This past weekend we said goodbye to our Chevy Cavalier. Christopher bought it 7 years ago during my senior year of college, just before we got engaged. He named it Desperaux (and then over the years has renamed it: “Black Bird”, “Black Pearl”, and “Soul Searcher”).

black bird

When we got married Desperaux became “our” car. He didn’t have a/c, but he was a great little car and we took several trips in him that first year.

black bird2

Since that first year we’ve bought three other cars. A Nissan Altima named Bella Grace (which got sold after a year because it kept breaking down on us), a Scion named Apollo, and most recently a Ford named Athena. It is because of our most recent purchase that we decided that it was time to retire the Chevy.

101_9768This was us in 2009 just after we bought Bella Grace (on the left with the Chevy on the right).

Christopher has had a lot of mixed feelings about selling Black Bird (his most recent name for the Chevy) this weekend. He’s excited to have a/c and heat in his new car, but he and Black Bird have been through a lot over the years. It’s been almost like a badge of pride for him that he is a successful professional who still drives a ’96 Cavalier that cost him less than two grand. But no more. Saturday we said our final goodbyes to Black Bird. (side note: the car sold within 7 hours of being listed on Craigslist – winner winner!) So yes, bittersweet feelings for sure. But mostly sweet. Because let’s be honest – in January it’s great to have a car with heat. 😉

Were you ever attached to a car that you ended up selling? 
Love Rach


20 responses to “Farewell

  1. I love ther yall name your cars! I bet this summer he will really appreciate the ac! How’s getting back into a routine going?

  2. Ahh, it’s hard to let go of a car. The first car I bought was a Ford Contour and I loved it. Then I killed it in a wreck. 😦 So sad.

    It’s nice that Black Bird will move on to be someone else’s car – sold in 7 hours! That’s great.

    • Aww sad! I bet that was so hard to say goodbye to a car you loved because of a wreck. At least for us we planned to sell it so we knew we’d be saying goodbye. With a wreck, that’s so unexpected. 😦 I’m glad you have a fusion that you love now, though! 🙂

  3. Isn’t it sad to say goodbye to an old car? It really marks the passage of time. My civic had over 200, 000 miles when I left it at the lot one sunny Saturday afternoon. It was hard to part ways!!

  4. I have only ever had one car and sold it quite a few years ago when I moved to the city, as I just didn’t need to drive. I do miss her though – she was called Nelly haha

  5. Ha- I love that!! My husband still drives the same truck he did when we met in college- and I can’t imagine selling it even though nothing works and the doors will barely close and can’t even all fit in it. Anyway I love all the names for it, cracks me up. Enjoy the new vehicle, hope it brings lots of new memories!

  6. It’s so amazing how attached we get to cars isn’t it? I feel the exact same way! It seems like Black Bird has served your family well. 🙂

  7. Oh girl, you know I feel the car attachment! Getting that much use out of a vehicle totally is a badge of honour. But on the bright side, a/c and heat are really nice to have 🙂 I’m glad BlackBird will be able to continue his legacy with someone else…7hrs is impressive!

  8. I haven’t had my own car long enough to be sad to say goodbye. My very first car was an old one my parents basically gave me when I moved to Oklahoma. I had it a few years, but I wasn’t sad when it died. I will be sad to see my little Ford go when it’s time! It was the first car I bought myself, and I hope it lasts for a long time! It’s a good little car.

  9. Your car names are so funny! “Bella Grace” sounds more like a child than a car, haha! If it’s not too nosy to ask, how much did you guys end up selling Desperaux for? All your talk of cars and Craigslist lately has kind of started me on my own Craigslist car search! I would be looking for an older, CHEAP car with a bunch of miles on it…something for a couple thousand dollars that can just get me around (I’ve been sharing a car with Justin and it just isn’t working anymore!). But hopefully something that’s not in quite as bad shape as Desperaux (no offense to Christopher!). 😛

    • Not too nosy at all! We sold Desperaux for $800 (that was it’s KBB value). Good luck on your car hunt! I hope you find the perfect little car. 🙂

      Bella Grace *does *sound more like a child name than a car name, haha! I remember thinking that at the time. It just felt like a good southern belle name. Perfect for my new car that I loved so much. 😉

  10. I love cars with stories!!! Why is getting rid of something like an old car without a/c and heat so hard?!?!? I felt the same way when I sold my car this past summer. Sometimes I still miss it! lol….:)

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