A wee bit hectic at the moment

In all of January and February I had 3 photo sessions. Which is quite honestly 3 more than I expected. The weather was miserable, but one brave soul (who wanted professional head shots for his business) toughed out the cold for photos. And two families had me come and do indoor sessions with babies. But other than that, business has been predictably slow. It was nice to have a bit of a breather after the holidays which were SO busy with sessions (hello Christmas card season). I felt like I never stopped to breathe in November and December. So the lull was perfectly placed. But guess what, my friends, spring is here. 🙂


In the past week I’ve had 6 photo sessions. In a week. That’s twice what I’ve had in the past two months. And in the coming two weeks I have 7 more sessions scheduled (and lots scheduled in the upcoming months). So currently I’m in the midst of the busy-ness. And I’m loving it. I’ve been refreshed after the slower months of winter and I’m rejuvenated and full of new ideas.


However, the rest of life doesn’t slow down when the photography business picks up. All the things that I was already busy with are still there. Christopher, nannying, mentoring, volunteer work, social life, blogging, exercise, house projects, etc. I just have to prioritize a little more during these busier times. So if you notice I go an extra day or two than usual without blogging, this is why. But I’m still here. 🙂


I love this blog and I love sharing with you guys. I just might do a little less of it in the next couple of weeks (or who knows, I might keep up with it just fine!). But if you find yourself just really missing me, feel free to pop over to my Facebook photography page to see what my latest project is. Or check out Insta because I tend to post on my Instagram (@rach.vendetti) even when I’m not blogging as much. 🙂

soma girls

Is your work seasonal at all? Do you have times when you are busier than others?

Love Rach


38 responses to “A wee bit hectic at the moment

  1. How exciting to see your photography business pick right up in the spring time! Obviously I can see why – you take awesome photos.

    My work isn’t really seasonal but we do get random audits so it’s definitely busier during those!

  2. Glad to hear work is picking up again! That’s very exciting that you have so many jobs over the next few weeks, and that you get to be busy doing something you love! xx

  3. These pictures are so great! It’s fun when business starts to pic up again, but definitely with that comes times where there’s not as much time to do everything else that needs doing!

    • Oh my goodness, yes! It seems like I’m perpetually behind right now, haha! I’m getting better about giving myself more time to edit photos and get them back to people which helps a lot. 🙂 After the next few weeks things should level out a bit again and make life a little easier to juggle. 🙂

  4. Oh man, you really are so busy! I work in an environment with busy and not-so-busy seasons as well. I kind of like it – it keeps me on my toes! You are so talented!

    • ​That’s neat! Reading that comment made me realize that I didn’t know what you do so I checked your about page. Working with college students sounds super fun! It definitely makes sense that you would be way busier at certain times of the year. My mother-in-law works for a university and that’s how it is for her too. 🙂 ​

  5. YAY for being busy again!! These photos are lovely and I can’t wait to start seeing more!

  6. your photography is gorgeous!! i love the second photo .just stunning. glad you are doing well!! ❤

  7. Your photos are amazing!

  8. i love how your photography is growing and your niche is becoming more defined!
    you’re so talented rach!

  9. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! I have been struggling to keep up with blogging lately. I keep telling myself that I will be back to a more “normal’ schedule soon. I hope the next few weeks go smoothly for you, and I can’t wait to see more of your photos!

  10. beautiful pictures and how exciting to have more in the works!

  11. Whew, you are so busy!! I can tell you love it because it’s the fun kind of busy!!

  12. I understand busy!! (I’m the one who still hasn’t posted her Q&A video… LOL)! So no pressure from me to blog! Sometimes, you just have to enjoy life, instead of writing about it, and it sounds like you’re really facing a wonderful kind of busy.
    I’m so happy for you that your photography business is doing well. You’re SO talented and deserve this!!! 🙂

  13. I love seeing your work on Facebook! You have a gift, girl!

  14. Your photos are so precious!

  15. that is wonderful that things are picking up!! glad you are embracing the busyness, especially since it’s something you are so talented at.

  16. I absolutely love your photos! They are stunning!

  17. And to answer your question–(As you might known) I do some freelance work too and it’s definitely been busier lately! A little hectic but an awesome feeling at the same time.

  18. know not known. Why can I never type correctly on your comments?! 😉

  19. As always, YOUR PHOTOS!!! You are so talented! And I totally get the busy seasons…we’ve been finding ourselves busier this month too. Everything seems to pick up when the weather gets nicer!

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