The day we saw Stonehenge and rode a dinosaur… sort of…

We drive down to south Alabama pretty frequently. My parents moved down there a mere 45 minutes away from the beach (at Gulf Shores) while I was in college. So I never lived in Alabama, but I’ve spent a lot of time visiting it. My sister and her family also live in the same general area about 45 minutes from Dauphin Island. So the majority of the time we get together, we end up at the beach. This year was a little different, though, because of my niece having had e.coli and c.diff and us wanting to protect her from bacteria in the water. So we had to be creative and come up with other fun things to do. Christopher did a little research and next thing we knew, we found ourselves at a giant Stonehenge replica affectionately known as Bamahenge.


Apparently there is a billionaire who lives in this area and is a fan of Stonehenge. So he had a replica built. Which means that if you’re driving along the road headed to Barber Marina and look to the side of the road you’ll see a life size replica of Stonehenge. No joke.

bamahenge collage2

The “rocks” aren’t really rock (it’s made from fiberglass), but it’s pretty incredible to see! Makenzie, our niece, took one look at it and said, “Rocks?! Why did we come see rocks?!” HA! But she warmed up to it once she saw how excited the adults were. 🙂


And naturally we brought the selfie stick along so we could take a selfie of the whole family together at Bamahenge!

holly the tour guide

My sister, Holly, totally embraced the selfie stick. We told her that she looked like a tour guide in her bright yellow shirt walking along with the selfie stick raised up high.

knights in the woods

When you get closer to Barber Marina you’ll see a little spot of woods in which hide several knights. This guy borrowed my sunglasses for a photo op. 😉


And we can’t leave out the dinosaurs… this same billionaire has a thing for dinos as well. So he had several made and scattered around this area. There were four that we found.


The kids checking out one of the dinosaurs!


Hitching a ride with my little sis…


AHHHH! Dinosaur attack!!! Clearly none of us would have survived since we aren’t running. 😉

christopher and kenzie

And of course an obligatory shot of Christopher with our niece Kenzie who adores him. She’s 9 now which means it won’t be too much longer before she no longer thinks we’re cool. We’re trying to soak it up for as long as we can.

We had so much fun exploring Bamahenge, the dinosaurs, and the knights in the woods! We also saw the Lady in the Lake & Roman Columns from far away as we drove by. So  much to see! Thanks Mr. Billionaire, George Barber, you gave us quite the delightful morning! I feel confident we will return. 🙂

Love Rach


30 responses to “The day we saw Stonehenge and rode a dinosaur… sort of…

  1. That’s amazing! LOL Gotta love what people do when they have too much money!

  2. This is so fun, it makes me WAY excited for summer adventures.

  3. hehe, bamahenge made me giggle. i guess you can build anything when you’re a billionaire 🙂 also – these fun pictures make me wanna take a trip (as does most things, ha!)

  4. Haha, the real Stonehenge is a little like “why did we come to see rocks?!” too. 🙂 How neat that someone built a replica in Alabama!

  5. Oh how fun! I love finding random things like this on trips. I’m going to save that website you linked to for our next trip. There were a few sculptures and monuments on it that are very close to our hotel we will be at next week. And if your niece is anything like my daughter, she will still think yall are cool. She just won’t show it as often or as clearly as she does now, haha.

  6. Hilarious! You’ve seen my post about our visit to Carhenge last year, right? It’s in Nebraska… an exact replica of Stonehenge made with old cars! People are weird. And have way too much money!

  7. I don’t know how I missed the e. coli post! I’m glad MacKenzie is feeling better! And I’m glad you found something else fun to do. Those dinosaurs looks really neat!

  8. What a fun place!! And such a random combination with the dinosaurs, haha. I love the picture of you guys not running…apparently you would choose ‘fight’ and totally survive 😉

  9. Hope your niece is doing well! E.coli is no joke!

    The name Bamahenge is HILLARIOUS

  10. Man, I would totally go there. I love finding random quirky things of that sort.
    And, along with your last note, my baby sister is 8 now–Angel’s known her since she was 3 and they’ve always been such buddies, he would carry her around on his shoulders, she’d pretend to be a doctor and attempt to saw his foot off and charge him lots of money for the service…that sort of thing. I’m trying to warn him that the preteen “I’m simultaneously too cool and too awkward to hang out with my brother-in-law” years might set in all too soon…he doesn’t believe me.

    • Well he and Christopher can mourn the loss together when those days arrive. I thought my uncle was the COOLEST ever… until I was like 11. Then he was just another boring adult and obviously I was the cool one. *sigh* Hopefully your niece and mine will have better sense than I did! Angel and Christopher are both awesome!

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  12. That’s so cool! I wonder what I would recreate if I had the money to do so….

    Fun day with the fam!

  13. Okay, so this entire post was just so much fun! I definitely would have had a blast there, especially riding the dinosaurs! I love that you are a free spirit and that you don’t take yourself too seriously. I’m the same way! I love silly photo ops and just being a big kid! 🙂

  14. What a fun surprise to see all those dinosaurs.. And so sweet of your husband to look up all those activities. 🙂

  15. That looks like such a fun day exploring. I will have to add it to my “If I ever find myself in Alabama…” list. 🙂

  16. Aw you have such a sweet family! I love that you all embraced the selfie stick. I have yet to get one, but might have to give in before we go to the beach with Drew’s family in July!

  17. Haha you definitely caught my attention with ‘rode a dinosaur’! lol. This looks like a blast!

  18. Huh…I didn’t even know about this stuff!

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  20. Would this be a place you could do a picnic lunch at?

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