Three delicious fish recipes!

Remember that one time when I told you guys that we were going to start eating more fish to help out with Christopher’s borderline high cholesterol? Well, we did. Start eating lots more fish that is. And now I am finally getting around to sharing some of the recipes.


baked tilapia with dill sauce{click recipe card to see larger}

This tilapia recipe originally came from AllRecipes and we love it. All of the recipes I’m about to share are delicious, but this one is probably our favorite. We’ve made this so many times over the past couple of months. I definitely recommend it!

tuna steak

marinated tuna steaks{click recipe card to see larger}

I never knew that I liked baked tuna until eating this. I knew I liked spicy tuna rolls (sushi) and I knew that I liked tuna salad. But I’d never had a tuna steak. But oh my are these delicious! Thanks to AllRecipes again! 🙂

fish tacos

fish tacos{click recipe card to see larger}

One of our favorite things to eat while on vacation at the beach is fish tacos. They are SO delicious! And now I finally can make them at home thanks to this recipe from Centsational Girl. It’s a little more involved than the first two recipes, but it’s not too complicated. And the flavors make it so worth it! Definitely so good!

It has been fun to broaden my cooking skill set by adding fish to my repertoire. Until the past few months I’ve always been nervous about cooking fish just because it’s new to me. I worried about over cooking or under cooking or using the wrong seasonings because I wasn’t sure which flavors go with which fish… and yet it really isn’t that difficult at all. These recipes are definitely all winners and super simple. So whether you’re like my husband and you need to watch your cholesterol or whether you just want to eat a healthy dinner… try one of these recipes! 🙂

Does fish have a place in your frequent meal rotation?
Love Rach


18 responses to “Three delicious fish recipes!

  1. I can’t think about fish now, but hopefully soon I’ll be able to try these! Keep sharing recipes that are heart healthy please!!! Love you!

  2. These all look tasty! I’d make any of them! And I will – thanks for sharing.
    The other day I made salmon in an aluminum foil pouch with lemon slices and it was so tasty! The pouch steams the salmon so it’s delicious!

  3. These all sound really good…especially the first one!! I don’t think I’ve ever made tilapia at home, but I always like it at restaurants, so I should probably try it! And I’m like you with the tuna…I’ve only ever had it in sushi or tuna salad!

  4. These all look great! I love fish. One of my favorite things is a tuna steak sandwich. YUMMM. On and red snapper is a really delicious fish, if you haven’t tried it. I just put it in the oven with a little bit of butter, salt and pepper. Soooo good!


  5. I def do have the same meals in my rotation! …and I love salmon! That tuna steak looks delicious! I’ve never had tuna like that! Great recipes!

  6. We are trying to eat more fish at the moment, there is just so much you can do with it.
    That dill sauce sounds lovely.

  7. Yum- I love fish! I will definitely have to try a couple of these out! If you ever get a chance- try The Londoners fish tacos- they are one of my favorite dishes ever! Hope you and your hubs gmhave a dreamy weekend together!

  8. I used to eat fish once a week, but I can’t now because it bothers Brady’s tummy. 😦 Fish is apparently one of the foods that gives him gas (although salmon seems to be okay. I just can’t eat tilapia, cod, or haddock).
    I absolutely love seafood, so the minute I’m done breastfeeding, I’m going to definitely enjoy fish for dinner! Ha, ha. (And cheese!! Oh, how I still miss my dairy). 😉

    • Oh man, bummer to have to give up favorite foods! But at least you have a better idea of what has been hurting his tummy. I’m glad the restricted diet is helping! I know weaning a baby can be really emotional and difficult, but maybe the knowledge that you get to have old favorite foods again will help!

  9. These recipes look SO GOOD! Especially the first one with the dill sauce–yum! I should have read through these before last week. Last week (Valentine’s week) I decided, rather than buying my husband a Valentine’s gift (with what income?) to make it an epic food week. I am really NOT much of a cook (seriously…I use Hamburger Helper at least once a week. I know you’re cringing!), so it was a challenge for me. I made all recipes that didn’t use chicken (because I feel like we eat SO. MUCH. CHICKEN.), and salmon was our Friday dinner! I didn’t do anything fancy, but marinating it or making a sauce to go along with it would have been so good! I’ll remember your recipes next time!

    • That’s such a brilliant idea, Rachel! Splurging on meals at home is still so much cheaper than going out. And you get amazing food! No judgement here. I haven’t had Hamburger Helper in forever, but I used to love it. I’m pretty sure I still would. 🙂 Let me know if you try that tilapia recipe. It’s SO good! And really so simple!

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