Momma Billie’s Blackberry Cobbler

My sweet friend, DaiYan emailed me yesterday to send me a couple of photos from her visit to our house this past summer. The one of the two of us with the kids I nanny was pretty precious:

us with kidsYuuup, that’s a typical look for me on work days in the summer when we’re not going out anywhere. Tank top, cut off shorts, barefoot, with a toddler on my hip. Which would look pretty normal (since you know, I’m a nanny, haha) if it weren’t for DaiYan being all classy there in her dress and heels, ha! However, I have to say, as much as I like dressing up when we go out, a lax “dress code” is definitely a major plus to the day-to-day nanny life. 😉

So what does any of this have to do with my grandmother’s blackberry cobbler?? Weeeell, while DaiYan was here, my mom and I pulled out my grandmother’s recipe and made it! I completely forgot to blog about it, though! So today I am sharing! 🙂

blackberry cobbler

blackberry cobbler

We tweaked her original recipe just a little because the directions weren’t entirely comprehensive, but it turned out absolutely delicious! So if you’re looking for a solid, old school, full of butter and sugar goodness type of cobbler… here you go! 🙂

– Have you come across any old recipes that you ended up having to tweak because it wasn’t entirely comprehensive? 

– What sort of “dress code” (if any) do you have where you spend most of your days?
Love Rach



23 responses to “Momma Billie’s Blackberry Cobbler

  1. jeans and tee for me. i still wear makeup and do my hair because i want to! love, love, love cobbler.

    • If I didn’t have to be at work by 6:30am I’d probably be a little more apt to do my hair and makeup before work at least sometimes. 😉 But as it is, I have to leave by 6:10am so I sleep until the last minute (5:45am) and get the essentials done (you know, clothes, deodorant, wash face, brush teeth, and grab breakfast) and dash out the door. 😉 I’m pretty sure that if I practiced more often, then it wouldn’t take me long to do my hair/makeup, but I usually only do it on the weekends when I have plenty of time so I’m not in a rush. Aaanyway, I’m glad you get the lax dress code too! I know some families who request their nannies to dress very professionally. I’m glad that’s not the case for me! 🙂

  2. mmmm, sounds delicious!! 🙂 I will happily be a taste tester if you ever need one! haha

  3. Those kiddos are cute and you look super adorable in that outfit! I would love to have a job being barefoot, hehe. Down with shoes! That cobbler looks awesome.

    • Thanks, lady! I’m with you on the shoes thing! I mean, I like the way they look with certain outfits and such, but if I’m home – I’m definitely barefoot. Or really in anyone’s home. I think that’s because in China (where I spent my teen years), you remove your shoes when you walk into someone’s home. So it’s just one of those little quirks that has always stuck with me. 🙂

  4. It seems like I have always had jobs that either require a uniform (hotels) or are casual in dress code. I can’t wear shorts, per se, but jeans are fine. I’m pretty lucky!

    That cobbler looks divine!

  5. I love cobbler!! I usually make peach, but now I will have to try this one. Yummm!


  6. I love your work “dress code”! Considering my job is wherever I can connect to the internet, my dress code can be as simple as pajamas or t-shirt and sweat pants, haha. 😉

  7. Lovely post! I have four little ones so my normal attire is pajamas or yoga wear:) lol, it’s been one of the toughest parts about starting a blog, I’m never dressed up enough to be in the photos!

    • Girl! I live in my yoga pants in the winter when I’m with the kids. It’s just so much easier. And they are comfy. And warm. And thankfully they are trendy right now so people don’t judge me as much as they would if everyone thought I was out in my PJs (which I technically am, haha!). Oh! And it’s funny to me that you say this because the first blog post I read on your blog was about you guys clipping the chicken feathers and I was like “wow, she is dressed really cute for something like that” so I totally had the opposite impression of you! I just kind of assumed you always dressed super cute!

  8. Your “at home look” is like 5 x nicer than my “go out in public” look. HAHA. This looks soooo good.

    • Hahaha! Oh girl, you should see me in the middle of winter when I look ridiculous because I am just wearing the warmest things in my house. Will people see me in public in yoga pants or sweats? Oh yes. In giant baggy hoodies or sweatshirts? Most definitely, ha! In the summer it’s either athletic shorts or jean shorts and a tanktop or v neck tee. Simple simple.

  9. I love your work dress code. I think that’s awesome and I bet a lot of people wish they could dress like that for work!!

    The blackberry cobbler looks amazing! Yum! I have had to tweak a few of my grandma’s recipes before while reading them. Mostly, I have to ask my mom what her mom meant when she would write things like “1/2 cup salad oil” haha. My mom was like “oh, that means vegetable oil!” I was like what?! Okay! So, I totally get what you mean!!

  10. Oh yum!! Butter and sugar are where it’s at 🙂 And casual dress codes are the best. I love being able to wear jeans everyday!

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