And the recovery begins…

Christopher’s surgery went well on Friday and his recovery has gone well so far too. We know we have a good support system both here in Memphis and far away. But times like this really remind us of how many people love us. We had so many people offer to come and sit with me in the waiting room or to bring us food or to help out with anything we needed. And so many people who texted or called or left a comment on social media checking in with us before, during, and after the surgery. We feel wrapped up in love right now and I’m so grateful for that.

acl surgeryChristopher being wheeled back for his ACL surgery to  begin

Seeing Christopher after the surgery was definitely the hardest part of Friday. He had a rough time coming out of the anesthesia (they ended up keeping him in recovery longer than anticipated because of this, but thankfully I got to be with him). The good news is that he doesn’t remember a lot about Friday so in the long run, even that turned out fine. But I just have to say… there is nothing like seeing someone you love in so much pain and so panicked and knowing you can’t do anything to help. Definitely not a favorite memory of mine. But he started doing MUCH better after we left the hospital so that was great news! 🙂

just homeWhen we got home on Friday I set him up in bed and he drank some miso soup and then he slept. And slept and slept. He was never loopy on the drugs, but he did ask me the same questions a couple of times. He was very alert when he was awake which I wasn’t expecting, but I was thankful for it.

recoverySaturday morning we got Christopher set up on the loveseat (so his leg would stay elevated) and he was craving his Starbucks fix. Since he was in no pain and settled, I felt good about leaving for 10 minutes to run to the Starbucks by our house. When I came home Christopher had a fuzzy pitbull in his lap. That little mutt sure does love his daddy. 🙂

hydro therapyAn hour on and an hour off of hydrotherapy all day long every day. I have felt like a proper little nurse bustling around constantly hooking up tubes and unhooking them and pressing buttons on a machine until it whirs to life.

PT appointmentThis morning Christopher had his very first PT appointment. Everyone told us that this would probably be the hardest thing so we went in gritting our teeth and prepared… but surprisingly… it was all easy for him. The physical therapist was surprised by Christopher mobility and strength already. He was impressed with Christopher’s motivation and drive to heal so he can play basketball again. Made me so proud hearing all the good things the PT said about how far progressed Christopher is already due to moving around at home and doing simple leg muscle exercises since the surgery. 🙂 Now of course, he still has a really long road ahead of him, but he’s definitely off to a good start!

We just got home from his PT appointment and Christopher was finally allowed to take his first shower since the surgery so he is feeling human again. 🙂 Thanks all for the prayers and encouragement and support! We so appreciate it! I’ll keep you guys updated as he progresses! 🙂

Love Rach


26 responses to “And the recovery begins…

  1. That is amazing how well he is doing! So good to hear! You guys continue to be in my prayers!

  2. So glad the healing process is going well! PT always seems to be the absolute hardest part after surgery, so I can imagine it’s such a huge relief for it to be fairly all right. You and Christopher are definitely still in my prayers! ♥


  3. Glad to hear the good news!

  4. A gold star patient! And a gold star caretaker! Neither surprises me. You two keep up the great work!

  5. Aw I’m glad everything went alright! It’s awesome that you both have such a great support system!

  6. MAN oh man, what a process!! Glad to hear recovery is going well.

  7. Wow! I am so glad he is recovering well. You know surgeries or going to the hospital is a tough thing and it’s also amazing what a shower can do.

  8. There is nothing like a shower to make you feel like a brand new person after not being able to shower for a few days!!

    Also, I know EXACTLY what you mean about feeling completely helpless when your spouse is in pain/sick. Ugh. That is the worst feeling, and I’ve experienced it twice now. Hopefully things will continue to go well for Christopher and you as he recovers. I know it’s not easy to take on a lot of extra work, but I also know you are the most loving wife out there, so I’m sure you’re doing wonderful! And by the looks of it, so is Oreo!! Haha. Dog snuggles are the best when you’re healing. It’s like they really know what’s going on!

    I will continue to pray for you guys! Sending lots of love and encouragement your way for a speedy and full recovery! ❤

    • Thanks so much for your prayers and words of support! We have been so grateful for people like you this past week. 🙂 I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with moments like that so early already in your marriage. It really is so difficult. But it definitely helps foster a tenderness in the relationship that is so sweet. 🙂

  9. I’m glad things are going so well so far! It IS tough to watch your husband when he’s in pain. I’ve been there before. But he’ll get better, and your bond will be even stronger after you’ve served as his nurse for awhile! 🙂

    On Mon, Jan 12, 2015 at 11:42 AM, wrote:

    > Rach @ This Italian Family posted: “Christopher’s surgery went well on > Friday and his recovery has gone well so far too. We know we have a good > support system both here in Memphis and far away. But times like this > really remind us of how many people love us. We had so many people offer to > c”

  10. So great to hear that Christopher is recovering so well.

  11. Yay!! I’m so glad the surgery went well and that he is recovering so well! Go Chris!!

  12. So happy to hear how well he is doing!!! Gotta admire his spirits!

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