Lost in this moment…

For those who are new readers, there is a local radio station here in Memphis, Kix 106, that puts on free country concerts every summer. Christopher and I try to go to as many of them as we possibly can because they are such fun! Also for new readers… I would like to clarify that I wasn’t always a country fan. I became one rather reluctantly because my husband is sneaky. But I embrace it fully now. Yes, I do get sick of 5 songs in a row that are all about beer, partying, and how hot women are (because that’s all women are good for, you know. To be attractive to men. *eye roll*). But then that’s true with every genre I listen to (except for Christian music & most musicals). But I loooove the love songs. And I love the songs about simple life. And family. In its own way, good country music can be soothing to the soul. 🙂

us at concert

Last week we attended the very first “Smoking Summer Showcase” (what Kix calls their concerts). Kelsi even came with us! It was Austin Webb and Big & Rich.  Austin is newer to the scene, but he sings a couple of songs country fans will recognize (specifically “Raise ‘Em Up”). But I love his “Slip On By” song. It’s all about how quickly life passes by and how important it is to be present with your kids and let your spouse know you love them. Tears every time! Check out the song & video here:

And then Big & Rich played. They sing so many songs that even non country fans have likely heard (for example: “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” & “Look at You”). But my favorite by them is definitely “Lost in this Moment with You”. Until this concert I didn’t even know who sang that song, but I have always loved it.

I especially love this song because there’s a lyric that says, “I see your daddy walk his daughter down the aisle. I feel my knees start to tremble as I tell the preacher, “Don’t she look beautiful tonight.” 

I don’t know if I’ve ever shared this on the blog, but during our wedding reception the preacher who preformed our wedding pulled me aside. He wanted to let me know that when the doors opened and I walked down the aisle, Christopher smiled ear to ear and commented, “Isn’t she beautiful?” Neither Christopher or I got teary eyed on our wedding day (which I find hilarious because I get all teary eyed at everyone else’s wedding, haha!). I was just so floating on cloud 9 that day. But we did have those bursting-out-of-our-chest love feelings. And that’s what came out of Christopher’s mouth as I walked down the aisle. So yeah, I kind of love this song because it feels like it was written about us. 😀

fairytale1003608 / 16 / 08

We tried not to get too kissy face when Big & Rich played the song since Kelsi was sitting right there with us. But it was really great to snuggle close to Christopher with his arm around me while we swayed back and forth to this sweet love song. 🙂

Is there a genre of music you used to not like, but enjoy now?

What’s your favorite genre of music? I used to listen to pretty much everything except ScreamO (do you guys remember that? I just couldn’t handle it). But these days I don’t really even listen to rap, dubstep, or soft rock anymore. I tend to be totally non hipster. I love mainstream and I’m not afraid to say it. Country, pop, Christian, punk rock, and musicals are my favorites. 🙂

Love Rach


30 responses to “Lost in this moment…

  1. SCREAMO, can’t STAND that stuff. I am the same as you and would listen to everything, EXCEPT screamo. I wasn’t an opera fan either actually…

    • ​When I was a youth intern at a church for two summers, a big group of the kids LOVED Screamo. And I haaaated it. I remember worrying that I was already “out of touch” with being a high schooler and couldn’t relate anymore. But thankfully that phase ended eventually and I found myself able to relate to the music kids liked again, ha!

      Also, I used to dislike opera too, but when I was a teenager I watched this super cheesy, made-for-TV family​ movie called “The Basket”. In the movie, a teacher uses Opera to teach kids about story. It was the first time I ever discovered that I could like even opera. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I won’t be going to an opera any time soon, but I did like it in that movie. Screamo, however, is totally still out. 😉

  2. How sweet! And I am glad that you came around to country. The love songs are pretty good, usually! You would probably like a song by Josh Turner called, In My Dreams. Have you heard it? If not, here it is on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6_W2CKMtpA.

  3. I’d have to say country is my fave! One of the best concerts ever was Zac Brown when we lived in Cali.

  4. The way you talk about country music cracks me up. I have had similar thoughts. I do love Big & Rich though
    Dresses & Denim

  5. Between both songs and the last part about what Christopher said – I definitely had tears in my eyes. You two are just the cutest thing! I must say, I’m glad he made you love country…. since it is my favorite genre 🙂

  6. My high school friends went through a screamo phase because one of the guys we hung out with was in a band… so I tried to pretend to like it—no wayyyy! 🙂 I love that you have these free concerts, that would be amazing! That song sounds so cute, I’ll have to listen to it.

    • Uuuugh! That would be so hard for me! The Screamo thing became super popular with teenagers at the church I interned for during my two summers there. I was like “yes, I am trying to relate to you, but oh my goodness, you have bad taste in music!” haha! It’d be so hard if I had a friend who was in a band like that. I’d be like “yes! I support you! But I’m not coming to hear you play.” Not really, I’m too much of a people pleaser. I’d probably try to like it too!

  7. still can’t listen to country music. well, i can listen to it but i just can’t get into it. i grew up with it all around, but never grabbed me. those cocnerts sound fun though!

  8. Justin got into country music (strangely, only once we moved up north to Pittsburgh). Now that we live in Tennessee, the peer pressure is REAL, but I’m still resisting. I’m always so jealous of these free live shows that you attend all summer! I’ll have to see if Knoxville has anything like that.

    • Just wait! Your time is coming. You’re in Tennessee now! You can’t stay away forever. 😉 Have you heard the “I loved her first” song by Lonestar? Songs like that, about loving your kid from the beginning and then having to let them go when they get married, just really tug on my heart strings. Or another solid one since you have a boy is “I’ve been Watching You” by Rodney Atkins. It’s SUPER twangy, but the lyrics are awesome as far as the daddy/son relationship goes. Now look at me being all sneaky just like Christopher. Pulling on your heart strings, haha!

  9. Aww you have me crying like a crazy emotional pregnant lady over here. 😉 I have always loved country music. I finally have my husband convinced that there are a lot of great country songs out there. I hadn’t heard the “slip on by” one (not sure how)… I loved it though!

  10. Umm, wait….women DON’T just exist to be attractive to men?!? Haha.
    I get what you mean about a lot of country lyrics for sure! But, as you know, I love country music anyway 😉 I enjoy Big and Rich, and I LOVE that song. Your story about Christopher watching you walk into your wedding made me tear up a little. You guys are so sweet 🙂 Music taste…they’re not a genre, but I hated Foo Fighters until Steve made me listen to them for a straight hour on a road trip. Now they’re one of my faves.

    • Oh my goodness, I know, right?! So much of the media (music, tv, movies, etc) send such terrible messages about women and their worth/role. Ugh. But country music makes up for it because it has so much great stuff too! 🙂

      Ah, the Foo Fighters. I liked their sound. But the only song that really stuck with me was “My Hero”… I couldn’t even name anything else they sing, haha! Glad Steve introduced you to a fav! It’s funny how you can dislike something so much and then end up loving it after you really give it a shot! With that said, I don’t think anything could bring me around to liking Screamo, haha!

  11. I used to hate country music and now I love it! Whenever I listen to it, it just makes me feel so happy and relaxed! I don’t know why I never gave it a chance before! Actually I think I know why…I think that I used to think listening to country music was embarrassing, not as cool as listening to hip-hop, for example. Now I listen to whatever I’m in the mood for, a little of everything, but country has been topping the list lately!
    And I’ve never even heard of “ScreamO”, so maybe that’s a good thing. 😉

    • Hey! At least you’re honest about why you didn’t like it before. It’s a lot of pressure to like the “right” type of music and be into the “cool” stuff. Even living in the Southern USA I still get teased for liking country music sometimes. But people just don’t know what they’re missing. 😉

  12. I miss those concerts!! They always bring in good bands!

  13. I love me some country music! I like most other genres (with you on no scream), but country has my heart. I love that you are as big on music and lyrics as I am!

  14. Also, as always, you two are so cute!

  15. Oh, and totally agree about THAT kind of country music. I also hate all of that country pop Luke Bryan-esque nonsense. (No offense if you like him, but when I think of cheesy-get-up-in-my-truck-hot-girl-and-wear-your-boots-and-skirt-and-let’s-eat-chicken-while-we-make-out-and-drive-on-backroads music, I instantly think of him.) Can’t stand it!

    • Haha! I totally understand where you are coming from. But to be totally transparent, I still love the pop country. They call it “bro country” around here and I’m definitely a fan of the peppy stuff. I still don’t like the songs that are demeaning to women, but I do like his music. “Drunk on You” is definitely a favorite of mine. 😉

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