Homecoming Royalty

Last weekend was homecoming for the majority of the girls I mentor (most of them attend the same school). I went to their homecoming activities on Friday afternoon & evening and I nearly lost it when all my girls came running into together holding hands. Like, seriously, I was all teary-eyed. And okay… a couple of tears slipped out. It’s just that my little babies are growing up! Aaanyway, moving on…

Two of the three seniors picked for homecoming court were my girls! Kelsi and Sara were both nominated and I can’t even tell you how much my heart filled with pride watching them walk across that football field in those long beautiful dresses. Sara was crowned homecoming queen, but both she and Kelsi were winners in my heart. 🙂

rach and kelsiMy sweet Kelsi!

rach and saraHomecoming queen!

kelsi and sara home comingThe official homecoming court selfie moment. 😉

You guys, I have watched these girls grow up since they were in 7th grade. I have been there for the major milestones and heartbreaks and college acceptance letters. It is so real to me that after this year, I will go from seeing these girls 2-3 times a week to maybe that many times a year. If I get this emotional about my teen girls growing up, I don’t even want to think about what I’m going to be like when it’s my own kids, ha! But seriously, I am so proud of Kelsi and Sara and all the others! I love my girls! 🙂

– Did your school go all out for Homecoming or was it pretty tame?
– Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets emotional about kids growing up who aren’t even mine. 😉 
– Any Homecoming royalty out there?
Love Rach


28 responses to “Homecoming Royalty

  1. Ahh, so sweet! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – they are very fortunate to have you as a role model. 🙂

    My school was more into basketball than football, so our winter/spring Homecoming was a bigger deal than the fall Homecoming.

  2. Being homeschooled, we didn’t have a homecoming. 😉 BUT I loved to dress up any chance I could get. Ha, ha.
    I ‘completely’ understand the emotions of letting girls you mentored go. I used to be very involved in a girl’s group at my church, and I really grew to care for those girls! The church I go to now has only little kids for the most part (only two teens), so I only recently started to mentor one of the college girls. But I can only imagine the emotions that you must feel when seeing girls you’ve mentored for SO long grow up and move on! They’re so blessed to have had a role model like you! 🙂

    • Nicole!! How did I not know you were home schooled?! Surely you’ve mentioned this at some point and I totally forgot. But then I guess if I think about it, I was home schooled and I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it on my blog or not. Were you home schooled k-12? I went to public school, private school, and I was home schooled over the years. Christopher was home schooled k-12. We are definitely big supporters of home schooling. I hate that it gets such a bad rap with a lot of people because there are some great pros to home schooling. 🙂 Anyway, love that we have that in common! 🙂

      And yes, you totally know how I feel then! And kudos to you for working with a college girl. The issues that kids have in high school only get more complicated the older they get. College is such a tough time for a lot of girls emotionally. I’m sure you are making a great impact with that girl! 🙂

      • You know, now that you mention it, I don’t know that I ever mentioned I was homeschooled! But, YES, I was homeschooled K-12, and I loved every single minute of it!! 🙂 It was SUCH an amazing experience!
        I hate that it gets a bad rap too… I mean, obviously there is a wrong way to homeschool, and I’ve seen that first-hand. BUT there is a very good way to do it too, and most parents do take it seriously and the end result is positive. (As in my case… and Christopher’s case too)!
        A year or two ago, a woman started talking to me about how homeschoolers dress so weird, are insecure in public, and even made the assumption that they’d fail in a real classroom. (She hadn’t realized that I was homeschooled)! I let her finish her rant… Then I smiled and explained that I had been homeschooled my entire life. She was shocked; because she always compliments my outfits, knows that I’m a worship leader at my church, AND realizes that I graduated with honors from college. So she felt a little sheepish… 😉
        I think that people are starting to realize that homeschooling can be a really positive experience though, as it’s becoming more popular. 🙂

        • Oh my goodness! I’ve had that SAME experience!! People will be ranting about how home schooling is so bad and how kids are awkward or socially inept or behind academically or whatever. And after it I will say something about how I was home schooled. Which always surprises people, but then they ask how long and apparently it “doesn’t count” because I did have a couple of years in “real school” which must be why I’m so “normal”. But then when I bring up that Christopher was home schooled k-12 people are usually pretty flabbergasted. The man is so well rounded from intelligence to athletics to social ability. Now it’s true that when he first graduated high school and went to college, he came from a small town and didn’t have as many opportunities to socialize so he was pretty shy at first. But his suitemate was the most extroverted person ever so Christopher caught up pretty quickly. 🙂 And of course, he might have been shy even if he was in “real” school.

          I love hearing that you were home schooled and loved it! It encourages me when I think about home schooling our own kids in the future. 🙂 We never intended to pursue home schooling for our own future family (just because neither of us thought we’d ever have the patience for it), but the public school systems in Memphis are so bad that we wouldn’t want our kids in it. And the private schools cost almost as much as our college education. So home schooling is looking more and more like something we will be embracing if we’re still in Memphis.

  3. I wish we had things like this in schools in the UK.

  4. I do get a little emotional thinking about my little baby getting older. Time goes so quickly!

  5. Our school went all out. I also get emotional about kids who aren’t mine growing up so quickly! Those girls are yours. You’ve inestes a lot of time with them and probably know more about them than even their parents do.

    • You’re RIGHT! Those girls ARE mine! 🙂 And I definitely get emotional about my friends’ kids growing up too. There’s something about loving a child and investing time into their lives that makes you get just a little emotional. 🙂

  6. Awww that is so awesome for your girls! I probably would have shed a few tears too! Oh, and that selfie picture cracked me up.


  7. Gorgeous, all of you!

  8. So very sweet! I read post often about your girls, how are you connected with these girls, is it some kind of program or thru a church? Sorry, if that’s nosy, I’m just always wondering. Anyway, um yes I get emotional, even if it’s others kids growing up, because it means I’m growing up and my kids are growing up and it’s all just going to fast.


    • Not nosy at all!! I got connected to the girls through our church at the time. We actually attend a different church now, but I stuck around for the girls. So for the past three years we’ve been attending two churches, haha! That’s definitely one thing we look forward to after my girls graduate – finally going to just one church again. 🙂

  9. i LOVED homecoming week and all of the stuff! so much fun.

  10. I love the selfie moment! Times have definitely changed!!! 🙂

    I get allll kinds of emotional about the passing of time! The first kids I babysat and had for VBS year after year graduated two years ago and it still makes me all weepy. The first “baby” I babysat is about to be in HIGHSCHOOL. When he graduates, I will probably actually cry. As far as missing the time you get with them, that is by far the worst! The good news is that yours are all GIRLS, so you could ask them to coffee or have a game night or something when they are home! 🙂

  11. SO sweet! Those girls are lucky to have you! I loved Homecoming and all the festivities! So much fun!

  12. It’s really neat that you’ve been with these girls for so long! What will you do when they graduate–start over with a new group of seventh graders? How does that work, haha? The Homecoming Queen looks beautiful!

    • I’m not sure if we’ll start over with a new group of kids or not. Our plan is to be kind of done with that for now and use that time for a different ministry. But who knows! Our plans seldom work out the way we think they will, haha!

  13. Oh goodness, this is so sweet! Homecoming isn’t a thing in Canada…I’ve seen it on tv, but what does it actually entail? A dance? A football game? Both? My everyone-is-equal Canadian heart can’t believe that they actually choose a King and Queen! So cool that your girls were royalty though 🙂 I would totally get emotional too…you’ve watched them grow up!!

    • Nearly all schools have a football game during their home coming weekend and a lot have dances (though this particular school doesn’t). I love your everyone-is-equal Canadian heart! After I read this response, I had a brief moment where I thought “I’m so like that. I should move to Cananda!” then I remembered how cold it is there. And quickly changed my mind. 😉

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