Valentine’s Weekend Recap

We had such a productive weekend! I know that doesn’t sound like the most romantic thing to say about Valentine’s weekend, but it’s true! And there was still plenty of romance! 🙂 Lots happened this weekend so here are the main overview points that I want to remember:

1. Since we went out for a romantic meal to celebrate our engagement anniversary last weekend we decided to offer to babysit for our neighbors so they could go out on Valentine’s day. They have four kiddos and have never actually been out together just the two of them for Valentine’s. They asked if we could baby sit on Friday instead of Saturday and of course we were happy to do that for them!

babysitting3Reading bedtime stories to the three older kiddos (the baby had already been put down).

babysitting2Each kiddo got to pick a book for us to read so Christopher and I switched back and forth with reading. I can’t tell you how much it warms my heart when I see Christopher with kiddos. Kids adore him and he is just so sweet with them. 🙂

babysittingAfter the kiddos went to bed we snuggled with their puppy, Hidalgo. He’s a german shepherd, husky mix and absolutely precious! 🙂 We were happy to be able to babysit for our neighbors!

2. Saturday was project day!

home depotSaturday morning began with a trip to Starbucks and then the Home Depot! We actually ended up at Home Depot three separate times on Saturday, haha!

projects2We painted, we hung things, we installed a safe, and even replaced toilet seats. We were go-go-go all day! And it felt amazing! We love house projects and everything went so smoothly all day long (usually we run into at least a couple of snags that take more time than we expected).

3. Saturday night (Valentine’s) we decided to avoid the crowds and get Chinese take out and plan out a couple of our trips for this year!

dinnerEvery time we watch Gilmore Girls and Big Bang Theory (which is a lot lately), we find ourselves craving carry out Chinese food. But we rarely get it because it’s just so much cheaper to make it at home. But every now and then we splurge and get it anyway. Saturday was one of these nights. So we cuddled up on the couch with our carry out Chinese food aaaaaand…….. TRAVEL BOOKS!

trip planningThese are a few of the trips we’re hoping to make this year! 😀 We love to travel and spending the evening planning trips for the year was just absolute fun! Definitely our kind of romance!

4. Aaaand to cap off an amazing weekend… we heard from a very dear friend of ours, Ian Voigts, (the same graphic designer who made my header up there as well as my photography logos!) that he had made a Learn to Love teeshirt. You guys, it is SO cool! If you want one of your very own you can order it here. And use code: JZWDAUDW for a 10% discount!

learn to love teeshirt

So yes, it was an amazing weekend. 😀

Do you like working on house projects?

Do TV shows you watch influence what you want to eat?

Any advice on Las Vegas, San Francisco, or NYC for must see/do/eat places? 

Love Rach


19 responses to “Valentine’s Weekend Recap

  1. This sounds like the PERFECT weekend!!

  2. how sweet that y’all babysat for your friends so they could go out – i’m sure they appreciated it! and takeout, tv shows, and travel planning? that sounds pretty perfect to me ❤

    • We were glad to be able to do it for them! We always tease our friends that we give them all this free babysitting because someday when we have kids we plan to cash in all the favors we did. 😉 But really we just love kiddos and are glad to give our friends the night off. 🙂

  3. We just hung out all day Saturday too! It was he best v-day ever! The three of us had lunch together and then planned to go to the zoo, but it was packed! We went to an elementary school and let landry slide instead. We came home, I cookeed, and we just spent the afternoon together! It was wonderful!

  4. So nice of you guys to babysit for your neighbors! (Are those the neighbors that you met by rescuing their stray dog?) I would love to see some of the pics of the before/after projects that you worked on! (But maybe not the toilet seats.) And you’re right… in Gilmore Girls AND Big Bang Theory they are constantly eating take out food. I can see how it would make you crave some. We do our fair share of cook-at-home stir fry food, too! New York is fun! I haven’t really been to Las Vegas (and I haven’t been to San Fran since I went on a family vacation in 7th grade). But I wrote a post about cheap things to do in New York here:

    On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 10:10 AM, wrote:

    > Rach @ This Italian Family posted: “We had such a productive weekend! > I know that doesn’t sound like the most romantic thing to say about > Valentine’s weekend, but it’s true! And there was still plenty of romance! > 🙂 Lots happened this weekend so here are the main overview points that I > want”

    • YES! Those are the same neighbors! Good memory! 🙂 I’ll have to do a house update post at some point. We’ve had so many projects lately, haha! Thanks for the post on NYC. I remember when you wrote that. 🙂 I’ll definitely reference it! Thanks, friend!

  5. We got Chinese take-out for Valentine’s Day too! Great minds 🙂 Your vacations sound like fun! We don’t have anything planned for this year. We usually can’t afford to take a big trip every year, but we’re planning something fun for 2016!

  6. Your weekend sounds great!!! I bet tag-team babysitting is a lot of fun! I had to go to the hardware store twice on Friday and I was baking a cake! lol! I killed our blender and living in a small town means the hardware store was the only place that would carry one – I bought one and then decided to go back for the other one that they had in stock instead. ANYWAY…It always feels a little silly to go back, doesn’t it?!?!

    Your trips sound great! Have you ever been to any of the places before? What about together? Will it be just the two of you or are you traveling with other people?

    I’m ALWAYS watching for what people are eating on TV/movies!!! Entire dinners have been planned around what’s happening on the screen on countless occasions! You’re not alone. 🙂

    • Hahaha! I love that you made multiple trips to the hardware store because you were BAKING! That sounds like a sitcom episode. 😉

      We went to NYC when we were in college, but we were just there for a day so we have a LOT to explore. Neither of us have been to Vegas or San Fran so we’re pretty excited about those trips too. 🙂 It’s going to be a fun year of travel!

  7. What an awesome weekend!! I love that you babysit for friends so that they can enjoy a night out on/around Valentine’s. And that must have felt so good to just get. stuff. done. on Saturday. Time very well spent! That Chinese takeout looks really tasty and yay for travel plans! You all have some awesome trips on the list.

  8. That sounds so nice! I actually remember the first time I started watching Gilmore girls, the show was already off, so I could watch seasons- and I craved Chinese food too! We would pick it up and the binge watch and it was kinda awesome! Can’t wait to hear about some of your trips your planning- I’ve got the travel bug myself!

  9. Wow, you guys did have a really productive weekend!! And it looks like so much fun! You guys are so sweet with those kiddos, and that adorable puppy 🙂 And your travel plans…YES! (Although, I can’t help but recommend Canada…specifically Alberta 😉 ) I went to San Francisco in high school, and I totally want to go again! Also, I totally get the tv show cravings…for me it’s usually pizza! Gilmore Girls always manages to convince me that I can live on pizza and burgers and still be fit and healthy!

    • We really did look at Canada!! We have a companion pass this year which means that we BOTH can fly most anywhere in the USA by only buying one ticket. So we’re trying to make the best use of it that we can this year and then go international again next year. I kept looking at the closest airports to you (on the US side) thinking that maybe we could then drive up from there, but it’d be a long drive still. *sigh* I really do want to come for the rodeo one year! I think that would be such fun! 🙂

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