14 Random Things

My post of random things you might not know about me went over really well and my post with a video went over really well so today I thought I would combine the two! Here’s a video of me sharing 14 more random things you might not know about me:

Did you know any of these things about me already? 
Do we have any random things in common?
Tell me something about yourself that I might not know!
Love Rach

41 responses to “14 Random Things

  1. I will not “do my business” in front of Alan! I also scare very easily! I’m a “fight and flight” kind of person when someone scares me. I will start to move away and in the same instance hit at the person. It’s funny because I can’t hurt anyone ha.

    • HA! I love that you are a “fight AND flight” kind of girl when someone spooks you! That kind of makes me want to try it just once to see what would happen. But I won’t because I’m a nice person. I’ll just wait until someone does it accidentally the next time we’re there. 😉

  2. On #1 & #2, you forgot that you’re singing to the loud music too. 🙂
    A random fact that you don’t know about me….I collect frogs and had a pet frog in high school.

  3. K and I definitely make our bed every day (except on vacation). And doors are always closed when we’re taking care of business. Keeps the romance alive.
    I do have to drive with the windows up. It’s too chaotic when my hair is blowing in the wind. And I like to block the sound of traffic as much as possible.
    This was really fun! Thanks for sharing these random Rach facts!

  4. Love this! Terry and I also make our bed every day. We started our marriage with a “last person out of bed makes the bed” rule 🙂 Also, we don’t do our “business” in front of each other either! I don’t know if I’ve ever come across another married couple that doesn’t, although I don’t go around telling people that all the time either 🙂

    • We have the same rule! Most days I’m the last one out of bed (at 5:45am) so I make it up real quick, but if Christopher decides to sleep in (he doesn’t have to be at work until 8, he just likes being up early in the morning) then he’ll make it up. And on the weekends we get up at the same time so we make it up together. But yeah, it has just worked out well for us. 🙂

  5. I love learning random things about people 🙂
    Something random about me – I love beards!

  6. 10 years! that number shocked me too. also, girl, you should have some sort of tv show or something – you’ve got that southern charm that makes for a perfect stage hostess 🙂

  7. Definitely keep my “business” time very private!! ;-P

  8. Okay, that was an essay! Yikes.

  9. “ARE YOU FROM SOUTH AMERICA!?” HAHA. Love it! Your life is seriously fantastic, what adventures you’ve had. I knew a few of these things, but it was fun learning some new ones!! What a fun video. I drive with loud music too, but MUST turn it down when I’m around others. I HATE causing attention haha. NO it’s NOT weird to make your bed, it makes your entire room seem CLEANER! At least to me..I feel complete when I make my bed. HA! Nothing beats climbing into a freshly made bed!!

    • I know, right?! That question cracked me up! And made me a little more proud of my lingering beach glow. 😉 I’m glad you love your music loud and bed made too! You are right there with me! And girl, I love all your hiking posts lately! Talk about going on some adventures! I love that I get to come along and see the view second hand! 🙂

  10. I love your videos because I get an even better peak at your funny personality! Love it! 🙂
    I make my bed every day too. It used to drive me nuts in my college dorm when my bed was lofted and I couldn’t make it as easily for my 7am class. So I went as far to start sleeping on top of my comforter with a blanket so that it would always be made. What a weirdo! haha

    What do you use to edit your videos?

    • Hahahaha! I have done that too!! I totally have slept on top of my comforter so my bed would be made! I did that a lot in college and when I was a camp counselor. I had a small throw blanket at the end of my bed that I would cover up with at night. It was much faster to fold it up and toss it at the end of the bed in the morning than to make the actual bed. 😉

      I use Window’s Movie Maker to edit videos.

  11. loved learning more about you!

  12. Hmm…some random facts about me—these are the first somewhat strange things that came to the top of my head: As I kid, I loved the idea of dogs, but was always afraid of them….all the way up until the day we went to the shelter (at 23 years old) and adopted a Rottweiler….talk about facing your fears haha
    And the second fact is, that I like to be the first one in bed—I don’t know what it is, but I feel the need to fall asleep before others..I hate being up by myself when everyone else is sleeping—I just don’t like that feeling.

    And props to you for making your bed everyday! I definitely don’t do that…I try… but I would say it’s a 2 out of 7 times a week thing. Thanks for sharing your random facts—I always really enjoy when people do these kinds of posts!

  13. I LOVE loud music in the car too, although I have to be careful because a particularly upbeat song can make me drive a little faster. 😉 Nate and I used to ALWAYS make our bed too, but we’ve been slacking a bit lately Ha, ha. I think it’s because it’s so hot that we put the bedspread away and now there is just a sheet and a light blanket on the bed. And somehow, that has deterred us from making the bed every day. BUT it’s not a habit I want to get used to, because I like having a made bed to slip into at night. It just looks cozier. Ha, ha. Also, Nate and I don’t do our ‘business’ in front of each other either. Actually, Nate couldn’t care less, but I’m like you. LOL! So bathroom privacy is definitely practiced in our house. Hee, hee. LOVED this video!

    • Haha! I totally have done that with upbeat music before. So I’m always careful to check my speed when I’m cruisin’ with my music loud. 😉 And hooray for bathroom privacy! You totally get where I’m coming from! 🙂

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  15. ​Awww thanks, friend! I figure this is probably the only time in my life (or at least for a really long time) that I can have such long hair. I’m thinking it’ll be way too much maintenance once I have little kiddos so I might as well enjoy it now while I can! 🙂 ​

    Also, I love that your American grandpa wears indoor shoes. That cracks me up. I’ve never actually seen someone do that! In China, you usually take off your outdoor shoes and put slippers on so that makes sense to me. But a different pair of shoes – totally cracks me up. I love it. 🙂

    I love how much we have in common even if you guys do #1 in front of each other (trust me, all of our friends do too and we still like them so that won’t change how much I love ya, haha!). Oh, and yeah, people totally do #2 in front of each other too! Our friends are more split on that one, though. Most of them don’t, but some of them do. Especially after they have kids. Christopher and I just happen to be really randomly private about that sort of thing, haha!

  16. So, I watched this yesterday while I folded a load of laundry. It made me want to vlog…or host a “let’s vlog together” series! I’ve never vlogged and I don’t know if I would actually do it, but maybe? 🙂

    I am a loud music person too, but I’m also terrified of having my windows down in traffic….

    I grew up in a pet crazy house with a Mom who loves animals and yet I don’t really have any desire to have animals of my own. Strange? I think so!

    • You should do a vlog! I think you’d do great at it! It’s so fun to hear other bloggers and get to know them just a little better through video. 🙂

      I find it funny that you grew up in a house full of pets, but turned out to be not-so-much a pet person. It’s like the opposite of me! Interesting how that happens! Sometimes it must be nature over nurture in things like that. 😉

  17. THIS IS GREAT!!!! We have a ton in common! I am a HUGE car dancer, I scare easily, never been pulled over, never broken a bone, (knock on wood), I’m a NANNY, I hate the thought of balloons popping!

    Random fact about me: My favorite smell is a baby. haha (not when they poop). but I love snuggling and rocking sweet babies to sleep and smelling their hair. 🙂

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  19. You are so cute! This was so fun to listen to and hear your voice! 🙂

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