Be Brave

I’m not the bravest person. I mean, I’ll eat pretty much anything (at least once), ride roller coasters, and start a conversation with a stranger… but I’m not brave when it comes to change. Well, not all changes, I guess. Marriage to Christopher has been pretty stellar and we actually had a pretty easy go of it transitioning from dating to engaged to married. 🙂 But other changes can be scary to me. So today I’m talking to myself. I’m challenging myself. Reminding myself of who I want to be. I want to be brave. And I want to remember that if I follow where God leads, then I really will set the world on fire. 🙂

be brave{source}

not afraid of storms{source}

fairy tales{not sure of original source because it’s on so many websites, but here’s the pin I saved it from on Pinterest}

ship in harbor{source. Quote by John Shedd}

set the world on fire{source}

Do any of these quotes speak to you today?
Do you consider yourself to be a brave person?
Love Rach


28 responses to “Be Brave

  1. Love these quotes. I agree-I definitely can be fearful at times and say “what if?” Too much. Have you heard Jim Carreys one minute graduation speach? I love it! He said you can fail and doing something you don’t love so you might as well try to do something you love. (Total summary). It spoke to me so much!!

  2. bravery is such a tricky thing – in fact i don’t believe most of us realize how brave or UNbrave we are until we’re faced with a situation, but i love these quotes

  3. I truly believe that bravery is not the absence of fear… it is facing a challenge or the unknown, ‘despite’ your fear! 🙂 Quitting my full-time job to teach piano terrified me beyond belief, almost to the point that I didn’t do it. But I had to learn that if it didn’t work out, it didn’t mean I had failed. It just would mean that I tried… and now I had to try something else. I’m not a risk taker by nature, and there are so many times I decide to go the easy way because it’s less scary. But slowly, I am learning that I can face my fears and be brave (with God’s help and with the support of my family). Because then, some pretty amazing things can happen! It’s just not easy. It’s not easy at all, I know. (And for the record, I do see you as brave, because I know you’re a strong person who can face even the scariest of challenges).

    • Nicole, your story has inspired me so much! Everything you went through with Nate’s attack and now with you following your passion. And especially now that you guys are starting a family. It’s just all so wonderful. And inspiring. I love seeing how brave you have been throughout this process. 🙂

  4. Change is totally hard for me too, but I know how beneficial it can be so I try to embrace it as much as I can!!

  5. jamiehodgerson

    I’m pretty brave with almost everything in my life. I think because I don’t really take much seriously. I am not brave w eating though!

  6. These are great quotes! I used to fear change so much, but sometimes change has brought me some really amazing things, so now I embrace it.

  7. I loved the last quote that you pictured. I think sometimes it is truly a struggle to know what it is that God wants each of us to do with our lives. I believe that each of us has a purpose in this world…but the hard part is sometimes know what it is exactly. Great thoughts for the weekend!


  8. Marriage is a big deal but it’s such a great thing and better than you can imagine. I think the hardest thing about getting married for me was changing my last name because the person you were is gone and your a whole new person. :)Hope you are having an awesome weekend.

  9. I love every single one of these! The John Shedd one is my favourite. I definitely tend to stay on the safe side most of the time, but I’m trying to branch out more. You can miss out on so much by being ‘safe’.

  10. what a beautiful post. i love the “i am not afraid of storms” print, and i’m definitely going to remember that before my next challenge 🙂

  11. I love that last sentence about following where God leads. AMEN!!

  12. I definitely am not the bravest when it comes to taking chances. But I read something where it said that when you’re going to take risks (reasonable ones, of course) that you should ask yourself: What’s the worst that can happen? Usually, the worst really isn’t that bad. It’s a way of gaining some perspective on whatever is scaring you and realizing that the risk can be worth it, regardless of the outcome.

  13. I love these quotes! I think you are such a brave and beautiful person. 🙂 I try to be as brave as I possibly can be. I am fairy optomistic and I try as hard as I can but I do get nervous at times and back away. I’m trying harder to be brave in the toughest of situations but sometimes you just don’t know what to expect.

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