Party at our House!

For the past couple of years we have thrown a big party at our house around my birthday (2014, 2013). But every year I stress over who to invite. Obviously all our closest friends who we hang out with all the time. But what about those good friends who we don’t see as often, but still consider close? And if I invite so-and-so, then I’ll need to also invite so-and-so… and it’s so hard to figure out what the cut off point is. But since we always cook for everyone, I need a head count. But this year, we decided to try something new. We opened the invite up to everyone. People from church, neighbors, etc.

partyI snapped a couple of shots quickly on my cell so they’re all blurry and a bit chaotic, but that’s a good representation of the party, haha!

Since food is always the concern with unknown numbers, I just told everyone it was going to be old school potluck style. And you guys, our friends delivered. There was MORE than enough food for everyone and it was all so good! In total, I counted around 45 people in our house (and spilling into our backyard) on Saturday. And I loved the feeling of including everyone. Of knowing that there was no one who would hear about this party later and wonder why they weren’t invited.

party2The glow bracelets are my self portrait of the evening. 😉 We had bocce ball, corn hole, side walk chalk, giant bubbles, glow stick ring toss, and a giant coloring book to keep both kids and adults entertained. 🙂

There was a lot of madness and noise, but it was good to have our home filled with so much joy and fun. This year I didn’t get a group shot because… well… there was more chaos than normal. But I’m so glad we had this party. I’m not sure that all our parties will be open invite in the future because with parties like this, there are lots of people who don’t know each other. Which kept Christopher and I hopping around from conversation to conversation to be sure that everyone had someone to talk to. I talked to everyone who came to the party, but I don’t think I talked to anyone for more than 10 minutes. So it was pretty exhausting in that sense. But the minute I walked into our living room and saw a group of people talking who had never met each other before this night… I knew it had been the right choice. Connections were made, friendships grew, and every person who walked out of our house at the end of the night told us what a great party it was and how much fun they’d had. #success 😉

Have you thrown a party where you invited lots of people who didn’t know each other? How was that? 

Love Rach


27 responses to “Party at our House!

  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I used to always stress over food when we had parties and I made everything, but then we asked people to just bring one dish, and it was so much easier. It was nice to have the surprise of what people would bring too.

    • Yeah! I really enjoyed seeing what fun things people brought. Seriously I would’ve been happy if everyone had brought mashed potatoes or spaghetti, but it ended up being a great mix. I don’t think we had many items that overlapped!

  2. I love this!!!! 🙂

    The activities you came up with and the idea to have it be a giant potluck were both really great! Was the giant coloring book popular? I have a feeling it would be!

    We’ve had several cook outs at our house this year that have been last minute things and yet just kept growing. Everyone has really enjoyed them and the amount of stress on me has been ZERO because if it’s last minute, it’s last minute and there’s no time to stress about ANY of it! 🙂

    • Yes! The giant coloring book was popular! Coloring in that book is actually on the list of things Christopher and I are going to do over our “30 days” break beginning next week! 🙂

      It’s so nice to be able to have a party and have NO stress! Last minute, spontaneous parties are great for that! 🙂

  3. aw what a fun party! i definitely don’t have the who to invite problem, it’s more like who can we invite so it won’t be like, just 4 people sitting around lol. parties are always such fun and potluck is SUCH a good idea because even if you do have a head count, it’s so hard to get all the food ready at the same time, you know?

    • Invite me, I’ll come! I’m always up for a party! 😉

      And yes! It’s so hard to have all the food ready at the same time! I’ve gotten pretty good at doing that for groups of 10 or less (because of my teen girls coming over so much), but for big groups… it’d be SO hard!

  4. There is always so much more pressure on the host(ess) when all groups of friends are included, and I usually tend to keep things separate, BUT it’s always so much fun to see people who hadn’t previously met make connections. Potluck is a great idea! So glad that it was so much fun.

  5. I love that you opened it to all!

  6. How fun!!! I wish I was as hospitable! I stress when too many people are in the house. Who am I kidding, I stress going to someone’s house with a lot of people! Introvert issues!

  7. that looks like a lot of fun! I love having people over….never done a huge group yet where people don’t know each other. There is something so connecting about having people in your home.

  8. This looks like so much fun! I have never been brave enough to invite everyone over at once (I am not sure our house could hold that many people either). I think potluck style was a great idea and probably took away some of the stress too. It is always so fun to be able to try out other people’s favorite dishes.

  9. So fun!! I always stress about that stuff too, wondering if I don’t invite so and so will they be upset? I love potluck style—it takes stress off you as the hostess too which is so nice!

  10. Love that all your different groups of friends were able to mesh together! That is always a concern when inviting people to a party. Great idea having a potluck! I know for sure that I would get way too stressed cooking for 45 people, AND it is YOUR birthday party.

    I personally have never hosted and usually try not to go to bigger parties…I’m an introvert..could you tell? haha

  11. This is such a fun idea! I’ve been wanting to have a party/BBQ at our house this summer but I just don’t think we’re going to have the time with all of the weddings we have going on. I’d love to make it an annual thing though, I think I’ll start next year 🙂

  12. How fun! We threw a huge memorial day party when we lived in ft lauderdale, and lots of people did not know each other. But everyone had a great time 🙂

  13. This looks like so much fun! What a BIG party! And I think potluck on your birthday is better anyways, because then you don’t have to cook anything–you just wait for the food to show up! 🙂

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