As we age…

Christopher and I have always been healthy. We’re young, we eat a balanced diet, we’re active and we exercise. Other than my heart condition (which I control with diet & exercise), we haven’t really had anything to be super concerned about. Well last week Christopher had his yearly physical and his PCP told him that his Cholesterol level is a little high. Not like perilously high, but still higher than what it should be for his age. Β  It’s technically considered “borderline high.” Normally not a huge deal, but because of family history, his PCP told him that he really needs to watch his cholesterol intake and that they will retest him in 3 months just to see how he’s doing.

christopher and tony{Christopher and his dad}

You guys, do you know what high cholesterol causes? Heart attacks. Stroke. Things leading to death. That’s terrifying stuff. Especially since Christopher’s dad has heart disease and had a series of small strokes several years ago (which caused his early on set dementia). So we don’t take this stuff lightly.

A couple of things are about to happen in our little family.

1. I am finally going to add fish to our meal rotations. I know it’s healthy for us and I know it’s not difficult to make because every time I’ve made it over the years, it ends up being way easier than I expected. We just didn’t eat a lot of fish in my family when I was growing up so I always forget to think to make it.

2. Christopher is going to limit his cholesterol intake a little more. Especially when it comes to changing his breakfast habits (he loves those bacon gouda sandwiches from Starbucks). He’s switching over to oatmeal now (which he also really likes so that’s not a hard change for him). πŸ™‚

3. I am going to the doctor. I haven’t been to a primary care physician since I was in college (over 6 years ago). I go to my OBGYN pretty close to yearly and she always runs a blood panel on me so I just haven’t been too worried about it. But she doesn’t test for everything (mostly just stuff pertaining to my GYN health). So I need to go to a PCP and have an actual physical done. This requires blood to be taken. Which is no fun. But at least then I’ll know for sure if I have anything I need to be watching.

rach and debbie{Debbie and me}

Debbie, the lady I stayed with for two summers when I was in college (while I interned at a local church) went to the doctor while I was living with her andΒ he made a comment to her about “well as we age, these things start to change…” She came home halfΒ offended that he had talked to her about aging as if she was elderly. So Christopher and I have always made jokes along the years about “well, as we age… this or that”. Usually when one of us injures our back or gets sick with something. Just anything. Well now, truly, as we age our health is changing and it’s no longer a joke (though it is still funny and weΒ still totally say it to each other). But now it’s not just something we joke about – it’s our reality. And we are going to make some changes!

Do you go to the doctor regularly?Β 

Have you had to make any dietary changes for your health?

Do you have any fish recipes I need to make? I’m flying in the dark with what tastes good here!
Love Rach


42 responses to “As we age…

  1. My heart goes out to you and your husband as you adjust to this news. Hopefully these changes will solve the problem & he’ll be back in a normal cholesterol range. Keeping your husband in my prayers.

  2. so much of this post resonates with me. most important, perhaps, is that jon found out he had high blood pressure when he got life-insurance last year. it seemed like we’re a little too young for that, and so we started running together and trying to eat healthier meals. you know what we didn’t try though? fish. my family never made it at home, and so i never make it now – but that could change! excited to see what recipes you come up with πŸ™‚

    • ​I’m so glad you guys have started eating healthier and running together! I’m sure that will help not only with the cholesterol, but also both you guys’ health overall! That’s so great! πŸ™‚ I’m like you – I didn’t grow up eating a lot of fish at home so I just never think to make it (even though I like it!). I was talking to my mom about it this weekend and she said she never made it for us because her parents never made it for her when she was growing up. It was always something they ate when they ate out. It’s just funny how some cooking habits pass down for generations without even meaning to. πŸ™‚ We’re making tilapia this weekend… I’ll let you know how it turns out! :)​

  3. I try to go to the doctor once a year. I try.

  4. I hit up all my doctors (pcp, eye, dermatologist, gyn) once a year haha. And don’t forget the dentist twice a year. My parents have a bunch of health issues so I am all about early detection and preventative measures!

    I love fish. Although, growing up in the south my family only ate fried fish. I do not fry fish and have limited myself to only eating it every once in a while if my family has a fish-fry or something. I love grilled, broiled or baked fish. I always start with a dash of olive oil and then swap up the seasoning depending on what taste I want. My usuals are lemon pepper or a garlic onion herb seasoning like Mrs. Dash or my own concoction. Also Old Bay Seasoning is good. I can’t wait to see what recipes you come up with! I am always looking for a new good fish recipe!

    • You go girl!! Good for you for taking such good care of your health! I’m great about going to the dentist twice a year, but the rest of it… not so much, haha! Thanks for the spices recommendations! When you bake your fish, how long do you bake it and at what temp?

  5. I never used to go to the doctor often, but as I get older I think it is much more important. It is better to find out early if anything is wrong.

  6. Kevin had borderline high cholesterol too! About a year ago. He’s back to normal now – thanks to really watching what he eats and getting into a better exercise routine. He needs to stay healthy – I need him around for a very long time!
    I need to make a few doctor appointments myself, truth be told!

  7. I think it’s good that you are being proactive about your little family’s health! I love fish, especially perch, rainbow trout, and salmon! And shrimp, scallops, and … well any fish haha. I usually just put some oil on it + salt and pepper, and then grill it until it’s flaky! I’ve found that you don’t have to mess too much with seafood because it’s so tasty in the first place!

    As for the doctor. Ugh. I never go and I haven’t ever had an OBGYN assesment or whatever. Kinda bad of me, haha!!

  8. Oh no, sorry about the high-ish cholesterol news! Good for you guys for being willing to adjust your diets and go to the doctor. Steve and I should probably have check-ups again sometime soon. It’s been a few years! Also, the Pioneer Woman’s salmon recipe is one of my favourites πŸ™‚

  9. Alan has High cholesterol and it breaks my heart that he won’t take it seriously. I cry over it at times. He does nothing to take care of himself. His grandfather died of a stroke in his 50’s. Alans isn’t borderline. It’s high. I’m sure Christopher will keep his under control.

    • Oh my goodness! That’s so scary! Why won’t he take care of it? Is he on meds for it? Christopher’s grandfather died in his 40s (they suspect heart attack) and his dad had the series of mini strokes in his late 40s/early 50s. So we’ve always known something might happen at a young age for him which is why he goes yearly for the physicals. Next time we see you guys, I’ll have Christopher convince Alan how awesome it is to eat a low cholesterol diet. πŸ˜‰

  10. Oh my I can relate, so not a fan of aging! I am terrible at going to the dr and have not had any type of physical in far far to long!! So sorry about his news, it’s not terrible, but definitely worth a few changes!

    • You should go to the doctor! I mean, I’m obviously not a good one to be giving this advice because obviously I’ve been terrible about it personally, haha! But it’s good just to be sure everything is okay. And if something is a little off, it’s better to know from a blood test than to find out later from serious symptoms!

  11. I’ve been trying to make a switch to eat more natural foods with no preservatives or dyes (esp. for my little guys). My husband has a huge sweet tooth, but I think he’s realizing he doesn’t have the metabolism he used to πŸ™‚

  12. I agree with Allie, go you two for being proactive! I made a really good blackened catfish (tilapia would be good too) a few months back… was so easy and so yummy! I’ll try to find that recipe for you if you want it! πŸ™‚

  13. I love that you two are taking this seriously!! Even if it’s minor, you can never be too safe with your food intake!! The changes you are going to make sound perfect.

  14. Wow! I think that’s great that you guys are starting to get proactive about these things. It IS real, even if it’s tough!

    I actually JUST finished reading this post that Morgan shared today:

  15. My husband actually has pretty high cholesterol. Everything else is ok, but his cholesterol is in the danger zone so I’ve been on him about his eating. We have changed up things at home a little more. I eat clean 80/20 but he would run get triple bacon cheeseburgers at lunch. We do fish at least once a week. I like tilapia because it isn’t a very fishy tasting fish and it usually takes no more than 10 minutes to cook. Seriously, it’s amazing. My daughter is not a fan of any fish except catfish but she has come around to the tilapia. It pretty much takes on the taste of whatever seasoning you use. The good news is since my husband has been paying more attention to his diet he has dropped his bad cholesterol by 20%. He goes to the dr every 6 months now to get it checked until we reach a plateau then they will evaluate if he has to take medicine or not.

  16. How scary!! I go to the doctor pretty regularly, especially now that I’m pregnant. πŸ™‚ But the husband does not… I need to talk him into it every time!

    • That sounds like us. Except Christopher is the one who always goes and I never do, haha! He’s the one that talked me into going at least to my OBGYN when I’d had a 3 year gap at one point, haha! Since then I’ve been good about going every year, but it was hard to convince myself that I needed to go to any doctor while I’m so young and healthy. But his blood work results have convinced me that I need to go to a PCP and get totally checked out!

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  18. Poor Christopher! That’s no fun at all! Justin and I have both had doctors fuss at us about cholesterol at some point or another. I need to go to a Primary Care doctor more often to monitor my thyroid levels, but I haven’t been very good about that…now you’re reminding me to go make an appointment! πŸ™‚

  19. I go to my doctor every year and – so far – everything is good! But I think Nate’s cholesterol was starting to go up a bit too, if I remember correctly. It IS scary, when you think about it! But you’re doing the right thing by taking it seriously now, before it is an issue!
    (If you ever have any questions, my sister Sarah is a nutritionist. I know she’d be more than happy to give you any advice, should you have specific questions… She’s always a great resource for me)! πŸ™‚

  20. I never go to the doctor if I can avoid it, though once in a while I have to give in. The nurse I’m married to is pretty health-conscious and goes regularly. I’m probably a little more health-conscious about food and diet than he is, though, and I’m the primary cook, so that helps. I’m 23 so I figure I haven’t quite reached the “as we age” stage yet. πŸ˜›

    • Haha! Yeah, you are still in the stage where we were saying “as we age” as if it were a huge joke and would never affect us (or at least not until we were in our 40s). Ah, how things change, haha! Hopefully you guys will both stay healthy! All the walking you’re doing (or at least I’m assuming you’re doing – I remember walking everywhere when we lived there) is definitely good for you! πŸ™‚

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