Oreo sees the new room! {Fix It & Finish It}

One of the many reasons we needed to re-do this room was that we wanted a door to our backyard. Currently we have a front door and a side door, but no door that opens directly into the backyard. So to let Oreo out into the backyard, we have to walk him out the side door and around to the back gate. It hasn’t been a high priority, but when we started talking about renovating this room last year, we decided that we wanted to put a hole in the wall and put in a door because it would lead to the backyard. But we were so nervous to DIY it. That’s a big part of why it took us so long to get around to working on the room. So we were ecstatic to let the Fix It & Finish It crew do the room for us! 🙂

christopher and rach in the new room

After all the cameras and crew left, it was finally time for Oreo to check out the newly renovated room. Keep in mind, in his world, this room has always just been a dark, empty room. No furniture, no carpet, and definitely no door to the outside. 🙂 Here was his first reaction:

 He runs in and is like “HELLO OUTSIDE!!!” and then “oh look! There’s other stuff in here! Must sniff it all! But OOOOUTSIIIIIDE is calling me!” 🙂

We all love the new room. With all the nice weather lately the door has just been open all the time and Oreo is in and out at will. It’s just wonderful. 🙂 I know I’m blowing up all the social media with this stuff, but I want to share it now while it’s fresh on my mind. Plus it’s been SO hard keeping so much of it a secret for so long, haha! 🙂 So prepare yourself… there might be another behind the scenes post coming. Just sayin’. 😉
Love Rach


33 responses to “Oreo sees the new room! {Fix It & Finish It}

  1. I love this! Oreo looks so happy and excited! I would love to see a behind the scenes post!

  2. yay – love seeing all the action!!! blessings upon blessings!!!

  3. Aw! Oreo is adorable!

  4. These posts could never get old!!! They’re just so fun! I feel as though I know a celebrity. Ha, ha!!! 🙂
    And I think that Oreo was just too cute when he saw the new room! He’d be a good advertisement for Fix It & Finish It. LOL! 🙂

  5. Love Oreo! Your new room looks great 🙂

  6. Your dog completes me.

  7. Oh my goodness – that is soooo sweet! I love how excited he is! Don’t worry – I talk about my dog all the time and would have definitely filmed something like this too. Also, so cool that you were on the show – I’m going to read about that in your old posts right now!

  8. I love looking at room renovations as I currently have one on my mind. The door to the yard must be so nice and clearly Oreo is stoked!

  9. OMG Oreo was so adorable seeing his new room! So so so cute!


  10. The picture of you two in the new room is gorgeous!!!!! It would be hard to decide whether to go outside or stay inside in that room all day! Haa!! Y’all are the cutest!!!!

  11. Why didn’t they include this reveal on the show? 😉 Seriously though, I’m still stunned at how much they did to your house!

  12. Lol- I think he likes it:) I would love a behind the scenes, it looks so good.
    p.s.- how funny that you know my sister in law, it’s a small world. They are such a wonderful family! In one post you said you went to a college with social clubs, and it kinda tipped me off that we may run in similar circles;)


  13. This is soooo cute! Oreo looks like he just won the backyard lottery!

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  15. Great room! I can imagine how nice it must be to leave the door open to the backyard on a beautiful day!
    Oreo seems to be really happy with his new entrance to the backyard.Before you know it, he will be learning to open the door himself!

  16. Oh, Oreo!! I love his reaction…so much excitement! And I’m sure he’ll love having a direct route outside 🙂

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