On Being a Full Time Photographer {except not really}

Last week when I shared how busy things were, I had no idea that I was just in the midst of it. With 7 more sessions this past week (half of which were booked with less than 48 hour notice), I am getting a taste of what it would look like to be a full time photographer. And it’s awesome. I love it. πŸ™‚ On any given day over the past two weeks I have been contacted by someone to set up a session, I have been brainstorming ideas for sessions (poses, backgrounds, themes, etc), I have been out there photographing people, and I have been editing photos.Β It has been crazy busy on top of normal life busy-ness. But it has been a wonderful busy. πŸ™‚

the photographerChristopher comes with me on all the sessions that he can which is a whole other post for another day because he is all kinds of awesome. He snapped this pic of me working on Saturday. πŸ™‚

However. I miss you guys. I miss writing here. I miss reading about your lives. I’m catching snippets on Facebook and Instagram, but missing the bigger stories. I’d like to say that I’ll catch up this week, but let’s be real: I still have 6 sessions to edit (and 4 more coming up to plan, photograph, and edit… plus however many more short notice ones come up). And my family will all be arriving here in Memphis on Wednesday for Thanksgiving. Which I am SUPER excited about! But of course it means I won’t be online much. So who knows… hopefully next week I’ll be caught up enough to catch up on you guys’ lives! I haven’t forgotten about this space or any of you! But until then… Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I hope you spend the day surrounded with people you love! πŸ™‚
Love Rach


35 responses to “On Being a Full Time Photographer {except not really}

  1. Good for you, Rach!! That is so exciting that you are being kept so busy. I always love looking at your pictures. Such a talent! πŸ™‚

  2. EEEEPP SO exciting! You are doing big things my friend! KEEP SNAPPING AWAY. Can’t wait to see some that you share.

  3. You are doing awesome!!! It’s great to be busy with something you love πŸ™‚ Happy Thanksgiving, dear! xo

  4. Im so impressed! It is so much work to get all the editing completed and ready and the pressure of producing these perfect images kind of gets to me. Oh well, at least I know where I stand right now. Hope it continues to go well and you enjoy it!

    • The pressure to make it all perfect is definitely hard! But practice is the best remedy I’ve found so far for that. πŸ™‚ Your photos of your family are always so beautiful! I feel sure you would be a natural at professional photography!

  5. Put us on the books for newborn pics in March ;).

  6. Sounds like you’ve been super busy! That’s what happens when you’re awesome though!

  7. It sounds as though you are busy with some of the best possible things!!! πŸ™‚ I am SO excited for you, because there is nothing like doing something that you love. I’m so happy that your photography business is doing so well!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving, in advance! πŸ™‚

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! I am so happy your photography business has taken off like it has. Congratulations!! πŸ™‚ That’s so exciting.


  9. Editing photo sessions is no joke. I’ve only done a few for friends (I’m not even close to a professional photographer. ha!), but it takes so long! Exciting that people keep contacting you. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

    • Good gracious! It really does take a lot of time! Thankfully it doesn’t take quite as long now as it used to because I know more of my style and what I like in coloring and tone. So editing happens a little faster than it did when I first started. But it still takes a lot of time!

  10. Woohoo! I’m sure you’re getting some much-needed extra cash for Christmas shopping! Good for you! Maybe I need to book a session too! πŸ˜‰

    • Girl, I would LOVE to do a session for you guys! Anytime you want to meet up in Nashville, just let me know! πŸ˜‰ I think Amy (a desert girl) might be interested in meeting up with us too. She and I have talked about it a couple of times, but we just haven’t made any actual plans yet.

  11. Being busy is a sign of a thriving business! Awesome job and happy Turkey Day!

  12. So happy for you and your booming business! What fun you must be having. So much to be thankful for!

  13. I guess it makes a lot of sense that this would be a hopping time of year for a business like yours with all the Christmas cards that need to be sent out!

  14. I miss your posts but I’m super glad that you are having so much success with your Photography business!! Hope you got to spend some time around Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

  15. I miss you too, friend!! But so exciting that you’re getting to do so much photography! I’ve been loving seeing your sessions pop up on Facebook…you are so talented πŸ™‚

  16. So proud of you for pursuing your dream… and succeeding!! πŸ™‚

  17. i LOVE the behind the scene shots!
    i’ve been getting some more clients myself recently and the editing alone is driving me bonkers hahaha.
    i HAVE loved seeing all of your work on FB though, you’re so talented friend!

  18. Aww, so busy!! I love that type of awesome busyness, though! I know that feeling… it’s overwhelming, but in a good way! I’m so happy that you’re LOVING photography. You’re certainly amazing at it!

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