Weekend with the family

We spent this past weekend with Christopher’s family. Here are a couple of the highlights:

familyThe six of us together.  L to R: Michael (Christopher’s brother), Katy (Michael’s wife), Christopher’s parents, and us.

family time (1)My brother-in-law, Michael, has recently gotten into photography so he and I spent the weekend bonding over our DSLRs, lenses, Photoshop, and Light Room. He mostly photographs coral and I mostly photograph people, he knows about Light Room and I know about Photoshop. So we had two very different skill sets which made for lots of great learning together. Here he’s showing me how to reverse a lens to make it a macro lens (I’m holding extra lighting up). Which leads into…

family time (2)Us attempting to take a macro shot of Christopher’s tongue. Gross, right? But intriguing! And definitely a fun experience.

bocce ball with familyChristopher and I brought our bocce ball set with us and it was a hit (especially with my mother-in-law)! All six of us won at least one round which is a sign of a good game in my book. 🙂 I don’t have photos of it, but we also went bowling over the weekend. Christopher’s dad astounded us with his muscle memory skills! His dementia is progressing which makes many things difficult for him, but he still managed to pull out a strike and several spares!

petit jean (3)We spent Saturday at Petit Jean Mountain State Park! We saw some beautiful overlooks including a waterfall. Christopher and I are excited to come back someday and hike down to the waterfall. 🙂

petit jean (7)Christopher brought along his selfie stick (he bought it for our trip to the Grand Canyon earlier this year). Michael was not impressed with Christopher’s selfie stick skills. 😉

petit jean (4)I, however, have fully embraced the selfie stick after seeing how great our Grand Canyon pictures turned out. 🙂

petit jean (5)And Michael eventually came around to the selfie stick! {side note: check out the amount of CHEEESE in this photo, haha!}

the caveWe explored a cave at Petit Jean and this is Christopher’s selfie inside the cave! Look at that handsome silhouette. 😉

family pic And the whole family in the cave! This is one of my favorite shots from the weekend! {Michael actually used the selfie stick to take this photo of us! We’ve decided we’re buying him one for his birthday this summer 😉 }

And now we’re home for 3 short days before we head out again! It has been a busy busy busy May! But a good one. 🙂

Love Rach

24 responses to “Weekend with the family

  1. How fun! That looks like a beautiful setting for a hike. And I’m glad that you guys convinced Michael of the selfie stick’s amazing powers. 🙂

  2. Haha, if a selfie stick shows up for his birthday, let me know it’s coming and I will take a reaction shot! 😊

  3. What a fun weekend! There were a lot of selfie sticks at my graduation – I’d never seen them before! I have to admit…I sort of want one now. lol

    • I’ve only just started seeing them out in touristy places. I’m glad we’ve had it on trips! It makes getting a good shot of the two of us together super easy! We found ours pretty cheap on Amazon if you’re interested in one! 🙂

  4. The selfie stick story is hilarious. I’ve only ever seen them on TV, so I would probably feel as embarrassed as Christopher’s brother to do a selfie with one. And I’m not big on selfies in general….but maybe using the stick eliminates that looking down/double chin effect? I probably don’t like selfies because I have too many high school students (former students of mine) on my Facebook feed posting bathroom mirror selfies–ugh! There is nothing more vain than that!

    • So I am officially bringing the selfie stick with me to Nashville in July. 😉 Just kidding!

      I totally know what you mean about some people posting constant selfies. It can be really obnoxious. Especially when it’s every.single.day. So I definitely feel you on that. We like to have shots of us together when we travel different places, though, so unless we can find someone to take the photo for us we end up having to set a timer on my camera and trying to take a photo with the camera propped on whatever random thing we find. So ever since we got smart phones we’ve started taking more shots of us together with the awkward arm held out. The selfie stick (while it sounds super vain) has helped SO much with shots like that. We’ve only ever used it for trips, but it has made a big difference in our pictures! 🙂

  5. i had a selfie stick and the dang thing arrived broken. hmph.

  6. Cuuuute! I love the last picture too. I’ve heard of turning your lens around to make it macro. I think I’ve tried it once a while ago. How did your tongue pictures turn out? That’s funny!

  7. This seems like one of those weekends that you just feel good after. Thinking about the brothers discussing the selfie stick makes me smile.

  8. I feel totally fine about selfie sticks – I’m sure they make me look better than my arm’s length does! Looks like so much fun! We went to a state park this weekend too – it was super well-mantained – and they’re always so beautiful!

  9. I’m so glad you guys got to spend the weekend with Christopher’s family!!! Cherish these times with his Dad for sure!!!! 🙂

    You guys really have been GOING a lot lately! I hope you’re loving every minute of it!

    Ohhhh and the selfie stick thing…It’s only a matter of time before we ALL have them. Just like Facebook. 🙂

  10. Aww! So cute. I hear you about a busy busy busy but fun May, giiiirrrrl! Exactly how I feel! 🙂

  11. Looks like such a fun weekend! That hike looks gorgeous…so many trees!! And I’m so curious about the reverse lens situation…what does this mean? (I mean, I could just google it, but you know 😉

    • So you take the lens off the camera. And put on this special apparatus to the front of the lens and use that to attach the lens BACKWARDS to the camera. This is what makes me so nervous about the whole thing. That means that the delicate side of your lens that is usually connected to your camera, is actually exposed while the side of your lens that is normally at the front is not connected to the camera. So this reverses what the camera sees which makes it hugely magnify anything it sees. That’s probably a terrible explanation, haha! I don’t know if I would’ve understood it if I hadn’t seen Michael doing it.

  12. That’s so cool he had the muscle memory to pull out strikes and spares! I never thought I would get a selfie stick, but now I want to be able to take great pictures of us with Charlie 😉 Our problem is that we use the Lifeproof cases and they don’t like anything other than their headphone jack plugged in.

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