Welcome back, little sister!

I have so much to share from just a few short days, so I’ll be breaking this up into a couple of posts… but most importantly… my little sister is back in the United States!

sister reunionAbby and I seeing each other for the first time since last August. For those who don’t know, Abby has spent the past several months living in China. (thanks Mom for capturing this moment!)

sistersThis was us yesterday morning. That’s Abby in the middle and our older sister, Holly, on the right (looking at this photo she looks super short next to us, but in truth it’s not that she’s extraordinarily short – she’s pretty average as far as height goes – it’s just that Abby is nearly 6 feet tall and I’m 5’8 and was wearing heels. But I digress).

the girlsAnd that’s us with our momma and Holly’s daughter, Makenzie! We are so lucky to have such a strong support system in each other! I am so thankful for these ladies (and the rest of my family too!). 🙂

rach with wes and kenzAnd since I’m sharing photos from yesterday morning… here are a couple of shots of me with my niece and nephew. They are about to be 10 and 9! My my, the time is flllllllying!

rae and absWelcome back, little sis! 🙂

Like I said before, I have lots and lots to share from this weekend, but I have quite a bit to do today and not enough time to get all my thoughts gathered. So I’ll just leave you with this for now. But I am definitely SO glad that she is back in the States!

Love Rach


24 responses to “Welcome back, little sister!

  1. Such a beautiful family!

  2. 🙂 I’m so happy for you that your sister is back!

  3. So glad she made it back safe and sound!

  4. Heartwarming moments captured on film… thanks for sharing your beautiful family with everyone.

  5. Your family is so photogenic! Glad that she made it back safe and sound and that you got to do some celebrating to welcome her home.

  6. What a beautiful family! 🙂

  7. Awwww, I’m SO glad that your sister is back. I can’t imagine being so far away from mine!! Have a wonderful time together! 🙂

  8. it must be so nice to have your sister back home!

  9. Aww, I am so glad your sis is back in the U.S. safe and sound! That must be the best feeling ever 🙂

  10. Yay!!! Is she back in the states for good? I bet that was a super sweet reunion! You and your sisters look so much alike!!!

    • I doubt Abby will ever be back in the States for good. She’s lived in Israel, Mozambique (in Africa), and China over the past couple of years. Well, and Texas too, but that’s not quite as exotic. 😉 Her hope for a long time has been to eventually land in the middle East. She desires to go where no one else is willing to go. She has a good heart that Abby. 🙂

  11. YAY, I’m so happy for you guys!! You look so happy to be reunited (and GORGEOUS, all of you!) Also, I feel like a tutorial for your waves is in order 😉

  12. You guys are tall! But well proportioned and all three beautiful 😉 Glad she made it home safe!

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