The sweet, happy moments

As I mentioned yesterday, this weekend included a funeral as well as some time with two ladies whose stories broke my heart. But not all of the weekend was so serious. There were sweet happy moments too. Mostly because of these two:

oreo and emmittThe family I nanny for has a Goldendoodle named Emmitt. So I spend every day with this pup and yet he’s never actually met Oreo. Since Emmitt’s family was on vacation this weekend, he came home with me and got to hang out. Emmitt wasn’t so sure about Oreo when they first met (probably a lot of “oh YOU’re the one I always smell on her! She’s miiine!”).  But he’s a sweet pup and eventually he got over his hard feelings for Oreo and they were buddies by the end of the weekend! 🙂

oreo and emmittMy boys 🙂  {my other boy – you know, the human one – took this photo. He was also present this weekend, just not pictured, haha!}

 And because they are adorable… here’s a video of the two of them playing together. They had so much fun! My favorite part is at the very end where they bound off together!

This weekend was also the end of summer for our teens. So we had a party. And we had to say goodbye to the interns who have worked with our teens over the summer. Ginna is just sweetness herself and I have loved getting to know her! And Travis is kind of hilarious. He and Christopher hit it off well this year as you can see from the photo below.

us with internsAfter the party with the teens, Travis and Christopher and a couple of the other adult guys went to play pool while the ladies went to Starbucks and then back to my house to watch Fiddler on the Roof (at Ginna’s request, but truthfully we all love it and were singing right along, ha!) It was a good little send off for our interns! 🙂

So this weekend had difficult and emotional moments, but it also held a lot of laughter and fun. 🙂

If you have a pet is s/he protective/jealous of you?
Do you sing along to musicals?
Love Rach


26 responses to “The sweet, happy moments

  1. New to your blog! Will be following! 🙂

  2. Awwwh, puppies playing is just the cutest!

  3. I definitely sing along to musicals. My favorite: Wicked. I know the entire soundtrack by heart. I’m glad that your heavy weekend had some light moments too. 🙂

    • So as much as I love musicals, you’re never going to believe this… I’ve still never seen Wicked. I have heard the songs and even know a few of them by heart and I love them! But somehow I’ve still never actually see the whole play. I’m waiting for it to come back to Memphis again! 🙂 Do you follow Jayda ( She and her husband just went to see it for their anniversary (she just blogged about it last week) and it reminded me all over again how much I need to actually see the play!

  4. Aww puppy friends! I love it. They are so cute together!


  5. yes my dog kip is very protective over me and our female dog is protective over my husband although she really couldn’t hurt a fly she pretends she is all tough and big. oh and musicales i do especially like singing in the rain, love that one!

  6. such a cute vid of them playing together!

  7. Oh gosh I have always wanted a goldendoodle. And how cute are they together?Awww…heart melt!

  8. This is so cute, all of it!

  9. emmitt is absolutely smiling in that top photo! glad you were able to find some happy moments during a difficult time.

  10. Tell me more about this internship that you mentioned!

    • ​We volunteer with teens at a local church and the youth ministry program there hired two college students (a male & female) to work with the teenagers over the summer. We call them the interns. 🙂 ​They hire two every summer and we got closer to these two than probably any others before. 🙂

  11. Oh my goodness, Oreo and Emmitt are so adorable together! I feel like he could totally get along with Max haha. And this is so gross, but doodle tongues must have something going on that other dogs like. My parents labs ALWAYS try to lick Max’s tongue. Once, one of them actually bit it. It was a bad day for Max haha.

    • YAY! Our puppies can finally officially meet and be friends! I’m so excited! 🙂 Okay, good! I’ve NEVER seen Oreo do that to another dog before! You even heard us on the video talking about how gross it is. I’m not sure what is going on inside his mouth that Oreo was so curious about, but I’m glad to know that our dog isn’t the only one who’s done it, haha! Also glad that Oreo didn’t bite him! I didn’t even think about that! Poor Max. Hopefully he wasn’t too traumatized by that!

  12. Oreo and Emmitt are so adorable together! The video was so cute!! 🙂

  13. I <33333 Goldendoodles. What a cutie! My neighbour has a Goldendoodle and she is pretty good with babies and kids. It’s pretty rare to see a Goldendoodle in a small town! I used to have a pet but she died of lymphoma and I’ve decided to foster animals who are abandoned or at kill shelters. Sometimes I sing to musicals if no one is around.

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