The classiest wedding I’ve ever attended

First of all, I just have to say a huge thank you to all of you who have been such a sweet support to me lately. After the last post, I feel like the floodgates opened up. Emails, text messages, phone calls, and comments. Each one precious to me. Thank you guys for your concern and support. I don’t think many people would be surprised that our friends and family have reached out to us to love on us, but people who don’t understand blogging would surely be surprised by the number of people who I’ve never met in “real life” who are so invested in us. Like I shared in October, you guys and this community we share are such a big part of why I blog. So thank you, sweet friends. 🙂 We finally have our heads wrapped around this a little more and we are in a good place now. Thanks for your prayers and support!


I am still unbelievably busy with photography stuff. Every time I think I’ll have a chance to catch my breath, I get another email requesting a session. But it’s such a good busy. I just miss blogging. So today I am attempting to at least do a quick recap of a wedding we went to this weekend. 🙂

us before the wedding

One of Christopher’s colleagues got married this weekend. And it was by far the classiest wedding we’ve ever been to. We’ve been to a LOT of weddings over the years, but none quite like this. The wedding itself was beautiful (her dress was GORGEOUS – so much beadwork – she looked like a princess!). But the reception, you guys. The reception. We were valet parked (I felt badly for the guy who got stuck parking our Ford with the herd of Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes Benz) and then we were ushered into a gorgeous foyer with a glittering champagne tower. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the beauty of it all, we found a quiet corner to take it all in. Christopher’s coworkers joined us and we chatted for a few minutes. Then someone walked up to us and offered us the classiest tray of hors d’oevre. I just couldn’t handle it. I looked at Christopher and mouthed “OH. MY. GRACIOUS.” haha! And this was just the beginning!

us at the wedding02

The whole evening was gorgeous. So classy and fun. The food was delicious and the band (Party Planet) was incredible! They passed out sunglasses as party favors which were pretty adorable. And I enjoyed getting to know Christopher’s colleagues a little better. I’m so glad we were invited! We had a blast! 🙂

Love Rach


16 responses to “The classiest wedding I’ve ever attended

  1. I have never been to a wedding with valet or a champagne tower before. Sounds fun! The sunglasses are a neat favor idea. Glad y’all had fun!

    • Oh my goodness, it was SO classy! I mean, we definitely didn’t spend that kind of money on our wedding so I understand why most people don’t. But it was fun to attend. I was glad we got to go and feel all important for an evening. 😉

  2. I think maybe y’all went to the wedding of someone I went to high school with. Either that or two weddings were handing out the same sunglasses. Small world!

  3. sounds like a dream of a night! you definitely deserve it 🙂 i’m loving that pic of you two with the sunglasses — so fun! and hooray for being supa busy with the photography business 🙂

    • ​I like the shot of us with the sunglasses too! Christopher’s boss took that photo. We had walked out of the main reception area to snap a quick pic of us away from his coworkers so we weren’t the awkward “selfie” people (at least not in front of people he knew, haha). And right as we were getting ready to take our picture his boss walked up, ha! But his boss is super great and he even offered to take the shot for us. 🙂 ​I’m glad he did because it turned out great! 🙂

  4. You both look beautiful! It sounds like my best friends wedding! She had the most perfect wedding! We felt so fancy the whole day!!! I love the sunglasses idea!

  5. I’ve only been to one wedding that’s so classy… It’s crazy fun to be pampered like a guest and to live life fancy for a bit. 🙂

  6. You look gorgeous!! I just love weddings! 🙂

  7. Ah, this looks like such a fun wedding!! I have never been to a wedding that classy…a champagne tower and trays of hors d’oeuvre’s (a word which I literally had NO CLUE how to even spell, haha)? So fancy!!

  8. I have never been to a wedding like that either!!!! I guess we just belong to a different “cass”! LOL 🙂

    It’s fun to see how the other side lives every now and then though. 🙂 I’m glad you guys enjoyed yourselves and had such a great time with his colleagues too!

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