So I want to love Commissary. I want it to be my favorite. It looks like a shack from outside, smells great from down the street, and just about always has a line out the door. I like that it’s just across the border of Memphis and is actually in Germantown so it’s a little further away from all the traditional favorites. I wanted to have my very own gem of a BBQ restaurant that not just everyone is willing to make the trek for.

commissary (1)

I’ve had Commissary’s BBQ a couple of times and I’ve always liked it, but now the stakes are a little higher. Christopher and I are on this quest to find THE BEST BBQ in Memphis. That means the best BBQ nachos, the best BBQ sandwich, and the best ribs. So I’m not just asking myself if the food is good, but if it’s BETTER than all the places we’ve tried already. This is the same problem I ran into with Central BBQ a couple of months ago. It’s tasty, but it’s just not the best in my opinion.

commissary (7)The ribs were probably the biggest disappointment. At $16 for this half plate (the least expensive way to order ribs here) we were expecting something amazing. They were okay. Not bad by any means, but certainly not as good as Corky’s (which currently holds our favorite BBQ ribs title in Memphis). They lacked the smokey flavor that we’ve come to love in Memphis BBQ. The baked beans, however, were excellent! They had a tangy-mustard taste to them that was definitely unique and delicious.

commissary (5)The BBQ nachos were good. But when comparing them to Rendezvous (our current favorite BBQ nachos), they just don’t make the cut. The meat was a little mushy and the cheese had that slight chemical taste. Do you know what I mean? A lot of nacho cheeses have that chemically flavor to me. This unfortunately was one of them. But don’t get me wrong – I still ate half of it here and the rest for dinner the next day. It may not be the best in Memphis, but it was still good!

commissary (6)

The onion rings were hands-down the best thing we ate at Commissary. They were fresh and piping hot and absolutely delicious! They are definitely the best onion rings we’ve had in the city of Memphis! YUM!

commissary (3)

We’ve heard rave reviews about their sauce and BBQ seasoning, but we didn’t find either to be spectacular. Tasty yes, but not the best. It was a sweeter sauce, but lacked the depth of Corky’s & 3 Little Pigs or the tang of Rendezvous & Showboat.

So yes, Commissary is good. They have yummy food and a faithful following (who wait, lined up, in the hot summer heat outside). But they aren’t our favorite. The onion rings and baked beans were excellent, but I wouldn’t stand outside and wait for them. If I get a craving for onion rings I’ll probably just put in an order to go and swing by to pick them up (we saw several people doing that which I definitely think is the way to go if you are local and don’t want to stand in the line)! 🙂

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Have you had this experience where you think a restaurant is good, but it’s not AS good as your favorite? I’m not normally so nitpicky, but we are really trying to find the best of the best in our opinion. 🙂 
Love Rach


23 responses to “Commissary

  1. Ahhhhhhhh now I’m hungry!! 🙂 When you find it let me know since I am just a hop-skip-and-jump-away!!!! 🙂

  2. Those onion rings look awesome. And the nachos look good, but I totally get what you mean by the “chemical” nacho taste. Blegh.

  3. Those onion rings look SOOOO good! I made a big batch of sweet tea yesterday just because and I’ve been craving onion rings like you can’t even imagine. 🙂

  4. Wow that looks awesome!!! I love Memphis BBQ!

  5. Funny story about Commissary. They are also known for having the best banana pudding around. And I can vouch for that, lol. But one day on my lunch break I went with a coworker. We ate BBQ nachos and ordered banana pudding to go. While in line we met this couple from NY and strongly strongly encouraged them to get the banana pudding. When I got back to the office and ate mine, it was awful! The worst!! Now I feel like I mislead a couple from NY while they were visiting, lol.

    • Oh no! I would feel the same way! Hopefully they got a totally different batch! So maybe they DID have a great experience! But if you look at TripAdvisor and there’s a review from someone in NY about what terrible banana pudding they have then it might just be them. 😉

  6. I want nachos so bad right now. BBQ nachos are the absolute best. I hate when you find something that you love (like the nachos I had in San Diego that were made with waffles fries instead of chips) but you can’t access is without spending hundreds of dollars.

  7. Loved seeing your shout out to The Rendezvous…That’s my favorite bbq (in the world)!

  8. I have a few places that are my “favorites” all for different reasons. I don’t know if I have ONE place that takes the cake all together, I just rotate! Although when it comes to baked goods….I can easily pick one spot.

  9. Once I find my favorite restaurant, I don’t even want to try anywhere else because I’m afraid of being disappointed. Kind of ridiculous, but true haha
    Also, up until now, I had never heard of BBQ nachos! I’m sure if I tell my husband about them, he’s going to want to recreate them ASAP!

    • Haha! Nah, I understand! I do that with what I order at different restaurants. I always get the same thing. Because I know I’ll love it. My husband always teases me about this because he likes to try new things every time. But I like to try a bite of his food and then go back to my meal of favorites. 😉 Also, if you are ever in Memphis – you need to try some BBQ nachos because they are amazing! 🙂

  10. Aww, too bad it wasn’t THAT awesome! The mushy meat and chemical cheese sound kind of awful. Those onion rings do look really good though!

  11. So we should add this to our Memphis BBQ stops next time we’re that way? It looks amazing!!!

    • It’s pretty good, but I don’t know that I’d say it’s a favorite. I’d hit up Corky’s for ribs! Or Rendezvous for bbq nachos. Or Showboat or Three Little Pigs for pulled pork! Yum! This has me hungry just talking about it, haha! 🙂

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