Christmas is almost here!

You guys, Christmas is coming. Like LESS than a week away coming.

nativityThe house has been decorated since early in November since we like to begin our advent season early. 🙂

presentsPresents have been wrapped and are waiting to be delivered to family and friends.

chocolate gingerbread cookiesCookies have been baked

Christmas carols have been sung with our teens

xmas moviesChristmas movies have been watched (or will be watched this next week)
{source, source, source, source}

Lessons and Carols has been attended

michael and katy and usChristmas with my brother-in-law & sister-in-law has come and gone

familyNow we are eagerly anticipating Christmas with my parents-in-law on actual Christmas day!

family picAnd eagerly waiting Christmas with my family in January! 🙂 (for those who are new: yup, that’s just my immediate family: my parents, my 4 siblings, and all our spouses, and all my nieces and nephews – minus one more who wasn’t born yet when this photo was taken)

xmas countdownAnd so the countdown continues…

Tell me about your advent season! How are you preparing or celebrating?
Love Rach


20 responses to “Christmas is almost here!

  1. That nativity set is beautiful!!!

  2. I hate to say this, but it hasn’t fully felt like Christmas time for me this year!! I am going to dedicate this entire week to getting myself ready!!

    • Aww, I hope it feels more like Christmas to you now that it’s nearly here! My sisters and I were on chat with each other this morning (one lives in Alabama and the other lives in China) and my older sister and I were trying to help our little sister feel more like it was Christmas. She doesn’t have any decorations or a Christmas tree and she is really missing the Christmassy spirit this year (China does have Christmas stuff, but it’s not like here where it is EVERYWHERE). Anyway, my older sis and I were sending her photos of Christmassy things and playing Christmas song clips for her and etc. It was pretty silly, but she said it made a huge difference. So hopefully you’ve had a chance to listen to a few Christmas songs and see some pretty Christmas lights and maybe it’s feeling a little more like Christmas for you too!

  3. I love your nativity scene! Wow y’all have gotten a lot of Christmas festivities already done!

  4. you’re so ahead of the game with your presents wrapped!
    i need to do that tonight!

  5. Yay! You have so much to look forward to.

    We still haven’t decorated…. Now I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth the effort for such a short span of time. I guess I could just leave the decorations up well into January like I usually do….

  6. Ah! Okay so we’ve had our decor up for quite awhile…but i’m lacking on the gift side. Most of the gifts have at least been ordered and will be delivered over the next few days….why do I always wrap last minute! 😛 Also- going to watch White Christmas for the first time this week! 😀 Excited.

  7. I just cannot believe it’s so soon! Christmas really snuck up on me. Maybe it’s all the rain we’ve been having… doesn’t really feel like Christmas. We do Christmas Eve/Day with Jordan’s family and then drive to Texas for Christmas with my family on Friday and Saturday. I can’t wait!

  8. Sounds like you are already for the big day! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
    Merry Christmas–The Doctor Diva

  9. aww, i love all the excitement in this post ❤ i also love that pretty pink dress of yours 🙂

  10. Cute videos, Rach!! The lessons and carols video… is that in your church?! If so, it’s absolutely gorgeous and huge! The singing was beautiful, too :). Also: I love how big your family is. Big families make life fun!

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