A Saturday Morning at St. Anne’s

I have officially discovered the first peril of having a smart phone. Okay, maybe “peril” is kind of a strong word, haha! But I have realized one big thing that has changed in the past month. I microblog now. I’m far more present on Instagram than I am here. I haven’t written here about Christmas parades or dinners with friends or the details of what we’ve been up to. I’m looking at my blog and I’m seeing big gaps of things I’ve left out this past month because I posted one photo and a short caption to Instagram instead. That’s not me. I mean, yes, I am loving constant Insta-access, but I know that someday later I’ll look back and be sad that I didn’t record more of the details in my blog. So I’m definitely going to try to be better about that. 🙂 Beginning… NOW!

st anne's catholic church{Source}

Saturday morning Christopher and I went to St. Anne’s Catholic church in midtown Memphis to be part of the St. Vincent de Paul Christmas basket giveaway.


Do you guys remember earlier this year when I mentioned that Christopher and I are involved with an organization (CSTL) here in Memphis that helps bring women out of sex trafficking? Well, a Memphian named Jessica was reading my blog for local restaurant reviews and saw that post as well. She got in touch with the lady in charge and then contacted me as well. We went out for sushi and bonded over our love for Jesus, good food, and serving others. Jessica wanted to get involved with the ladies from CSTL and the way she found to do that was to have them help with a holy card project which you can see below:

holy card plaques1

Not only did the ladies work hard to create all of these (over 100 of them!), they also came to the giveaway and handed them out to the people who were receiving food. The lady who began CSTL (which stands for Community of St Theresa of Lisieux) is not a Catholic, but she was inspired by the stories of St Theresa of Lisieux. It’s amazing how the stories of other people who loved Jesus can inspire us as well.

christmas basket giveawayDry/canned food bags, fresh fruit bags, and hygiene bags.

Jessica was kind enough to invite Christopher and I to be a part of this because she knew of our love for the city of Memphis, for our passion to help out with CSTL, and for our desire to serve.


I’m guessing most of you guys know that Christopher are protestant Christians and not Catholic, but when it comes to serving the least of these – you’ll find us rolling up our sleeves beside anyone else serving in the name of Jesus. 🙂

Have you ever done something like this? This was our first year to do a Christmas one! 🙂

Do you find yourself microblogging on social media instead of writing full blog posts?

Love Rach


26 responses to “A Saturday Morning at St. Anne’s

  1. Every post you share just amazes me more & more. The two of you are such generous, loving & respectable individuals. It’s people like you who make the world a better place. I only hope that you two continue to be blessed with happiness, love & joy.

  2. All I do is microblog! I’m sure I’ll look back one day and wish I would have kept up with blogging more. I love that yall are so involved with the community!

  3. such a beautiful story — you and christopher have such big hearts, and i love that you meet others that help you spread that passion even further ❤ ooh, i also love your reindeer ears!! so fun 🙂

    • The reindeer antlers made us laugh! All the volunteers were wearing them and the lady in charge asked kind of sheepishly (as if we might think it was silly) if we wanted the antlers or not. We laughed and said “Of course! If we’d known, we could’ve brought our own from home!” because we are sooo those people. 😉

  4. I know what you mean about Instagram. It’s just so easy to put a quick post up there, rather than doing a blog post with all the SEO that comes with it.

  5. God bless you and Christopher! Thank you so much coming to St. Anne on Saturday morning and helping to brighten so many others’ Christmas!!

  6. What a great cause and a terrific way to share the love. You are rocking those reindeer antlers too! 🙂

  7. What an awesome way to serve the Lord and a fun way to meet a new friend!! Love it!

  8. I’m the same! Just started getting into instragram and I think I’m getting a little addicted to filtering my photos!!

  9. I already have a hard time keeping up with blogging. Instagram has made it that much easier to not blog things. I want to change that though. That is such a great project!

  10. Sometimes I would rather microblog on IG, and so I do. Other times I’d rather write a full blog post, ANDDD then there are times where I combine both!!

  11. I’m glad you wrote this on your blog. Since I don’t have an Instagram, I miss out! Sounds like an awesome way to serve and such a great idea!

  12. So glad your bringing it all back to the blog, I love Instagram but it’s so nice to read and really get to know someone from a blog! Speaking of though, I need to find you on Instagram!


  13. This is so wonderful, girl! I love how ready you guys are to serve, and I love what you said about standing beside anyone to serve in the name of Jesus. YES!! Also, I hear you on the perils of a smart phone (“peril” is totally justified haha). I recently deleted the Instagram app from my phone because it’s such a time suck, and because I prefer to share things in blog form 🙂 Now I just check it on my computer now and then!

    • So when I first read this I thought you meant you had deleted Insta entirely which made me sad because I LOVE your Instagram pictures. So I just double checked. And I see that you still have your Instagram account and you just haven’t posted as much recently so I’m breathing again. 😉 I totally understand, though. As much as I love your Instagram pics, I love your blog even more. So if you are going to focus more on one than the other than I’d definitely prefer the blog. Not that it’s all about what I want, haha! Just saying that I totally support you blogging more and Instagramming less. 🙂

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