i didn’t learn about gyros until i studied abroad in italy – isn’t that wild? it was 2008, and long overdue. now they are one of my favorite things to get for lunch 🙂

  7. I want some!!!!!!! That looks WONDERFUL!!!!!

  8. Wow!!! There is sooo much food!

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