Talking about the new job

I just realized that most of you guys have no idea what Christopher does for a living. Some of you might know that he’s an accountant, but other than that I don’t mention much about it. Well, technically he’s a financial reporter (which is hilarious because he hated reading/writing in college and now he reports the finances for companies so he does tons of that in his job).


Since we got married, we have always lived only on his income. My income paid off our student loans and paid for our trip to Italy. Currently my income is going towards a “family car fund” (my current car which I adore is a bit tiny for the future family of 12 that Christopher wants). Anyway, I say that to say, he is the main income provider. So his income is pretty vital to our family. Now that our student loans are paid off, if I lost my job, we’d be fine living on his. However, if he lost his job, I’d have to quit my current job to find a higher paying one. Which would be fine, but our hope was that after our student loans were paid off – I’d be free to kind of do whatever I want job wise (hence the nanny job & budding photography business).

will and mal

It chaffs my feminist side just a little bit sometimes when people ask if I’m going to get a “real job” or start a career. For us, it’s more important to both be doing something we enjoy with hours that allow us to be with our family than for us to both necessarily have equally high paying careers (unless we did the same thing, in which case I will REALLY get on my soap box about equal pay and gender equality, haha!). But I know that in our world… we both do something we love and whether he is or I am the main financial supporter, we both are equals in the marriage. Okay okay… I’m getting off my soapbox now, haha!

christopher cornfield

I mentioned earlier this week that Christopher started a new job on Monday so I figured it was about time to fill you guys in on some of the details. The company he’s been at for the past 4 years is going through a merger and there isn’t a lot of certainty about who will still have a job after the merger goes through. We knew this in January when it was announced and ever since then Christopher has kept his ear out for other jobs. Interviewed here and there. But nothing just seemed to be exactly what he was looking for (until now – but I’m getting ahead of myself, haha!).


Even before this merger was announced, Christopher had been considering other jobs because his current one had begun to require so much overtime. In fact he was offered another job that paid more than he was making at the time, but the hours weren’t going to be any better. I know lots of people work well over a 40 hour week, but that’s not our world. We aren’t ones to pursue money or long work hours. Christopher always says “I work to live, I don’t live to work.” For us, life isn’t about making as much money as we can so we can store it all up or spend it. Life is about relationships. And family. And service. And loving others. And sharing Jesus. And if we’re busy with work all the time, those other things suffer.  So he began looking for a job that not only was something he was interested in, but also something with better hours for our family.

{SIDE NOTE: I understand some people don’t have this option because they are supporting bigger families or have a different income level – this is not a slight on other peoples’ choices – this is just for us in our world}


But we also have bills to pay. And we like to travel. And eat. Those things cost money. So we sat down one day and figured out the minimum of what income our family needed (which was lower than what we were already bringing in). So Christopher was able to look at jobs that actually paid less than he has been being paid. We began praying in January for the right job to come along and through a series of random events (or in my opinion: a total God thing), he was offered a new position at a different company still doing something he enjoys with much better hours. Oh, and did I mention that it’s a step up in his career and that it just so happens to come with awesome insurance? Oh… and you know how we were prepared to take a pay cut? Yeah, kind of the opposite happened there. We were a bit overwhelmed with the pay bump that came with this new job.


So far Christopher is loving the new job. He misses his friends from his old job, but they went to lunch together this week so hopefully they will stay in touch. He does really like his new boss, though. More than anything we are excited about the better hours for our little family. All in all, this is a big answer to prayer and we are so very grateful!

– Does your job require anything that you typically dislike (like Christopher’s old distaste for reading/writing)? 

– Do you have a job you like? What about your spouse (if you’re married)?

Love Rach


44 responses to “Talking about the new job

  1. That’s awesome about the new job! I do think it’s sad how a lot of the world revolves around money. You need it for everything. And then, people can’t or “feel bad” using their vacation time. but that’s another issue!

    I like my job for the most part. It’s pretty easy, I like the people I work with, the pay is solid. 😀

    • Yeah, money is definitely a necessary part of life, but it’s good for there to a balance. And I’m so with you on it being important to take vacation days! We definitely use all of ours every year. 🙂 Glad you have a great job!

  2. YAYYY new exciting journeys!!

  3. This is amazing!! After reading the last post I was thinking hmm.. I wonder what the new job is? 🙂 Sounds like a huge blessing!! So happy for you guys. My husband and I work rough hours a lot–but we work together which makes it 100x better! We are hoping once our little guy comes we can work out a way to get our hours more manageable, but we will see… it comes in seasons. Such is life when you run a family biz. 🙂

  4. Congrats! This is such exciting news!

    I am very blessed to enjoy my job and to have such a great boss!

  5. I used to stress about jobs and doing something like Starbucks because it wasn’t a “real job” but who decided that!? Then I changed my mindset and fell in love with it! As long as you do something that you enjoy and can support the life you want you’re set! It’s also a good thing I’m a bit of a minimalist! 😉

  6. Congrats to your husband about the new job! I totally hear you about being annoyed when people pose presumptuous questions about what you do for a living. You just have to do your thing.

  7. optimistichealth

    What a blessing and how perfect! Agreed that hours are important for a family. My hubby likes his job and plans on staying in his field for life. I too like my field and am excited to be an RN in a year so I can work further in the field. There is nothing worse than working a job that is a bad fit. My theory: find what you enjoy and you’ll flourish.

  8. Love this and am totally with you on your soapbox. 😉
    Praise The Lord for hew the is doing with your family! What a blessing!!! Love y’all’s plan, financial responsibility, and outlook so much! xx

  9. I do like my job 😉. I totally agree with the work to live! Alan loves his job too! I like that we have time for one another. I love my family time!

  10. That’s awesome!! I’m so glad he got a new job!

  11. This is awesome news! So happy for both of you! When we do something prayerful, it surely turns out for our best!

  12. Such fab news about the new job! Congrats guys!

  13. That’s SO awesome! I honestly couldn’t be happier for you both!!! 🙂 And I agree… I too hate it when people ask “sooo, are you going to get a real job?” Right now, I get the question of, “So, when are you going to start teaching piano full-time?” But the thing is that I don’t value my worth by the amount of money I bring in… Nate and I both love that I’m no longer working full-time, because it gives me the opportunity to do the things that I love. Personally, I love making meals every night, and being so involved in my church, and even in helping to tidy the house. It doesn’t make me any less than my husband, just because he brings in more money than I do. 🙂 AND I’m so glad that I will only be working two days a week once baby Brady arrives.
    You’re right, not everyone has this option. Families have to do what’s necessary, for sure! But if it’s possible, it’s so nice to live mainly off of one salary.
    Congrats to Christopher on his new job!!!! 🙂

    • ” I don’t value my worth by the amount of money I bring in…” YES! This. Exactly.

      And I am so sure that your church loves having you so involved. What a blessing you are to so many! Especially with all the praise leading you do. 🙂 And oh how wonderful to only be working two days when Brady is born. Those precious moments and will be some of the most wonderful memories. 🙂

  14. Congratulations to you both! What a great post! I am frequently asked why I stay in the job I have because “I am too smart to be wasting my intelligence and could get a job that pays far more”. I don’t live to work–my current job lets me have time off whenever I need it, the hours are terrific for me (and very flexible), and I like most of the people I work with. People think I have “settled” for less or become complacent and it drives me crazy. Everyone needs to do what works for them and their family, and what makes them happy. 🙂

  15. what an awesome blessing! i get that whole “career” thing too being a nanny. i love what i do and i’m good at it. it’s my career! 🙂

  16. aww, congrats to christopher! i’m glad that the job worked out the way he wanted it to. and you know what? i read in a marriage counseling book that living on one salary is a beneficial thing to do in marriage – it makes it easier to pay off bills (like you did), not stress if someone loses their job, and helps maternity leave not seem as drastic a financial change. of course, this situation is ideal and cannot always work, but a blessing when it does 🙂 and i’m with ya on doing what ya love and letting the world force you into a corner career-wise. i worked an office job in fund development for nonprofits for a couple years, and although i enjoyed the work, i enjoy being with people/volunteering/pursuring creative endeavors/spending time with family -so much more. sure we don’t make as much money because of that decision, but we’re able to focus on building a life that makes us both happy ❤

    • I’m so glad you have found a way to do more of the things you love! That’s such a blessing! I’m glad you understand where I’m coming from with this. 🙂

      And yes! We heard that same advice when we were dating in college which is why we made that decision from the beginning. It has really worked out well for us. 🙂

  17. Congratulations on Christopher’s new job!! So exciting how it all worked out for you guys! And we have the exact same work/home philosophy. My income has always been our savings, and we’ve worked to get to a place where our jobs are flexible and allow us to have the kind of home/social/community life that we want. Doing what you like and having room for what you actually value is so much more important than prestige and money 🙂

  18. How exciting for him!! Definitely a God thing. I hope he continues to love the job. He can meet his old friends for lunch on occasion and they’ll stay in touch!

  19. Congrats to Christopher! It sounds like his job provides the best of both worlds! I wish him lots of success & more time for you guys to spend together!

    My husband and I have our own restaurant/bar. There are many pros about having your own business, but there are also cons. I would say what I dislike the most are the hours. I wish I had more time to work on my blog, and do other creative things, but right now this is just what we have to do. Hopefully one day all of our hard work will pay off, and we will be able to enjoy more time off and get to travel!

    What I like most about having a restaurant is the menu planning and getting to try new recipes! xx

    • I love that you guys own your own restaurant! I think that’s amazing! It’s something we’ve talked about wanting to do. Maybe someday we really will own the little Italian cafe that we want! 🙂 And when that day comes, I will definitely hit you up for advice. 🙂

  20. So exciting for Christopher (and you)! It’s no fun to watch your husband have to work overtime. Justin was pretty miserable at his job in Pittsburgh–he had to work long hours and had some really cutthroat coworkers who were always backstabbing/blaming each other to try to get to the top. I was so happy when he was able to transfer (back in the spring) to a new company with nicer people and better pay! I hope Christopher makes friends with his new coworkers soon! 🙂

    On Fri, Oct 24, 2014 at 11:36 AM, wrote:

    > Rach @ This Italian Family posted: “I just realized that most of you > guys have no idea what Christopher does for a living. Some of you might > know that he’s an accountant, but other than that I don’t mention much > about it. Well, technically he’s a financial reporter (which is hilarious > becau”

    • Oh wow! What a rough situation! I’m so glad Justin is in a much better job now! And thanks! We’re pretty excited about it. Christopher is super friendly (and can talk to a brick wall) so hopefully the new friends will come soon. 🙂

  21. How awesome that this new job is such a good fit for ya’ll’s lifestyle! Our whole marriage we’ve lived on Angel’s income…and I definitely got some comments from people who wondered why I didn’t get a “real job.” But I think we’re kind of similar–if we needed the money, I would have worked, but we were happy living well under Angel’s nursing income and we liked the freedom and flexibility of his 3 12 hr. shifts a week job. Plus…the vast majority of our marriage till now I was a full-time student. Now we both have the same job and get paid equally–our combined income is now about the same as or slightly less than just Angel made before, but living costs are much less so we’re still living on just one of the incomes and saving the rest for future expenses. I do love the work we both do now!

  22. Pretty much everything about this post makes me so happy! Isn’t God so, so good to us?! I’m so happy for you and Christopher with his new job and the bump in income! Woo hoo!

    I couldn’t agree more about being HAPPY vs. working too much. I’d much rather live life, serve others, and have fun in general than make extra money. Since Jimmy and I got married people always ask me what I’m doing (still finishing school!!!) and it does grate on my nerves/ego sometimes, but I know that I’m happy and whatever I choose to do in the future job-wise is my choice that I will live with each day, and that as long as we’re set money-wise it’s all good! Yep, I agree with everything you said!

    • Oh man, I can’t believe people give you a hard time about being in school. I am all about getting all your education as early as possible! Christopher did his masters while he was working full time and it was a lot harder than just getting the degree out of the way all at once. I am all about that! Glad you are finishing your education, girl! 🙂

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