In the lap of luxury

When Christopher and I travel we want to see everything and experience as much as we can and eat all the most delicious food which means that we are out all day long and come back to the hotel at bedtime. Occasionally we’ll come back in the late afternoon to get cleaned up from a hot day so we feel nice for dinner, but even that is a quick turn around before we’re out the door again. Which means that when we are looking for a place to stay when we travel we are looking for a few very specific things: 1. Location. 2. Cleanliness. 3. Cost. Since we spend so little time in the room it makes no sense to pay a lot of money just for a place to sleep at the end of the day. So we try to find the cleanest, best location, for the cheapest price. Naturally this means we’ve never stayed in a super fancy hotel room, but basic is totally okay with us.


When we heard that we could literally stay inside a pyramid in Vegas (at the Luxor) we got so excited. From the reviews and pictures we could tell that it was a little outdated decor wise, but it looked clean and when we saw that they had some of the least expensive rooms on the strip we knew it was the place for us. So we reserved their most basic room (a king bed) and went on our merry way.

pyramid outside

When we arrived at the Luxor to check in we were met with the news that somehow there had been an overbooking and that they had no king-size beds still available. And this is how Vegas works, my friends. They apologized profusely that there were no kings left and upgraded us to a suite with two queens. Three floors from the top of the Pyramid with a view looking out over the strip. Who needs a king bed in a basic room when you have a view like that?! And a hot tub too. Oh my goodness, you guys… it was AWESOME!

pyramid room

Yes, it’s a little dated decor wise, but it was an entire suite just for us! And we only paid for their most basic room. The suite was great in general, but the best part was definitely the hot tub!

hot tub

We stayed in the Pyramid on our last night in Vegas (after 2 days of 5am wake up calls, walking everywhere all day, and late nights) so at this point we were exhausted and sore. That hot tub and that view and that night at the Luxor… definitely a favorite memory from the trip. I finally understand why people are willing to pay a little more for moments of luxury and beauty like those.

pyramid at night

So, will we stay in super nice hotels from now on? Booking suites and getting the best views? Not likely. Our reasons still stand when it comes to travel. But it was such a lovely experience that we decided that once in a while we might splurge and stay in a nicer place. 🙂

What are the most important things you look for in a place to stay while traveling?

Have you ever been upgraded to a room better than you reserved?
Love Rach


26 responses to “In the lap of luxury

  1. So, I’ve been forced to realize over the past few years that I married a man who definitely does not like the travel. I really love to travel, so this has been hard for us. Anyway, I tell you that to say that when we travel, the room is actually something Jordan cares a lot about because he doesn’t like being out and about all day, and when we do get back he wants a nice place to hang out in. We definitely don’t stay in super fancy places, but when I’m considering traveling, we aren’t in the cheapest place we can find either. Compromise! We’ve had a lot of success finding really cute cabins to rent for the weekend, and he’s really loved that (and I’ve loved it too!).

    • That makes perfect sense. I can see why the room would be really important to him. A cute cabin for a weekend away sounds so lovely! 🙂 It sounds like you guys have really figured out the best compromise for traveling!

  2. Have you guys tried the “Super Secret Saver” option on Hotwire and Travelocity? It’s like gambling for good hotel rooms.. haha. We use it ALL THE TIME, and are always amazed at the low cost for quality and sometimes luxury rooms we get into while traveling! Anyhoo, looks like you guys had a blast! ❤ –

  3. I totally agree with you on booking for location and price. There’s no need to spend a ton on hotels but the few times we have been upgraded have been really nice. Although we do tend to upgrade a bit when we go to the beach. Nothing major just a little more room because we always bring more stuff with us.

  4. What a nice treat!! I am on board for your top three criteria for rooms when traveling. Safety and cleanliness are the most important! An upgrade is a fun surprise but I don’t think I’ve ever actually gotten one. Maybe soon?

  5. Ohhh hope you had a great trip! That hot tub sounds fabulous!! I didn’t realize you could stay in the pyramid.


  6. You guys have some luck! I miss you my friend!

  7. Oooh, thanks for this. I am looking at Vegas hotels at the moment and there is just so much choice.
    My husband and I do spend a lot on hotels when we do all inclusive trips to the Caribbean, but when we go city breaks, we don’t spend much time in the room, like you say, so we go for clean, safe an cheap too.

  8. Getting upgraded is the best!! We’ve had that happen on a couple of our trips 🙂 I’m with you on all your hotel choosing criteria…CLEAN is so important! We use hotwire a lot when we travel within North America, and it rarely lets us down (we have had one sketchy one, but for all the times we’ve used it, that’s not terrible!) I LOVE the view from your room. And the hot tub…so lucky!

  9. Your vacation motto is the same as mine!!!! My friend Alice (who is 90) traveled a lot “before she got old” and she’s always telling me, “Do everything they tell you to do! You can rest when you get back!” I always keep her advice in mind and I’m never sorry about it. 🙂

    I love it when upgrades happen! I can’t see paying any more than you have to for a place to sleep and keep your luggage…but, if a little pampering comes as a result of their mistake, I’ll be happy to enjoy it!

  10. Nate and I are the SAME exact way! We usually prefer to spend our money on food, activities… and food. 😉 BUT once in awhile, we do splurge on a nice place, and it’s always soooo much fun!!
    I’m SO enjoying your Vegas recap! 🙂

  11. I’ve stayed at most of the big new Vegas hotels, and I’m never in the room anyways! We are going for a Bachelorette in December, and I hope we go for a cheaper room. More money to have fun!

    • Have you stayed in the Venetian?! It was GORGEOUS and the photos of the rooms looked amazing! We very nearly splurged and stayed there instead of the Luxor, but we just knew we wouldn’t be in the room to appreciate it enough to spend that much money.

  12. Justin and I are the same way about staying in cheap hotels (and the occasional hostel) when we travel. But I think that in Vegas, the hotel IS the destination in many cases! I can see why it would be worth it to stay in a fancy place–and that pyramid looks really cool! I would love to stay someplace like that if I ever visit Vegas!

    On Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 12:13 PM, wrote:

    > Rach @ This Italian Family posted: “When Christopher and I travel > we want to see everything and experience as much as we can and eat all the > most delicious food which means that we are out all day long and come back > to the hotel at bedtime. Occasionally we’ll come back in the late > afternoon”

  13. What a happy upgrade!! I stayed in the Luxor a few times… and although it is slightly outdated, it so much fun to stay in a pyramid! I totally geek out over it!

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