Top 8 favorite things we saw in Vegas

Christopher and I just got home from a three day trip to Vegas and the Grand Canyon. We got home at 3 this morning so if I sound a little bit all over the place, that’s probably why. 😉 Today I want to share with you our top 8 favorite things we saw in Vegas beginning at the end of the strip and moving up (so not necessarily in “favorite” order).

#1 – The welcome sign! I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve seen this sign in movies or on advertisements or just in the media in general. So to see it in person was really pretty cool! 🙂

fabulous las vegas

#2 – Egypt! We actually stayed the night inside the pyramid on Sunday night and it was crazy amazing! More on that later this week. 🙂


#3 – New York New York! Christopher and I went to NYC together while we were in college and we are tentatively planning to return later this year. But we joked that after going in Vegas, clearly we don’t need to go again this year. 😉 Best part of NY NY in Vegas was definitely the roller coaster that wraps around the skyline! We had so much fun!

ny ny3

#4 – Fountains at the Bellagio! A beautiful fountain set to music. We came twice and both times were lovely! My favorite was the night time performance of “Singing in the Rain”!

fountains at bellagio

fountains at bellagio2

#5 – Caeser’s Palace! This was Christopher’s absolute favorite (and my second favorite). Those of you who are long time readers of this blog will recall our love for Italy and especially Rome. So Caeser’s Palace was such fun to explore! Indoor shops made to look as if we are outdoors (with the sky painted on the ceilings above and cobble stone floors beneath us). Lots of reproductions of statues including the Trevi Fountain which is what we’re standing in front of in this shot below.

trevi fountain

caeser's palace indoors

#6 – The Eiffel Tower! Like the Las Vegas Sign, the Eiffel Tower is something I’ve seen countless times in the media. It was cool to see the daytime, but especially pretty to see at night! Of course, this isn’t the original, but it was still fun to see! One of these days we’ll have to get to Paris to see the real deal!

eiffel tower

#7 – Mini Venice! This was my favorite and Christopher’s second favorite that we saw! (both of our top two favorites were Italy replicas… clearly we love Italy, haha!) Which is actually pretty funny to me because actual Venice was not high on our list of favorite cities that we visited in Italy. I mean, it was Italy so it was awesome, but it was just so touristy compared to other cities we visited. But Venice in Vegas was fabulous. Their reproductions really had me feeling like I was in Venice again. A cleaner, warmer, less humid, less dilapidated Venice. 😉

st mark's

venice vegas

#8 – The Mermaids! Just off the strip inside the Silverton Casino is a giant tank full of fishies! And during certain hours, mermaids hop in the tank and swim around! Mermaids, you guys! Christopher snapped this shot of me photographing the mermaid when she waved at me! 🙂

mermaid swim

We saw so many incredible and often outlandish things during our few days in Vegas, but these were definitely our favorites. 🙂 It was a great trip, but we were go-go-go all weekend. Two 5am wake up calls (once for a flight and once to see sunrise at the Grand Canyon – both totally worth it), late nights, and lots of walking. Getting in at 3 this morning definitely didn’t help. Our plans for St. Patty’s Day include an early dinner at our favorite Irish place and then a 7pm bedtime (okay not really, but it will be much earlier than normal!). 😉

If you’ve been to Vegas, do we share any favorites?
Any big plans for St. Patrick’s Day tonight?

Love Rach


47 responses to “Top 8 favorite things we saw in Vegas

  1. Oh my goodness this makes me want to go back to Vegas! It’s a fun city to visit, huh?

    Also – the mermaids. Can you imagine having that as a job? “Well, I’m off to go swim and be a mermaid and get paid.” So cool!

    • It WAS a fun city to visit!! And girl, the mermaids… SO cool! I made that same comment to Christopher about how crazy it would be for that to be your job. “What do you do for a living?” “Oh, I’m a mermaid…” 😉

  2. So cool! Let’s be honest: I probably won’t get to Vegas in my life. Jordan’s already been and doesn’t feel the need to go again, so… yeah. I’ll live vicariously through you 🙂 Looks like fun!

    • ​I’ll be honest, we probably won’t be back. I mean, maybe if someone wants us to go with them specifically. But while it was fun to go and see once, we aren’t into the party scene and we saw everything we wanted to see, so we probably won’t be back. So I can understand Jordan’s feelings. But! We will totally be back to the Grand Canyon. It was ​absolutely amazing!

  3. Ahhh!! You guys are seriously SO cute!! 🙂 What fun pictures!! Looks like a blast!! 🙂

  4. Was this your first time to Vegas? I love all the things you mention too!

  5. Seeing your pics brought back memories of me and Nate’s trip to Vegas, and – I won’t lie – I feel as thought I have a slight bite of the travel fever running through me right now. 😉 I can’t wait to read your posts and to experience it through you!
    It was fun to see your pics and to remember being there in the past… 🙂

    • Aww, I understand that! We don’t travel much in the early months of the year so this was our first big trip of the year and it came at the perfect time! Christopher has been so busy with work lately so it was good to have a weekend just for us to go and adventure together! 🙂

      • Definitely take advantage of being able to travel as long a you can!!! 🙂 Nate and I were able to travel a ton before Brady, and we’re so glad that we saw places like Vegas. For the next few years, travel will look different for us, but I’m excited to slowly start having family vacations. Life is all about changing seasons, and each one holds so much potential for beautiful memories!! 🙂
        I’m SO glad that you and Christopher take those weekend adventures like that. It’s important… and I happen to love reading about them. 😉

        • Yay! I’m so glad you enjoy reading about them! I love to share all of our fun adventures. 🙂 You’re so right that we need to enjoy this while we can! Travel will still happen when we have kiddos, but it will definitely look different. 🙂

  6. Y’all are so adorbs! Robby and I have taken a couple of trips to Vegas and it is always a lovely adventure. The fountains are on my top ten (or 8, haha) too!

  7. it has been several years since i’ve been there and i’ve enjoyed it every time!

  8. I love the Bellagio Fountains!!!! Mermaids?! I have put this on our list for our upcoming trip.
    St. Patty’s Day was quiet for us.
    Rest up and I can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip.

  9. THIS is how I would explore Vegas should I ever go. The club scene is not my style, but this looks so fun!

  10. Mermaids! Whaaat!? This list rules. I’ve been to Vegas probably 15 times and there are things on it I haven’t done. Love the New York, New York, Cesar’s and the Bellagio fountains, though. Gotta see the mermaids next time. I love the wave pool at the Mandalay Bay too. Also, the lazy river at the MGM can be fun.

  11. What this post made me realize is that I truly know nothing about Las Vegas. Angel’s told me he remembers walking through the hotel casinos as a kid (he remembers that you could walk through but you couldn’t stop or hang out anywhere if you were underage)…but other than that, and seeing that one famous sign in movies, I had no idea they had all these other things there! I would get pretty excited about the mermaids–we went to a park in Florida last year that has a mermaid show and I thought it was a lot of fun–I also was really impressed by the athletic ability involved because I suck at normal swimming, let alone swimming in a mermaid costume!

    • I understand that. I didn’t know anything about Vegas for a long time either. I just thought it was all casinos and clubs. But Christopher had heard about the other fun stuff so he suggested we go. When I started looking into it more and saw all the fun things there are to see, I was totally on board. 🙂

      A mermaid show in Florida?! Where! We go to Florida pretty often! I want to see a mermaid show! 🙂

  12. It looks like you had a great time! One of the things I haven’t done each time I have been in vegas is take a picture of the welcome sign. Definitely doing that in October.

  13. This all looks like so much fun! I have heard staying in the pyramid is amazing.

  14. So many awesome pictures of you two!! I’m glad you had so much fun!!!! I love the idea of having mermaids in the aquarium. That’s a fun little surprise!

  15. Oh my goodness, this all looks amazing!! The sign really is so iconic…I love the picture of you guys in front of it! And your description of Venice made me giggle 🙂 Also, the mermaid waving! So cool!!

  16. I had no idea that Vegas had so many things to offer! It’s like you guys traveled the world without ever leaving the states! 🙂 For someone who HAS been around, I’m sure it didn’t compare, but I bet it was quite the experience!

    Your plans to go out for St. Patrick’s Day sound perfect after a vacation like the one you just got back from!

  17. That’s so fun about the mermaids! I’ve been to Vegas twice and never saw anything like that. I like the Bellagio fountains and pretty much all the hotels that look like you’re outside when you’re inside. 🙂

  18. All my faves!! But I still haven’t gotten to get a picture with the sign.

  19. You have such a good list!! I’ve only been once… 8 years ago to see Celine Dion at Caesar’s Palace!!! It. was. WONDERFUL! We stayed at the MGM, which was awesome! The Bellagio Fountains at night was probably my favorite.. did you go inside and see all the blown glass hanging from the ceiling?! Amazing!! Since this was before Wadie and I were married, I brought him back a poker chip from every casino on the strip.. How fun is that?! And stop, mermaids?! Now, THAT is cool!!! And the LV sign – YES!!! I still have the keychain on my keys. ;)) Such a fun trip!! You have me wanting to go back!!!!

  20. These pictures look amazing! I knew about the fountain, but you’ve got some pictures here of things I didn’t know about! I didn’t realize that there were so many miniature cities within Vegas. I knew they had a mini Eiffel Tower, but I didn’t know that they had New York, NY! Now I want to plan a trip to Vegas–this looks like so much fun!

  21. I love that you can travel the world in Vegas- so fun!

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