10 Years Together!

On September 29th, 2004 I started dating this guy

topher and me

This coming Monday we will celebrate TEN years together. A decade of life. Together. And it has been awesome. I am overwhelmed sometimes when I think of all the good in my life because of this man. Not only the companionship he provides, but also the way he has inspired me to be a better person. The way we have grown up together and grown closer every year. I just love him. And I am so very grateful.

Tomorrow morning long before the crack of dawn we will be on a plane headed to our port. And by tomorrow afternoon we will be on our cruise ship headed to the Bahamas. I. am. so. EXCITED! 😀 See you guys next week! 🙂
Love Rach


55 responses to “10 Years Together!

  1. Awwww! Happy Anniversary! You two are so cute!

  2. Awww, I am still SO excited for you and can’t wait to hear ALL about it once you get back!!! 🙂 Have FUN! And happy 10 years to a very beautiful, special couple!!!!!

  3. Yay for 10 years (and for the Bahamas!!)

  4. Aw, congrats! This is so sweet, I love flashback photos. 🙂

  5. Happy 10 years to you two crazy kids!! Have a blast in the Bahamas.

  6. Happy Anniversary! I hope y’all have an amazing trip!

  7. Have a wonderful trip!! That sounds amazing right now!


  8. Yall were such babies!!!! Have fun on your trip!

  9. AHH Happy Anniversary!!!! so so cute!

  10. THIS PHOTO. I adore it, happy anniversary to you love birds. Have a fantastic trip! ❤

    • Me too! Which is hilarious because it is SO old and we aren’t dress cute or anything like that. But we were just so giggly and happy in that shot. I love it. 🙂 And thanks, Britt! We had a great time! I just posted a video of the trip today! 🙂

  11. Congratulation!!! That’s so exciting, what a beautiful testament to lasting love!

  12. wooohooooo
    congrats on the 10 years!
    ENJOY the trip!

  13. Yayyyy! 10 years, that’s amazing!! Have such an amazing trip, girl!

  14. Happy dating anniversary! Have an AMAZING trip!!!

  15. You two are adorable! Love that old picture!! 🙂 Have so much fun on your trip. I can’t WAIT to see pictures and hear all about it! XO

  16. Happy 10 years!!! That picture…so adorable! Can’t wait to see pictures from your cruise 🙂

  17. I am TRYING really hard to not be jealous…but it’s not working. Have fun on your trip! I can’t wait to see your pictures! I bet they will be amazing!

  18. oh rachel, happy anniversary and have the best time on the cruise! we’ll be waiting to hear all about it 🙂

  19. Awww! Happy Anniversary! Love the flashback photo! Adorable!

    XO Amanda

  20. Awww 🙂 Smiling as I read this. So very cute. Happy anniversary, friend!

  21. that is awesome and congrats! can’t wait to hear all about this trip!!

  22. Happy Anniversary! Have a great time!

  23. Wow that’s awesome!! happy ten years!!!!!!!

  24. Happy ten years! What a blessing!

  25. Ten years really is a milestone! I’m super happy we’ve known each other six and a half…I can’t wait until I can say ten 😉

  26. You guys are very lucky and a beautiful couple as well! I m sure you are gonna have an amazing life together!!
    Big kiss

  27. Happy belated 10 years!!! And the Bahamas sounds like a great way to celebrate. 🙂 You guys have grown up a lot in the last ten years, or at least that’s what the picture says…

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