While we aren’t Jewish, Christopher and I celebrate Passover every year with our friends from church. A portion of the evening is spent reciting a song called “Dayenu” which essentially means “it would have been enough for us.” The song is full of the pieces of the story of the Exodus when the Jews were freed from slavery in Egypt. And in the song, you are saying that “even if all You had done was ______, it would have been enough for us.” And you fill in the blank with each step of the journey (brought them out of Egypt, split the sea, given us the Torah, etc). Any one of these things would have been “enough for us” and so much more than we deserve. I love this way of thinking because it still applies to life today.


Some days I realize that things may not always happen the way I plan or hope that they will. On days like that I am reminded of how much God has already done for me. For the amazing ways He has worked in my life already. Each of those things would have been sufficient already and yet He continues to bless me. So even if everything doesn’t work out the way I hope… He is still good. Always. Because Dayenu – it has been sufficient.

he is still good{source}

Love Rach


28 responses to “Dayenu

  1. What a cool idea! I think many religions bring great things to the table of life, and a lot of them have great values that can be incorporated into anyone’s daily actions!

  2. This is amazing. We often take for granted some of our most basic things that are more than enough for us. I love that you incorporate other religious beliefs into your own. So amazing!

  3. Love this girl! What a great way to celebrate. And a great reminder.

  4. This is wonderful!

  5. Such a beautiful reminder. Thank you. 🙂


  6. Dayenu – when a beautiful way to think about life 🙂 i’m going to remember this the next time i get frustrated about something.

  7. You don’t even know how much I needed to hear these words today. Thank you. Love you!

  8. What a beautiful message. Thanks for sharing it – it’ll be a good reminder for me.

  9. I love that concept! And I LOVE the idea of participating in passover! I would love to do that!

  10. I love that! I also like learning new things about different religions.

  11. Amen! This is so true… yet so encouraging, because sometimes I need to be reminded of it. God already did enough, yet He continuously blesses us.

  12. hey girl! Long time me no write! I used to blog over at The Norwegian Girl, but I´ve been a lousy blogger the last year. I have however popped in and checked out your blog every now and then, just to keep up:-)
    I love learning about these different religious holidays, though I am a bit biased, considering I´ve studied religion the last year which btw has been amazing and a really mind opening experience! I´ve never heard about Dayenu though, but I´m not surprised, Jewish holidays are really special and they know how to celebrate the things that really matter!

  13. I love this SO much! It’s so easy to forget about the good things that God has already done in your life, especially when you’re focused on the ones that haven’t gone the way you’d like. I love the idea of taking specific time to focus on the good things he’s given!

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