Celebrating 60 years

Yesterday Christopher’s dad turned 60!

60 years old!

I’ve known him for 10 of those years and I’m married to the guy who’s known him for nearly 29 of them. 🙂 You guys, Tony is a good man. For those who don’t know, Tony has dementia and every year it progresses a little more. It has been a long and heart wrenching process, but there are still some beautiful things to celebrate this weekend.

christopher dad zoo

Christopher has a really close relationship with his dad. Even though his dad worked a lot when Christopher was growing up, Tony was always intentional about time with his sons. I love hearing Christopher’s stories about his growing up years. His dad has given him so much incredible advice over the years. So much of who Christopher is as a man has come from the way his father validated  and loved on him all through his growing up years.

family photos{my very first “Vendetti Family Photo” way back in 2005 on the left, and then a family photo Christmas 2013 on the right}

Another beautiful thing about Tony is how he has included me in the family since he first met me. A couple of years ago I shared the story about how Tony told me that Christopher was falling in love with me before Christopher actually told me himself. 😉 Tony has always been so kind and loving toward me.


Over the years, the dementia has taken away so much of who Tony has always been, but one thing I love is that his humor is still very much intact. He may not be as witty and clever as he once was, but he still makes jokes and laughs. And I love to hear him laugh. 🙂

fam pic

So yes, things have changed because of this dementia, but there is still so much worth celebrating over these 60 years! I am so glad that we have had the opportunity to celebrate with them this past weekend! Now we are off to lunch together to continue the celebrations! Enjoy your Labor Day, friends! 🙂

Love Rach

18 responses to “Celebrating 60 years

  1. Happy birthday weekend to Tony! His smile lights up every picture!

  2. awww….I always loved seeing Chris’ parents! Happy 60th!

  3. Rach, this is just beautiful! His smile is one of the sweetest smiles ever! Wjat a great celebration!

  4. He has a GREAT smile, I agree with everyone else. Scott’s grandmother has dementia and it can be hard at times, but other times we all just laugh together when she asks how many times she has asked something. 🙂

  5. Dementia is so devastating, and this must be so hard on everyone in your family (especially for his wife and for your hubby). 😦 He’s so fortunate to have all of you by his side to stand by him.
    I’m so glad you were able to make some more memories with him this weekend!!!

  6. what a happy post, rachel. so sweet that christopher’s dad told you christopher was falling in love with you – sign of a big heart. and i love love that very first picture of you with the family!!

    • What’s funny about that first ever family pic (with me in it), is that my mother-in-law is totally doing her famous squinty-eyed face. She is notoriously talented at blinking in *every *photo, haha! We definitely tease her about it. 😉

  7. So sweet! Demtia is such a hard and sad disease, so glad you were able to still. Else rate together!


  8. Such a sweet post! I love reading your blog!

  9. Ah, so sweet!! So glad you guys had a good time celebrating 🙂 And the story about Christopher’s Dad revealing Christopher’s love for you is just adorable!

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