Meeting Rachel and her family!

In December of 2011 a sweet lady named Rachel stumbled across my blog. We had a lot in common besides our names. We both had blogs, both married into Italian families, both love Jesus, and both spent time living in China. Little did I know that her first comment on my blog was the beginning of a precious friendship that would last over the years. And just this past weekend, she and I finally officially got to meet in person in Nashville. 🙂

rach and rachel

Rachel said at the end of the night that our day together felt more like hanging out with an old friend than meeting someone for the first time. And I’d have to agree with that! 🙂 We had such a fun time exploring Nashville together! And I was so glad I got a chance to meet her husband and son after reading about them for so long on her blog. We met at a splash pad where little Jake bravely ran through the fountains. And then we headed to an old bookstore.

the bookstore collage

BookManBookWoman was such a neat spot! They had so many beautiful leather bound copies of books. As well as a great selection of children’s books. I found one called Santa is Coming to Tennessee… I would’ve bought it too except that it had a name inscribed on the first page. So I think I’ll get another copy. But I’m so glad I found it!

the hermitageNext up we headed to tour The Hermitage! Jake enjoyed listening to the tour guide! 😉 This was President Andrew Jackson’s home and it was beautiful. The back porch might have been my favorite spot. I could sit there all day. 🙂 As beautiful as the home was, it was a sobering reminder of how many of these old plantation houses were created and maintained by the labor of slavery.


After the Hermitage we headed to Opryland Hotel. This place is so beautiful! The whole inside of the hotel is set up to look like resort inside a giant glass atrium (lush greenery, streams, and waterfalls included – all indoors!). We took a boat ride in one of the parts of the hotel (inside!) and got a tour. It’s really all so beautiful.

with jake

Jake was so good all day long! I couldn’t believe how happy and giggly he was all day. I so loved getting to see his sweet little personality. And Rachel’s husband, Justin, was so gracious about being the only guy (originally we were hoping Christopher could come, but he got stuck working this weekend). It’s entirely possible that Justin might have had to put up with a little bit of talk about the uterus, but other than that we kept the topics generally family friendly! 😉

I am so glad that Rachel and I finally got to meet in person! I’m already looking forward to the next time we get together! 🙂

Have you been to a plantation home? 

Have you visited Nashville before? Been to any of these same spots?

EDIT to add: Read Rachel’s account of our meet up here!

Love Rach


36 responses to “Meeting Rachel and her family!

  1. That’s so nice when a friendships can come from a blog comment. You never know who you are going to meet through blogging.

  2. Ahh, I’m not surprised that it felt like spending the day with an old friend. So glad that you ladies had the chance to meet and spend time together!

  3. Yay! I’m so glad that we got to hang out! I told my mom about this (she remembers you because I made her DVR Fix it and Finish It awhile back and we watched it together). She said, “So did you meet for lunch or something?” And I said, “No, she hung out with us THE ENTIRE DAY.” Through the hot sun and everything, like a trooper! 😉

  4. What a fun post! I want to meet more bloggers! –

  5. What a fun weekend!! And what a fun place to visit. I just love Nashville. We used to go to a school thing at the Opryland Hotel every year in middle and high school. It is so pretty!

  6. Ahhh!! This is so fun!! Don’t you just love the connections that you can make with a blog?!! Seriously, it’s just great!! Glad you guys hit it off and got to hangout!! SO sweet!

    • Yes! I love how those connections can be so real! I mean, it makes sense – you get to know so much about a person when they share so much personal information via their blog. So you can feel like you know a person really well before you even “meet” them. 🙂

  7. Yay! What a wonderful day. So glad you two got to meet. Opryland hotel is amazing, I love that place!! Sorry I had to miss out on the fun! Boo hoo. Someday though…XO

  8. Fun!

    I have not been here before but it looks awesome.

  9. What a perfect day. I’ve met a couple ladies from blogging that have truly turned into some of my most precious friendships. I think it’s wonderful the bond you to share.

  10. I LOVE how blogging brings people together!

  11. I was in Nashville for one day and went to that hotel! It’s pretty awesome 🙂

  12. Love it!!! Her little one is adorable! I adore meeting blogging peeps. One day we shall meet and it will be so lovely. 😀

  13. I love this!!! I never imagined that blogging could bring people together like this… But we share, encourage, and laugh with each other! 🙂 It’s an incredible thing when a blog comment eventually turns into a beautiful friendship! 🙂
    I’m so glad that you had such a wonderful time!!!

  14. how fun!! i want to meet more bloggers!!

  15. I’ve been to Nashville but not to a plantation home, how cool. Love that you made such a good friend through blogging!

  16. So fun! Great pictures! Isn’t it SO great meeting up with other bloggers? I always love it!

  17. Aw that looks like so much fun! It is so awesome to be able to build real friendships through the blogging world. I haven’t been to Nashville yet, but it is probably the very first travel spot on my bucket list. I am hoping we will be able to take a trip down soon because I have wanted to visit for years now. It looks like you had a great day together and that her son was a trooper for it too!

  18. Blog friends are the best! Sounds like y’all had a blast!

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