Just a girl and her dog…

Anyone who’s spent much time talking to me, reading this blog, or following my social media knows how much I love my dog. It’s clear from the stories I share and the photos I post that he is a big part of mine and Christopher’s family. We’ve both always loved animals, but neither of us ever expected to be the people who call ourselves “mommy & daddy” to a pet. Or to dress a pet up in clothes. Or to put so much personality on our pet that we treat him as human.  Oh but we are so those people. And while it was unexpected to find so much love within us for an animal, we have embraced it fully now. 🙂

rach and oars3

This past fall we took family photos, but somewhere along the way I forgot to share these shots that Christopher took of just me and Oreo. You know, mother-son shots. 😉

rach and oars

We first met Oreo five years ago at the animal shelter where I volunteered. We quickly fell in love with him, but didn’t feel like our apartment was a good fit for a dog. So we kept taking him out for weekend visits until we bought our house a few months later. After some major renovation the house was finally ready and we officially adopted Oreo in July of 2010. 🙂

rach and oars4

True story: as much as we love Oreo, neither of us like dog slobber. So we don’t let Oreo lick us or “give kisses” which is part of why this photo is so hilarious to me. I was making fake “kissy faces” at Oreo and he nearly got me in the face with a kiss of his own. 😉

rach and oars2

This guy… I sure do love him. He keeps us laughing, he protects the house, he is the best snuggler, he has so much personality, he hates the cold and loves the sunshine (much like his momma), walks are his favorite, and baths are his least favorite. In our personal opinion… he’s pretty much the best dog ever. 🙂

Anyone else consider their pets to really be a part of the family?
Love Rach




34 responses to “Just a girl and her dog…

  1. These are great pictures!

  2. This is so sweet!! 😄 My Shih Tzu is totally like a child to my husband and I.

  3. Dogs are the absolute best friends. ♥


  4. I never thought I would be one of those people to call myself “Mommy” to my dog, but I am SO that person, too haha And, so is my husband. I’m head over heels in love with my dogs, and I have no shame about it.
    Adoption anniversaries are celebrated as birthdays, homemade treats are made (I made your recipe–I think it was carrot cake– last year!) They are constantly being loved on, and I often find myself staring at them across the room and thinking “Aww you’re so cute.” haha
    We’re hoping to add more adopted members to our pack one day…a house and yard would be nice first, though!

    • YES! You totally get it! They are like furry little members of the family! Very few of our friends here in Memphis feel that way about their pets. I mean, they like them, but don’t really consider them like children. So it’s nice to know there are other people out there who get it! 🙂

  5. Great photos! What a lovely mother-son photo shoot. 🙂 I too don’t care for slobber or licks. Usually that works well with cats as they’re not the lickers that dogs are. Except Rue. Gah – it’s like that cat has a salt deficiency or something. I wake up to her licking my arm. Ugh. Not my favorite.

    • Yikes! Rue needs to learn that arm licking is clearly unacceptable behavior. 😉 Oreo has figured out that neither of us like being licked (especially Christopher) so if we won’t give him what he wants, he’s notorious about trying to get a couple of licks in (usually to the kneecap). I can usually keep my cool so Oreo will leave me alone and move on to bug Christopher, but poor Christopher just can’t take it, haha! So he pretty much always caves to whatever Oreo is demanding (usually to be fed or to be covered up with a blanket). Which of course only encourages the cycle next time. He’s a little beast that dog of ours. 😉

  6. Pets ARE family!! They should be. These are tooooo cute!! ❤

  7. Awwwww, your pictures are beautiful and that puppy is so cute!!!!

    Anyhoo, I stumbled upon your blog through a fellow blogger and thought I would just stop by and say hi! It would totally make my day if you did the same – or better yet! Keep in touch! ❤ – http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  8. These pictures are so adorable!! Oreo is so handsome. We are obsessed with our dogs. I never thought i would be one of those people either, but I am. They are the BEST!!! And you get used to the dog licks after about a million. My boys are kings of the face rape…


  9. YES! My kitties are our babies, even if we have a real human baby now too. Ha, ha. I make sure to buy them lots of treats and toys so that they don’t feel left out now that Brady is here.
    Oh, and I absolutely LOVE these photos of you and Oreo!!! 🙂

    • Aww, that’s so encouraging! I know how much you have always loved your kitties. It’s good to hear that even though you guys have Brady now, you still love your cats! I don’t want Oreo to get left behind in the dust someday when we have human kiddos too!

  10. such sweet pictures ❤ i loved animals growing up, but i neva-neva-neva thought i'd be the girl calling her pup 'daughter' and 'best friend' and taking her absolutely everywhere. many years later? enter Kinzie and game over – she's my fave 🙂

  11. Ok these pictures make my heart SO incredibly happy!!!!!! So sweet. Oreo is one lucky pup I tell ya!

  12. I’ve never had my own pet, so that’s probably why I don’t get the whole “pets as family” things. My parents had a dog the whole time I grew up, and even though we all loved him and were sad when he died, we never acted like he was a child in the family. But I know most people feel that way about pets, so I guess I’m just heartless 🙂 Oreo is so cute!

    • Nah, not heartless. That’s how most of our Memphis friends are. They have pets and like their pets and would be sad if something happened to their pets, but they don’t treat their pets like children. In fact we get teased pretty frequently for how much we treat our dog like a human, haha! So no worries – you aren’t in the minority as far as our friends go!

  13. Ah I love it- and you look gorgeous in these pics! We had a dog, and it was probably the only oet I’ve ever really loved, but he died a few years ago, and we’ve tried a few times since but haven’t found a true fit, so have always given them away. Maybe when the kiddos get older, the time will be right again:)

  14. Oreo is so precious, and I love these pictures! Pets are so special, and dogs are THE best.

  15. You and Oreo are so adorable!! And of course you know I totally get the ‘dog/family member’ vibe. We call ourselves Mommy and Daddy to Max too…like, enough that if we say “go find Mommy/Daddy” he’ll go to the right person without actually having been taught to do that. He is completely part of our family!

    • So I hadn’t thought about how odd that is until reading it in your comment just now, but Oreo totally knows that too. We tell him “go to mommy/daddy” and he goes to the correct person. I’ve never thought about how weird that is until just now, haha! No wonder he thinks he’s the center of the world. 😉 Oh well, at least we aren’t alone!

  16. Yay for a post all about Oreo! He is so sweet! I love that you have pictures just with him. Way back when, before regular people were taking professional quality photos, my mom took me to Olan Mills to get my photo taken with our family dog (I think this was 1997 or 1998). I might have to post it sometime. He passed away in 2009, and we STILL miss him. My mom actually had an artist paint a portrait of him (just a couple of years ago, after he had died) by providing him with a photograph. She framed the painting and gave it to my dad for Christmas….and it was one of the few times I’ve seen my dad get emotional. Dogs truly do become a part of our family!

    On Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 2:05 PM, WordPress.com wrote:

    > Rach @ This Italian Family posted: “Anyone who’s spent much time > talking to me, reading this blog, or following my social media knows how > much I love my dog. It’s clear from the stories I share and the photos I > post that he is a big part of mine and Christopher’s family. We’ve both > always l”

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