Athens of the South

My cousin’s wedding was located just outside Nashville this past weekend so Christopher and I had a little bit of free time on Saturday afternoon to explore. Even though we’ve been there before, we really wanted to go back to the Parthenon because it is just SO cool! Someday we need to spend an entire weekend just site-seeing in Nashville. It’s such a neat city!

parthenon nashvilleNashville was a forerunner in education back in the mid-1850s and became known as the “Athens of the South”. The city is also built on a hill much like Athens. In 1897 a temporary Parthenon was put up here and in 1931 the one you see above was finished being built. It is a full size replica of the one in Athens. How cool is that?!

rach and christopher parthenonUs with the Parthenon! Also, if you notice that my hair looks shorter… that’s because it is. I wait forever between trims so I had to lose a little over an inch off the bottom. But at least it looks and feels so much healthier! But back to the Parthenon…

rach and christopher parthenonAaaand us on the other side of the Parthenon. It’s so huge and such a cool building! The lawn around is used as a public park. There were frisbee games, a soccer game, couples picnicking, and lots of people laying under trees with books. How cool to have a place like this as the focal point of your local park!

So while we were in Nashville we also went to Maggiano’s for lunch because it’s our favorite! And on Sunday morning we went to Chinese church with my family. It has been several years since I last worshiped in Chinese and I have missed it. I really wondered if I’d understand anything happening, but it seems as if my Mandarin isn’t as far gone as I thought. I mean, it’s been 10 years since I moved back to the States and I definitely haven’t kept up with it. So I’m rusty, but it’s still there hiding in the recesses of my mind. 🙂

qing qing tingWe sang some of my favorite songs and as I flipped through the songbook I came across Qing Qing Ting. It’s a song about listening quietly to the voice of the Lord. And I love it.

sunset over nashvilleDriving home Sunday evening we were got to witness this gorgeous sunset just outside Nashville. I loved the reminder of what an amazing Artist my God is. 🙂

sunset nashvilleI mean look at those colors! I just love the way the sky changes colors to begin and end the day. Beautiful. 🙂

We had a wonderful weekend in Nashville! We stayed with friends which meant we stayed up way too late on Saturday night catching up with them, but it was totally worth it. And we got to see the Parthenon and my cousin get married and spend one last day with my little sister before she moved to China. All in all, a pretty swell weekend. 🙂

Have you been to the Parthenon (either in Nashville or Athens)?
Do certain songs ever remind you of your growing up years? 
Love Rach


38 responses to “Athens of the South

  1. I’ve never heard anyone say their Manderin is better than they thought 😉 Good for you! Fantastic that you could recall it having not been in a long time. Ive never been to Tennessee but its on my US road trip list 🙂

    • I didn’t think about how strange that must sound, haha! It was definitely encouraging to realize that I hadn’t forgotten it all. 🙂

      Also, Tennessee is a beautiful state full of fun cities and great food! You’ll love it! 🙂

  2. The sunset is beautiful. And oh my goodness your hair is still so long even after a trim. I’m convinced mine will never be longer than what it is now.

    • The sunset was gorgeous! Nearly every time we’ve been to Nashville there has been a gorgeous sunset for us! I think the city likes us, haha!

      And girl, just give it time! Once it’s past shoulder length it seems to grow slowly, but it’s still growing! You can dooo it! 🙂

  3. Beautiful picture of the sunset! 🙂

  4. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    What a beautiful sunset!

  5. I’ve been to that park in Nashville!! So neat!

  6. Ive only been to the one in Greece and It was pretty huge and crumbly… it was also on top of this big hill and it was hot!

    Looks like you guys had so much fun in Nashville. I have never spent time there but have always wanted to.

  7. Man, I’ve been to Nashville a couple of times but I never even knew that there was something like that there! If the Chinese songbooks at church here had pinyin that might help us out a little bit–they sang a translation of Holy, Holy, Holy on our first Sunday here, that was cool. I think I’ll learn a lot of vocabulary through learning the song because in school I was not taught much in the way of faith-related vocab.

  8. Oh my goodness, that sunset! I’m so glad you had a good time in Nashville. I haven’t been there since I was really little!

  9. haven’t been to nashville in ages–love that town!

  10. Someday we should site see Nashville together!! 🙂 And your hair is so gorgeous!

  11. the parthenon pictures, the singing and the gorgeous sunset – sounds like a perfect day 🙂 love the new hair cut!

  12. It’s exciting that you knew/know Mandarin well enough to attend church and sing worship songs in Mandarin. I only attended Chinese services a handful of times because it was basically sitting (or standing) for two hours and freezing (because they had the windows open in the middle of winter) and feeling completely lost. One time I did recognize “How Great Thou Art” being sung in Mandarin, and I just sang along quietly in English–that was pretty neat. 🙂 We also went to a handful of English-speaking services when we lived in China, but we just really had to ramp up our personal devotion time because that was usually all we had!

  13. I love some of the “classic” worship songs. Whenever I hear them I remember going to church for the first time when I was younger just connecting with the music. 🙂

  14. This is on our places to see list!

  15. What a gorgeous sunset! SO pretty! Nashville is definitely on my list to visit 🙂

  16. I want to go to BOTH!! Love these photos.

  17. Nashville looks so cool! Adding it to the list of places I need to visit 😉 And so fun that you had a chance to worship in Chinese. It’s amazing how languages stick in your head even though you don’t use them. Steve is the same way with Portuguese!

  18. That sunset is gorgeous!! God is good isn’t he? Looks like you guys had a fabulous time. 🙂

  19. so, #1 you have amazing hair, and #2 so jealous, i’ve always wanted to go to nashville!

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