A visit to the Noodle Shop

During the summer Christopher’s company gives their employees “summer hours” which means on Fridays he gets off at noon. This is super excellent. These days I only nanny part time and fill the rest of my time with the photography business and volunteer work. But now that Christopher gets half days on Fridays, I keep my Fridays open too. And we start our weekends early! Last Friday Christopher and I started our weekend with a lunch date at Tycoon Noodle Shop.

tycoon (7)

It’s definitely a dive sort of spot, but the food is excellent.

tycoon (8)

And any spot that has an old van out front promising the best Asian food in the city is definitely worth checking out!

tycoon (2)

We started with the spring rolls as appetizers. They come with a peanut sauce on the side. They are really yummy! Light and fresh and delicious!

tycoon (3)

We then got an order of dumplings to split as a second appetizer. Because we were hungry. And I was craving them. They were excellent.

tycoon (9)

I got the beef pho and it was SO good. Oh my goodness, it was great! And they give you SO much! It’s such a giant bowl. I ended up bringing home half of it home with me and eating the rest for lunch the next day. Yummy x 2!

tycoon (4)

A close up of my beef pho. YUM!

tycoon (6)

Look at those NOODLES! I love pasta. So much. And this stuff was delicious!

tycoon (5)

And Christopher’s Tom Yum Soup. He loves this stuff! He’s been to Tycoon a couple of times over lunch with friends from work and he always gets this because he enjoys it so much. He only ate half his soup too and brought the other half home for lunch the next day as well. It’s a LOT of food! I didn’t try it because Christopher said it was spicy and if he says it’s hot, then it is hot. I can’t tell you how often he tells me to try something because “it’s really not spicy” and I take a bite and my mouth is suddenly on fire, ha! We just have different ideas of what “spicy” is. 😉

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Do you like spicy food? I used to love it when I was growing up. Then we moved to China where “spicy” took on a whole new level. So I quit eating anything that was spicy at all. And now I’m a total wimp and have no tolerance for it at all, ha!

Love Rach


23 responses to “A visit to the Noodle Shop

  1. Those dumplings. I’ll have some right now, please. And the pho looks excellent, as does Christopher’s meal. I love spicy but I have my limits. If it hurts, it’s not enjoyable. But a little spice…I’ll definitely take that!

    • The dumplings were SO good! We had some at a sushi place last night for dinner and they were pretty pitiful. It had me missing these for sure!

      That’s kind of how Christopher is about spicy food. He doesn’t like it so hot that he can’t taste his food anymore, but he does like a good bit of spice. Of course what he considers a reasonable amount of spice is still like burn-my-lips-off hot to me. 😉

  2. First I have to say that I love your hair braid in the front 🙂 How cute! Teach me how!? 😀

    I am not a fan of spicy food at all. Will’s the same as Christopher– he LOVES it. When we eat Thai or any other Asian style food, we usually don’t end up sharing for that reason lol!

  3. I love pho! Luckily I have a place near me that’s great. I love to spice it up a little with sriracha 🙂

  4. Jordan and I aren’t huge spicy people, but lately Jordan’s been putting red pepper flakes on everything…. that probably doesn’t count. At least he’s not as obsessed with salting everything! That’s been a work-in-progress since we got married 🙂

    • Oh my goodness, the salting thing. What is that with guys? I know SO many men who do that (my husband included). I made such a big stink out of him salting food before he even tried it that he now always takes a courtesy bite before salting his food. But he still salts it. Thankfully he uses a lighter hand with the salting these days than he used to. Plus I quit putting salt in recipes (or halved the amount) that called for it because I knew that he would put the same amount of salt on his food regardless of whether or not it was in the food already. I think this is why he drinks so much water. He’s always thirsty from all the salt!

      Also, the red pepper flakes… go him! I’m still a wimp when it comes to those. If a recipe calls for it, I’m notorious for either leaving it out entirely or halving the amount, ha!

  5. That looks sooooooo yummy!!! I am always on the prowl for yummy food shops! ❤ – http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  6. That food made my mouth water! I liked spicy until last summer when I went on that strict elimination diet and now I’m a wimp! Those dumplings though!!! I didn’t like those things until I we pregnant with Briley! Now I crave them!

    • Pregnancy cravings are so funny! I’m glad you enjoy dumplings now! They were a food I just liked okay while we were living in China because there were so many other things I liked more. But after moving to the States, they are one of the few authentic foods I can find here so I like them way more because they remind me of home. Isn’t that funny?

  7. Ahhhhhhh!!!! I love this! I’m literally OBSESSED with Pho!! I found it a couple of weeks ago and now LOVE it! SO good! I’ve been meaning to try those spring rolls as well!! YUM!

  8. That all looks so delicious! I’ve really been craving ramen lately with the cold weather here these days. Also, if I have the option to eat dumplings, I eat dumplings. I can never say no! Hopefully on our day off we can go to China Town and eat some delicious food!

    I used to love spicy food and eat it all the time. I still like it, but restrain myself because I have a sensitive stomach, and knowing how I feel the next morning, it’s not worth it for me haha

    • Aww, that’s awful! That’s like me with eating late at night now. If I do, I’ll most likely have heartburn and will definitely have weird dreams. So I rarely eat late at night these days. Makes me feel old, haha!

      Girl, I am so with you on the dumplings. If it’s an option, I’m eating them! 😉

  9. All those dishes look so yummy! I am definitely not a fan of spicy Asian food. Now spicy salsa….that’s a different story
    Dresses & Denim

  10. Summer hours sound awesome! Must be a great company to work for 🙂 I love dumplings and spring rolls but I have never had pho before. It definitely looks like something I would like. You and Christopher sound like me and Trey. Trey was fed ghost pepper juice in his bottle as a baby. (Okay not really, but he did grow up eating all kinds of crazy hot peppers as a child, his dad loved them.) In Trey’s opinion the hotter a food the better. I had never even heard of the Scoville scale until I met him. Haha.

    • So how high on the Scoville scale does Trey typically like his peppers? I hadn’t heard of the scale until you just mentioned it! I just Googled it. And discovered that there is a scale to prove just how much of a wimp I am. 😉

  11. YAY for summer hours!! Those spring rolls look amazing…I literally want one right now. Steve and I are you and Christopher reversed with spicy food. If I think something’s spicy, it might kill him!

    • Do you like hot wings? Christopher LOVES those things. A bunch of places here make them to order however spicy you like them. We have to order separately because I’m always like “mild please” and then I dunk them in Ranch dressing to cool them off even more. 😉

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