The Safe

The weekend before Christopher and I got married we moved all of our stuff to our new apartment in Memphis and got it all unpacked and set up. We then drove back to Searcy and lived out of suitcases for the week leading up to our wedding. We got married August 16th and left for our honeymoon. We returned to Memphis after a week and I was immediately thrown into graduate school life and busy-ness. So all that is to say… it was a very quick, very transitional 3 weeks. So bear all that in mind when I tell you something that might just horrify you.

our previous safe2

See that cardboard box labeled “bedroom”? Yeah, that’s where all our important documents were. Birth certificates, marriage license, social security cards, passports, etc. All in a very destructible little cardboard box. It’s pretty terrible that we transported all of our important stuff in this little box, but what’s really bad is how long it stayed in this little box…

our previous safe
You guys, I took these photos just a couple of weeks ago. All of our important documents have been hanging out in a cardboard box in our office for 6 and a half years. I know, I know, it’s awful. But here’s the thing – we just don’t think about it often. Only when we need our passports for travel. Otherwise we don’t ever need anything from this box anymore. So we just have forgotten. We meant to get a safe and a safety deposit box years ago, but it just never happened.

We aren’t really worried about theft. In Memphis it is far more likely that someone breaking into our house is looking for electronics, jewelry, cash, and guns – none of which would be stored in a cardboard box (at least by normal people, haha!). But I did worry about a house fire or flooding. So it has been on our to-do list. To get a safety deposit box at the bank for most of our important papers and to get an in-wall safe in our house for a couple of things I don’t want to be parted from in case of an emergency (especially my passport).

the safe2

So a couple of weeks ago (the weekend that I said we got lots of house projects completed), we finally installed an in-wall safe in our house. And officially threw away the little cardboard box. 😉 We still need to get a safety deposit box at the bank for our birth certificates, ss cards, and marriage license, but at least this is a big step in the right direction, haha!

Are there any important things that you know you should do, but have been putting off? Writing a will? Setting up a retirement fund? Etc? 

Love Rach

29 responses to “The Safe

  1. There are A LOT of things Tomas and I have put on the back burner, especially projects around the house. There are so many things we need to do, but when you have your own business, free time is very few and far between, especially for my husband, and since I need him to help me with most of the around the house repairs/projects, things just don’t seem to get done.

    I keep all of my important papers in a big plastic box, so it is flood safe (and our apartment has been flooded a few times, so I’m prepared for that) but it isn’t fire safe! We should probably look into a safe, shouldn’t we? Also, we haven’t even thought about wills or retirement funds ahhh….Is that something we’re supposed to do now?

  2. Alan bought a fire proof safe not long after we moved in this house. I like the in wall one! Ours takes up a lot of closet space. I’m not even sure what’s in it! I need to put a few pictures and things just in case.

  3. YAY! The box is totally something I would have done….the safe is a much better option.

  4. i have a very small fireproof safe. but i need to get a larger one! hahah

  5. If you think about it, a random box is kinda smart for the reasons you gave! Who’s going to check some cardboard box for important stuff? LOL But congrats on finally getting your safe!

  6. Hehe We have a dinky little safe, so I feel ya. When we move we’ll figure out a more long term place for those irreplaceable documents.

  7. This reminds me of a spy movie or something where the safe is hidden behind a picture on the wall. Great idea for keeping those documents safe.

  8. I keep our passports in my underwear drawer. just so i always know where they are! We dont have a safe, but we live in a flat block and i struggle to get through the front door even with a key so i hope we are OK. im just terrible at losing things!

  9. The wall safe is great. Was it easy to install?

  10. such a smart idea — we have our stuff (hopefully no one is reading this comment!!) in a similar box… but a safe? that would make me feel so much better!

  11. Well done! Sadly all our documents are also in said cardboard box sitting in our closet. For years I’ve been meaning to buy some kind of safe and just haven’t done it. Maybe seeing someone else finally make the leap will inspire me to get moving!

  12. The hubs has a fireproof safe box that we have our important documents in… of course I wouldn’t know how to get to them if I tried. Oh well, I suppose it is good they are safe. I would be much more likely to keep them in a cardboard box!


  13. This is something I have been putting off too. All our important stuff just sits in a basket in our office. Really need to sort that out.

  14. I completely understand the cardboard box delimna!!! I have soooo many boxes of important things tucked here and there. None of it is valuable, but all of it is important to me! 🙂

    I’m glad you now have better placesfor yours!

  15. It must feel so good to have that checked off of the list! We have a bunch of things that have been on our to-do list for way too long. Creating a will is one of them, and it sort of makes me cringe to even type it here. Maybe this post is the motivation I need. 🙂

    • Oh girl, I hear you. Last year we realized that we really needed to write a will, but we just didn’t make time for it. I did scribble out a basic page full of “our wishes” and we signed and dated it thinking that it would be good to have just in case something happened before we got the actual will done… and then suddenly a year has passed and I’m just now realizing that we STILL haven’t gotten a legal document. Yeaaah… so you’re not alone. We need to get on that too!

  16. That’s a good idea! I used to keep my important papers in a deposit box at the bank, but took everything out when I moved to Memphis. I don’t have that many important papers, other than my passport (which I’m using as my ID right now since my driver’s license fell down between my seats and I haven’t conned anyone into fishing it out for me yet…) and my birth certificate and social security card, but that’s enough! I rent so I probably won’t get an in-wall safe, but I might get something better than the little plastic file tub I have!

    • I’m a big fan of safety deposit boxes at the bank! They just always make me a wee bit nervous when I think about needing access to my passport on short notice when the bank is closed which is why I like to keep it close to home. 🙂

  17. Ugh, we’ve been talking about getting a safe for years for the same reasons, and still haven’t done it either. Though since we don’t own our house it’d have to be a portable one. I’m most concerned about if there’s a fire or flood, losing all those important documents!

  18. We have a sturdy file cabinet, but we probably should invest in a safe too!

  19. Wow–having a safe in the wall seems very official! My husband and I are bad about stuff like that, too. The longer something stays in a temporary place, the more you get used to seeing it there….and it just stays like that. We’re bad about keeping important things stashed away in silly places, like underwear drawers and books that are really locked boxes–things that could easily get broken into if someone was motivated. Oops….and now I’ve shared our secret! Yikes!

  20. YAY for the safe! I agree with Rachel…so official! On the bright side, if you had gotten robbed while your documents were in that box, the robber would never have suspected it contained important documents! Ha. We’re pretty bad for being less than careful with our documents. We were just talking to friends this week who were saying that they remove their insurance and registration from their car when they park it at the airport, because it says their home address on it, and if someone broke into the car, they would know which house to break into while its owners are on vacation. We would NEVER have thought of that!

  21. We were just talking about needing a safe the other day. We need it for all the baby stuff especially!

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