This would be a cute movie beginning…

I have a story for you guys full of coincidences and cuteness that could totally be the beginning of a movie. I got home from the girls’ retreat on Sunday around 2pm. I immediately fell asleep (this girl can’t handle late nights like she once could, ha!) on the couch with our mutt.

napping2Yup, I dug out my Lion King pillow case cover from when I was a kid to take with me on the retreat. And yup, my dog likes to burrow in wherever he can. And yup, from the number of photos my husband takes of me napping with our dog you’d think I take daily naps, but it’s really a rare occurrence (hence why he thinks it’s adorable and takes photos every time).

Christopher woke me up a couple of hours later because I had asked him not to let me sleep too long (usually when I nap during the day, I can’t sleep that night). He brought me dinner on the couch and turned on The Lego Movie (um, I still have “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!” stuck in my head, haha!). We normally are dinner-at-the-table kinda people because it fosters better conversation for us. But I could barely keep my head up because I was so tired still so my sweet husband made me comfy on the couch with dinner and a movie.

Then all the sudden I see this little tail bopping across our front porch. We have several stray cats in our neighborhood (one of our neighbors feeds them, but never gets any of them fixed so they just propagate) which is what I thought it might be for a split second. But then I knew. I just knew. That was definitely a dog. You guys, I am so that person that goes after every stray dog I see. Normally they run from me. I’ve only ever caught one other one. But when I walked outside on our front porch, this dog ran right up to me when I called.

bagel the beagle

She had a collar, but no tags. Her fur was well kept and she was a healthy weight. I could tell that she was definitely someone’s pet. And she was so-so-so sweet. She just loved all the attention and petting. I kept thinking about how I would feel if Oreo went missing. So we walked her around the neighborhood and knocked on doors. No one had ever even seen her before so no one knew who she belonged to. The next morning I took her to the vet to see if she had a microchip. Nada. I drove home with the intention of making “FOUND DOG” signs to post around the neighborhood, but as I pulled into our cove, there was a lady I’d never seen before pushing a double stroller. I smiled and waved and she did the same back. Then I pulled into our driveway and hopped out of the car with the sweet beagle behind me. The lady sees us and calls out: “Is that your dog?!” To which I respond, “No! Is it yours?!” And it was! CRAZY timing! She had been out walking through the neighborhood calling for the dog (who’s name is Bagel by the way – too cute, right? Bagel the Beagle). And she just happened to be walking by my driveway as we got out of the car. Oh, and I just happened to not park in the garage because Christopher had been wood working the day before and his table saw was still out. She wouldn’t have seen us if I had done that. It just just crazy timing!

bagel the beagleIgnore the terrible quality of photos. I took these quickly the first night we had her to post on our neighbor FB page and on Craigslist Lost Pets to see if anyone recognized her. She was a sweet girl!

The reason none of our neighbors recognized Bagel was because she belonged to a young family who have only been in the neighborhood for a week! Oh, and Bagel’s tags had fallen off when she escaped. Scary! Laurie (the lady who I met that day) and I hit it off immediately so later that night Christopher and I took cookies over to welcome them to the neighborhood. We intended to just drop them off, but they invited us in and next thing we knew it was after 9pm and our conversation was still going strong. We kind of cut it short at that point because it was so late (yes, we’re old – don’t judge, haha!) with promises to come back by soon. They are also Christians and really active in their church community and we have SO much in common with them. It was such an unbelievable blessing to get to know them. They are definitely Jesus people. You know the type. Where you see the passion in their eyes as they talk about Jesus. And they live just a few minutes walk away from us! (our back yard nearly butts up to theirs!).

You guys, our friendship beginning like this is totally something out of a movie! It makes me think of 101 Dalmatians where Pongo makes sure that Roger and Anita meet so that he can be around Perdita. Ah, sweet stories. 🙂 For us it was just a bunch of coincidences that worked out perfectly! I’m so glad we were eating on the couch instead of at the table so I could see Bagel when she walked down our porch on Sunday. I’m so glad she came to me when I called. I’m so glad her owner was walking by our house just as we arrived home from the vet the next day. I’m so glad I could safely return her to her family. And I’m so very glad that we have some amazing new friends (who are neighbors!!). 🙂

Have you ever made a new friend in a movie-story-line way?

Do you find yourself drawn to pick up wandering animals? 

Now that I’ve brought it up again, is “Everything is Awesome” stuck in your head?
You’re welcome. 😉
Love Rach


34 responses to “This would be a cute movie beginning…

  1. That is just the sweetest story EVER! 🙂 And what a precious little beagle. I’m so glad that Bagel found his way to your house so that you could take such good care of him until he found his way home. Honestly, the details of your meeting a new, neighborhood friend sounds like such a God-thing… You know, one of those moments orchestrated by heaven, because they are just meant to be. 🙂
    That is such a great story and if you and Christopher do end up becoming good friends with this couple, what an awesome story to look back on someday!!!

    • Oh I know! I keep thinking that! What an amazing story this will be if they end up being some of our best friends someday. Or if our kid marries one of their kids. Or just some other crazy something! It definitely felt like a God thing that night as we sat around and shared our lives with each other! 🙂

  2. I’m so glad that you guys ate dinner on the couch and that Bagel got lost and that you’ve made some new friends!!! It DOES sound like a movie. 🙂

    As for “Everything is Awesome”….That movie was surprisingly cute! I’ve actually watched it several times and I’m not the least bit embarrassed.

  3. That is a sweet story! My friend and I found one stray dog under my carport but no one ever claimed him, so she took him with her. She named him Judah. I love that you made new friends out of this experience! Everything is awesome! 😉

    • Aww, Judah is such a good name! I’m glad she could be a home for him. I have the hardest time watching animals roam free in the city. I see way too many of them on the side of the road after a car has hit them. It just breaks my heart thinking about Oreo getting lost. Anyway, happy stories all around today though! 🙂

  4. Aww I am so glad you found Bagel’s home! What perfect timing. And I am glad your new neighbors are nice. We have crazy, bizarre neighbors…


  5. I am so excited for the day we have a house and discover amazing neighbors who will be our friends. For now, I shall live vicariously through you. So awesome! P.S. You reminded me that I still need to see the Lego movie.

    • We’ve had some pretty amazing neighbors ever since we bought this house. Most of our neighbors are elderly (which is awesome because it’s a quiet neighborhood), but there has been a huge influx of young couples/families moving in over the past couple of years (I totally chalk that up to us being there and everyone wanting to be our neighbor naturally 😉 ). I’m excited for you to get settled into a neighborhood with amazing neighbors someday! 🙂 Bringing them cookies at Christmas – that’s how we won over a lot of our neighbors, haha!

  6. That’s awesome! My office is in between two neighborhoods. We have stray animals walking through our yard all of the time. Speaking of we had a cat hanging out on the back steps today. I have brought several dogs into the office that were roaming in our backyard before and called their owners. I just can’t imagine losing Winston! I would want someone to get him and call me immediately!

  7. Such a great story! And Bagel the beagle?? Perfect name too. I hope to have close neighbors one day–that seems like the best connection!

  8. How do things like this happen to you? 🙂 I’m so glad that you were able to return that sweet dog to its owners, and that you made some new friends too! It’so great that you guys get to know your neighbors! On Oct 23, 2014 11:03 AM, “” wrote:

    > Rach @ This Italian Family posted: “I have a story for you guys full > of coincidences and cuteness that could totally be the beginning of a > movie. I got home from the girls’ retreat on Sunday around 2pm. I > immediately fell asleep (this girl can’t handle late nights like she once > could, ha!) “

    • Haha! I’m not sure! Sometimes I get very “Truman Show” and think that my whole life is being recorded for the world to see. Which makes me thinking that my future kid is probably going to marry our new neighbor’s future kid. 😛

  9. I dont see it as a concidence, moresoof another reason why God is Good ❤

  10. i loveeee a story with a happy ending and esp how it all happened! if i get a beagle, i’m naming it bagel. that’s just too cute.

  11. ah, such a sweet story. You have the kindest heart and I love to see those beautiful little moments that fit together so perfectly that you know this is something special.

  12. You just made my day because I am PRETTTTYYYYY sure I had that exact same Simba pillow. THE BEST! Love it. xx

  13. Definitely qualifies for a cute movie beginning! ❤ It's amazing when new friendships bloom like that! So happy for you!

  14. uhhh WOW GOd’s timing most definitely!
    and i love that after bringing the cookies y’all were invited in and started to develop a new friendship – so incredible!

  15. I love when God puts awesome people in your life!

  16. This is just the cutest story ever!!!
    1) The “Everything is Awesome” song is the catchiest thing ever. I just love it
    2) That puppy!!! Good self-control not keeping her for yourselves. She is so stinking cute!! And Bagel is the perfect name for a beagle. I used to want a beagle named “Smeagle”, but Bagel is better.
    3) Best way to meet new friends ever! Being the creep that I am, I had to imagine the rest of your movie…after showing how you met, they fast-forward through all your friendship times, kids growing up together, and BAM! Romantic comedy in which one of your kids realizes one of their kids was “the one” all along. You’re welcome 🙂

    • AHHH! THIS! This is why we are friends! If you scroll up in the comments a little bit to my response to Rachel DeAngelis, you’ll see that I said this exact same thing!! I totally have this idea that somehow our kid will grow up to marry one of their kids and it will make the cutest wedding reception story ever!! “One day, we saw this beagle trot across our front porch…” 😀

  17. Sometimes I can’t believe the coincidences that happen in this world! I’m so glad you found the owners (and so quickly!) and that you guys made new friends in your neighborhood—that’s awesome! Love this story 🙂 xx

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