The romantic anniversary post

Just like every anniversary trip, Christopher and I took some time to renew our vows. It was a little less formal this year. We went out to the beach late at night on our anniversary and sat under the stars together. We snuggled and took time to tell each other how much we loved each other and why. And to remind each other that we will continue to choose each other every day forever. It was a pretty awesome moment. But no cameras this year since it was so dark. Definitely no majestic gorgeous moment like our vow renewal last year. Still beautiful in it’s own way, though. However, because we’re us – we naturally still took adorable photos on the beach together earlier that day! So here are some of my favorites!

rach and chris5

rach and chris4

rach and chris3

rach and chris2

I will never have enough words to describe how full my heart is. Christopher is a good man and I am so thankful that I get to live life with him. 🙂 Happy six years, my love!

Love Rach


36 responses to “The romantic anniversary post

  1. So happy for you two! Six years is amazing, really! I love the pictures and your nail color 🙂

  2. I CANNOT get enough of you two, seriously. These photos are gorgeous, as are BOTH of you together!! So happy for you guys. Congratulations on another year of love!

  3. This is beautiful! The pictures, the words, and most of all, you two and your love for one another. Happy belated anniversary!

  4. such cute pictures! ❤
    #3 & 4 are my favorite, but #3 is just incredible!
    (also LOVE your dress!)

  5. You guys are so cute! It’s true that not every anniversary can be as epic as a trip to Italy, haha…but just getting away and spending time with each other is great, I’m sure! It’s so sweet that you guys renew your vows every year!

  6. you two are the cutest couple-lucky girl!

  7. Beautiful pictures Happy Anniversary

  8. So sweet! Happy Anniversary!! You two have mastered the kiss picture, let me tell ya. I always feel like I look so awkward when we try to take them!

  9. Soooo sweet!!!! These are beautiful, Rach!!!! Happy Anniversary!! :))

  10. Y’all are adorable!

  11. These are absolutely adorable!! Happy anniversary to an amazing, beautiful couple! 🙂

  12. Gosh, can the two of you be any cuter?! xoxo

  13. Ahhh we are meant to be blog friends. I just finished writing an upcoming anniversary post last night and clicked over here today to find your adorable anniversary post. SO sweet, and I love all of these pictures. Happy anniversary, sweet friend!

  14. I love that you guys have this tradition! It’s so good that you’re intentional about reaffirming each other and your commitment. Also, gorgeous pictures. Always!

  15. it seems just like yesterday y’all were in italy!!! happy anniversary.

  16. how much we loved each other and why – the why is so important! love that you actually explain your heart to one another. and these photos- gah! gorgeous!

  17. These photos are adorable, seriously. And 6 years is like forever!! You guys look so happy. 🙂

  18. These pictures are precious!!! A VERY happy belated anniversary!!! 🙂

  19. Happy belated anniversary!
    It looks like a wonderful trip. As always – your photos are amazing!

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