He thought I was European

Last week I was editing photos at Starbucks because I had a ton to do and if I work from home then I watch Friends while I’m working which makes everything take twice as long because I keep getting distracted by the show. Anyway, I got a drink, said hi to my barista friends, then set up camp in the corner with my headphones in so I wouldn’t be distracted. I was sitting there no longer than 5 minutes before a man dressed in a business suit who appeared to be around my age waved at me to get my attention. I popped an earbud out and he asked, “Where are you from?”

“Here, I guess. I’ve been in Memphis almost 7 years now.”

“Oh, I thought you were European.”

Blank stare from me. “Oh, um, well… no.”

“You look very European. And you dress like you’re from Europe, too.”

Awkward rambling response from me, “Thanks? Um, that’s cool. I mean I guess I spent some time living overseas as a teenager, but it was China so that’s not Europe. My family is from the British Isles, but that’s been a long time back…” inwardly I’m thinking “Just stop talking, Rach. Just stop talking.” 

He apparently found my rambling endearing because he grinned and shared with me that he had spent some time in South Korea and we chatted for a minute or two more (he asked what I was working on so I showed him the photos I was editing). I mentioned my husband and it was soon after that when he left with a polite goodbye. He might have been flirting or he might have just been the super friendly sort. However if he was flirting then I have to tell you: I’ve heard a lot of pick up lines in my day, but “I thought you were European” is a new one for me. 😉

And because I had to document my “European look” I took a photo when I got home from Starbucks. I am no fashion blogger and this shot was taken with the timer on my cellphone so it’s not the best quality. But here you have it:

rach the european

Yes, my friends, I am dark featured and curly headed (it’s still wavy & kinky even when it’s braided like in this photo). I’m asked often, especially when people hear my last name, if I’m Italian. The last name came with the marriage, I always tell them. People don’t believe me when I tell them that both my parents are fair skinned (and my dad’s a red head to boot!). What can I say? I’m a genetic freak (who takes after her grandmother). 😉

Met any friendly strangers lately? 

Do you look like your family in coloring or do you stick out like me?

Love Rach


42 responses to “He thought I was European

  1. LOL What an odd pick up line, if that’s what it was! But your outfit is super cute!

  2. Hahaha! If that’s a pick up line then that’s a very strange strategy he’s got there. I think your outfit is cute! I don’t know about “European” though lol!

    I look like a literal combination of both my mom and my dad. My dad had dark hair with light eyes and my mom is blonde with dark eyes. I got the light eyes from my dad and light hair from my mom. However, my dad was also 6’6, and I definitely missed out on that gene being 5’3!

  3. I bet he was flirting at least a little 🙂 It’s good to throw the husband in there to let them know what’s up! You’re outfit is super cute, though. Definitely not a look I could probably rock as well as you.

    • Oh yes, I definitely mention the husband every time this happens. That usually is a good indicator of if someone is flirting or just being friendly. The friendly ones usually keep chatting even after they hear I’m married. And the flirty ones usually find an excuse to end the conversation. I don’t mind chatting with strangers, I just don’t want to give them the wrong idea.

  4. oh my goodness! That is bizarre! But I would take it as a compliment! I look like my dad more so than my mom. I have had strangers come up to me and tell me I look Norwegian. I have brown, hair, blue eyes, and freckles..I don’t think those are Norwegian features though! haha I also have a familiar face because I frequently get mistaken to be someone else!

    • ​That definitely doesn’t sound Norwegian to me! I think of super pale people with really blonde hair when I think of ​Norwegian people. But maybe the blue eyes convinced them? I just checked out your about page and the shot of you with the cup really shows how pretty your blue eyes are. So bright! 🙂

  5. Haha you have the best stories of random things that happen… what a funny choice for a pick up line. Love the outfit though! I had Logan out alone last week, and had one of those overly friendly types keep talking to us too. He was from Nova Scotia (not sure if they are just naturally way more friendly than New Englanders or what). It was borderline creepy so we left pretty quickly.

    • Oh my goodness, seriously I should share more of these stories. The things people stop me to ask about or say to me are hilarious. Gotta give them credit for trying, though. 😉

      Also, I totally get what you mean about the creep factor. I always trust my gut and if someone feels off to me or creepy in any way then I am out of there! So good for you!

  6. That’s so funny. I would take it as a compliment though. Europeans always seem to be way ahead of us on the fashion trends, lol. My cousin and I used to enjoy confusing people when we were younger. She is Filipino and I am very Irish, fair skinned, freckles and light hair/eyes. When we were in school people would always find weird ways of asking how we were cousins since we didn’t look alike, lol. My great grandmother was also full blooded Cherokee and I unfortunately did not get her traits passed on down to me, lol.

  7. I have my mom’s coloring, but Wyatt didn’t get mine that’s for sure! I never thought I would have a blonde child with blue eyes. I wonder what #2 will look like?

    • Who knows! Maybe you’ll have two that look just alike! Wouldn’t that be funny with you being so dark featured! Christopher and I are both dark, but all of my family is fair (other than the one grandmother) and most of his family is fair (except for his Italian dad and Italian grandfather). So we’re curious to see what our kids look like someday. We joke about how we’ll probably have kids that look like my dad (he’s red headed and blue eyed) and nothing like us. 😉

  8. Haha! You do look European. But I don’t know that I would have made you take out your headphones at Starbucks to tell you that. 🙂

    My family is all quite fair, like I am, but I think I think I’m swarthier than I actually am. I’m always surprised by my complexion in photos.

    • Ha! Oh Amy, your comment about thinking you are swarthier than you are cracked me up! I bet you are! It’s like the camera adds 10 pounds to some people… it makes you look more fair than you are! I’d believe it!

  9. Ahh!! This is SO funny!! It literally happened to me!! Oh my word, I was at a park in NYC and this guy came over and sat with me and explained how he thought I was from Europe!! Hahaha

  10. These stories are great. I have no idea what Europeans dress like, but you sure look cute!

  11. This doesn’t happen at all here in the UK, but I found when I have been travelling in the states that random people do just strike up a conversation in coffee shops.

  12. Sounds awkward……but I think it’s a decent pick up line. Europeans are known for being attractive, so there’s that….
    It definitely beats “can I buy a drink?” or “what’s your name”
    I’m working my way through Friends on Netflix and it is so good!
    Dresses & Denim

  13. i think you should have a fake european accent on the ready! 😉

  14. Definitely a funny way to pick up a lady. 🙂 Cute outfit though! 🙂 What’s your Starbucks drink of choice? I think I’ve read it before… but I like to hear people’s choices, get some new ideas!

  15. Ha, I love this!! I can’t comment on whether you look European, because what do I know, but you do look cute! I love that outfit…is that a vest or a scarf? It’s great either way!

    • I don’t know what it’s called, haha! It’s sheer, but has the cut of a vest. So I guess it is like a vest? And thanks for the compliment! You have such great taste in outfits that I was a little intimidated to share a look, haha! 🙂

  16. I would be so excited! That’s great.

  17. I’m the one who sticks out too! Imagine that. haha

  18. I’m the one who sticks out too! Imagine that. haha

    I’m working my way through Friends again! 🙂 I’m at the end of season 9.It’s crazy how many times you can watch them and still laugh.

  19. He was DEFINITELY flirting. 😉

  20. That is absolutely hilarious! What a great story!!
    Funny story from months ago… I remember when a guy tried using a pickup line with me, when I was shopping at Target. He winked at me and said something along the lines of, “I think we’ve met before.” I said, “Hmmm I don’t think so…” And then I proceeded to step out from behind the display I was looking at, and he realized that I had a huge preggo belly. He disappeared pretty quickly after that! LOL!!!
    AND, Girl, I love the outfit!

  21. How funny! And random. Good random stranger encounter to remember. I love stories like that! Actually, on this side of the globe, lots of people tend to assume my family is European, or Eurasian, if they only see the darkest haired and complexioned among us. The assumption where we live is that all Americans are big and tall (which is confusing to me because the only Europeans I know come straight from the Netherlands and Germany and tower over me!)–but here we’re judged as being short and slim…so we must be from Europe. I’m honestly not sure where that idea has come from…

    • Ha! That’s hilarious! My sister and I were *always *assumed to be Americans while living in China. But then we’re both kind of giants (I’m 5’8 and she’s just shy of 6 feet) so that’s probably why. I guess Europe is such a big place that while some of their population is big, tall, and strapping (I’m looking at you Germany) – other areas are full of much smaller people.

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