But really… what color is the dress?

Last night Abby (my sister), Christopher, and I were sitting around chatting about various things when suddenly Abby hands me her phone to show me a photo and asks what color I think this dress is. Thinking she’s wanting specific shades I’m not really sure what to say.

dress{sourced from the original post}

I finally answer, “Um… some shade of blue and black?”
Abby instantly reactions, “WHAT?! Are you serious??”
A little taken aback, I’m like “Yeah… is that wrong?”
We hand the phone to Christopher who confidently answers that the dress is in fact blue and black.

Abby is even more aghast. She tell us that she sees the dress as white and gold. Suddenly we’re looking at her like she’s lost her mind. But with a quick Google search we realize that the majority of people seem to see the white and gold. So naturally we started texting random people to ask their opinions (which were of course mixed). A little further Google searching led us to this photo:

the dress and swatches{source}

Christopher and I acknowledged that the lace parts were more chocolate brown than black, but Abby still couldn’t see it at all. She could CLEARLY see the swatches beside the dress, but still thought the dress looked white and gold! This blew our minds! So Abby and I both jumped up off the couch and began excitedly (and loudly) gesturing at the screen to try and make our point. Naturally Christopher finds this hilarious so he begins filming. And naturally I’m sharing with you guys today. 😉

{as seen originally on Christopher’s Instagram}

So then, since she was still in disbelief I opened up Photoshop on my laptop and used the eyedropper tool to pull colors directly from the different spots on the dress and then painted them on the side while she watched. Confounded, she watched me pull blues from what appear WHITE to her and pull browns from what should be GOLD. She still maintains that regardless what Photoshop shows, the dress itself looks gold and white.

dress and color swatches

Of course now that I’ve outed Christopher and me as seeing black and blue, it’s probably some massive conspiracy theory that proves we are more likely to have eye cancer or something, haha!

So tell me, what color do you guys see?
Love Rach


54 responses to “But really… what color is the dress?

  1. Hahaha! My husband and I disagreed on the dress color, too. I saw white and gold. He saw blue and black.

    • Isn’t it SO weird to see different colors than someone looking at the SAME screen?! If Abby hadn’t been here that night, I would’ve thought for sure that the people who saw it as white and gold were just looking at the dress on a different screen because it is CLEARLY black and blue. 😉 So so weird!

  2. i will go to the grave -the dress is black and blue haha

  3. AHH I see the white and gold, so crazy. HA.

  4. White and gold. For sure. No question. I don’t see blue and black at all.

  5. Josh and I did this last night too! I see blue and black ish and he sees the gold and white. I have NO IDEA what it means. But so odd!

  6. Every time I’ve looked at it, I’ve seen white and gold–until you did the color swatches beside it. Now, I can see the blue and black. That is so weird how your eyes/brain can play tricks on you like that!

  7. It’s so strange that this hit it soooo big last night. haha. Anyways….I saw white and gold first and then saw black and blue. Now I only see black and blue. 🙂

    • That’s crazy you can see both!! But really cool at the same time. You must have like a super brain or something. 😉 Totally unrelated… I have your Thai pants! Can you send me an address where I should mail them? 🙂

  8. This is hilarious! When I saw this last night shared on fb, I really had no clue what the big deal was….because it was obviously white and gold, haha. Then I showed my husband and he said it was definitely black and blue. I agree with your photoshop though, the tint in the picture looks kind of brown and light blue, but I think in natural lighting it would be white and gold. Have you read all the theories on this now?? haha one says blue and black means you are stressed (yea right) and one says it has to do with the amount of light your retinas take in, etc. I don’t know.

    • That’s how Abby felt when she was looking at the photo on her phone at first. So she asked me just in passing what color I saw because CLEARLY she could tell it was white and gold. When I said that it looked black and blue her face was HILARIOUS! It’s so weird how our brains play tricks on us!

  9. This is so interesting! I see white and gold, but I’m not so sure anymore. 🙂

  10. have you seen other photos of the actual dress? because I’m totally on board with you guys, that’s a light blue/brownish (really white in awful light/white balance ;))
    but! I saw other photos of the dress today, of the lady actually wearing it and its a dark royal blue and blackest black. which just blows my mind.

  11. Okay, so I saw this all over the internet yesterday and it’s really weird. The first time I saw it, I totally saw white/gold. Then last night, I saw it again and it was blue/black (I even looked back at the original photo I saw and it was weirdly enough no longer white/gold). This morning I saw it again and it was white/gold, then now I see blue/black. I think something is wrong with me! Haha


  12. Haha I love that you caught that on video! It sounded just like the argument my husband and I had last night. I swore that the dress was white and gold, and he could not believe that I couldn’t see that it was black and blue. After two days of staring at this ridiculousness I can now switch my eyes to see both shades. I don’t get how it can be so clearly one color and then switch!

    • ​Oh wow! So you can see both now?! See, that’s crazy to me! I mean, it’s crazy enough as it is that people see it as white and gold, but the people who can see both really blow my mind! Way to be extra amazing. 😉 ​

  13. I’m with Abby!! I can see a slight shade of blue with the color s next to it, but I don’t see black at all!!

  14. Oh my gosh, this was driving me NUTS on Facebook last night.. funny thing is, everyone keeps posting two COMPLETELY different pictures! lol… – http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

    • You know, if Abby and I hadn’t been sitting in the same room looking at the same photo on the same screen and still seeing opposite colors (her seeing white and gold, me seeing black and blue), I totally would’ve thought that people were looking at different photos. Or at least that the dress looks differently based on what type of screen you are looking at it on. But seriously, we were side by side and looked at the dress on three different screens and every time she saw white and gold and I saw black and blue. SO weird!

  15. I see blue and black. And actually I’m going to google this right now because I’m really confused about all of this color business. Are people for real that it looks white and gold?

    • Yes! They really do see it as white and gold! Blows my mind. I’ve seen some photos of the dress where they messed with the white balance or added more brightness to the photo where it looks more white and gold, but the actual unedited photo looks black and blue to me. That’s why Abby and I were so incredulous at each other that night, haha!

  16. I totally see white and gold, and so does Nate! And I’ve been wondering if this is some kind of conspiracy theory and maybe the picture changes color every so often. LOL! So I’m glad you posted the video, so that I could see two different people – in the same room – see different colors! LOL!!!
    Mind blown!

    • I knooooow! If Abby hadn’t been sitting right beside me, looking at the same photo on the same screen and yet seeing totally different colors, I wouldn’t have believed it! I would’ve just thought that the dress looked different on different screens and that’s why some people saw it as white and gold. But nope! Somehow our brains are tricky things! 😉

  17. The first time I glanced at the picture (it was on facebook), I had no idea what was going on, and at first glance it looked white and gold. Later, when I saw the picture again and stared at it, It looked blue and black. Angel was just walking by, and never knows about anything viral, so I asked him what colors this dress was and he said “baby blue and gold”.

    • Interesting! So Angel is almost an in betweener. Because the actual dress is technically dark blue and chocolate brown. But a lot of people over compensate for that dark brown and see black at first (like Christopher and I did). But most people tend to see it as white and gold (which really blows my mind because the dress looks so dark to me!). So it’s interesting that Angel sees it as a lighter blue with gold… it’s like he sees the in between range of the dress.

  18. This is so crazy!! I saw it on Facebook and was like… wow! It’s everywhere!! I totally thought that it was blue and black… but here I see white and gold! 🙂

  19. its so weird, it was all going off when we were in Italy and i didnt have a clue what was happening. when i first opened this post i saw gold and white but as i scrolled down blue and black, and now i cant see the white and gold again. does that make me the weirdest of them all?!

  20. Hahaha I couldn’t believe how much this blew up! I loved how brands were playing with this!

  21. This dress thing has been driving me crazy. I can’t believe how everyone went crazy for it haha

  22. My husband and I both see blue and black. I felt CONVINCED for awhile that the people who said the dress was white and gold were lying, trying to create some strange conspiracy! Or that two different pictures were circulating…but that theory was shut out when I saw that multiple people were looking at the same picture and seeing different colors. I thought, MAYBE it’s because they’re looking at different devices, and the colors might be different…but clearly, you and Abby are looking at the same screen in the same room and seeing two different things. CRAZY!

  23. I saw this all over Facebook and wondered what the fuss was about.

  24. haha. I saw white and gold and then it literally changed to black and blue before my eyes. SO trippy! 🙂

  25. Isn’t it the trippiest thing ever?! Steve and I both saw white and gold initially, but after googling it more and seeing various exposures/white balances, etc, I can see where the blue/black comes from. I have to look pretty hard at the original to see it, though.

  26. This stresses me out!!! I have only ever seen black and blue and Wade sees both… but howwwww?!?!?!

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