The weekend before the 30 days

Guess what, my friends! Our 30 days begins today! I think tonight is going to be a low-key activity kind of night simply because we are both exhausted. In order to prepare for our 30 days away from normal life… we spent extra time doing the normal life stuff this past week. Ha! Which means that on Friday night we didn’t go to bed until past 2am and then on Saturday and Sunday nights we went to bed way past midnight (closer to 1am). And then we still proceeded to get up early the next day because we had stuff going on. So we’re a little low on sleep right now, but it has been absolutely worth it!

pact girls

Friday night was my very last sleepover with my teen girls before they head off to college. I put together a video of the past 6 years with them and it was pretty adorable. I’d share it here, but well… it’s 20 minutes long and there are some embarrassing moments I’ve captured over the years that I’m confident they wouldn’t want me showing the world, ha! But just trust me when I say it was adorable. There was a lot of laughter that night and some tears. We all took turns sharing parting words and it was precious. A good way to say goodbye.

kelsi's dresser

Saturday morning was spent helping Kelsi (one of my girls who’s staying in Memphis for college – yay!) refinish furniture. Then we went out to my grandfather’s house to help with chores around the house since we won’t be as available  over the next 30 days. Then we went to dinner with friends and went bowling!

cosmic bowling

But not just any bowling… we went COSMIC bowling! That meant black lights, a disco ball, great music, and some strobe lights. We had SO much fun! And we laughed a lot. We might have laughed particularly hard the one time Courtney managed to throw herself down the bowling lane and ended up in the gutter. For the record, we checked to make sure she was okay before we laughed. 😉 She was fine (a little sore the next day, but fine). We about died laughing. I will never forget her laying in the alley, half of her body in the gutter, just laughing at herself. Oh gracious, good times!

us with brodie and lyndal{us with Brodie & Lyndal at the beach earlier this year since I didn’t snap a pic last night}

Sunday was church as normal and then lunch with friends. Then we came home to help Kelsi finish her dresser. Then we crashed sometime yesterday afternoon after Kelsi left. We turned on old Modern Family episodes and sprawled out on the couch until around 7. It was wonderful. Our old people bodies can’t handle these late nights, ha! Then of course we proceeded to stay out super late again to have frozen yogurt with Brodie and Lyndal. 😉

So here we are. Exhausted from normal life on top of late nights this weekend. But so so excited about the coming 30 days.

Have you ever seen someone fall in the gutter while bowling?

Does it take your body a couple of days to catch up when you stay up late? We’re normally 10pm bedtime people (occasionally 11pm on weekends and rarely midnight). So staying up 3 nights in a row was rough on us, ha! My college self would make fun of me. 😉

Love Rach


19 responses to “The weekend before the 30 days

  1. Cosmic bowling sounds really fun! I’m glad your friend was okay after the spill in the gutter. I’m so excited for your 30 days of fun with the husband! I hope it is everything you guys want (and need!) it to be.

    • We’re only on day 3, but so far it’s excellent! It’s so nice to just be together. Even on the low key nights like last night. Grilling out and packing together has it’s own little magic when we’re not in a rush to get things done before we run out the door. 🙂

  2. You guys HAVE been busy!!!! I know the work that goes into preparing for a little R&R!!! 🙂 Sometimes I think I’m crazy when I find myself doing soooo much extra just so I can relax…but then, I always remember that it IS worth it! 🙂

    I’m sure that video was a TEAR JERKER!!!! I can picture you all crying happy tears! 🙂

    How did the dresser turn out??? I’m excited that at least one of “your” girls is staying close by!!!

    I thought I had seen it ALL bowling…but, landing IN the gutter?!??! Nope! I would have died laughing!!! 🙂

  3. That sounds like such a fun weekend!!! We have a very animated friend who used to “fake” the most fabulous bowling fall when we went out for couples bowling night. The first time I ever saw him do that I laughed probably harder than I have ever laughed before. That reminds me, I need to plan a bowling night! haha!

  4. I think you guys probably go to bed early because you stay so busy! I like staying up late, but now that I’m going to work and starting my days extra early, I’m going to need to adjust. Does everyone know about your 30 days (friends, family, even grandpa)? Do you guys have like a Do-Not-Disturb-for-the-next-30-days sign hanging on your door? 😉 (Seriously, though…a mid-life honeymoon is a really great idea! I can’t wait to hear about it!)

  5. Wow, it sounds like you are having entirely too much fun!! haha… –

  6. lovely photos! looks like fun!


  7. i’ve never seen anyone in real life do that–the bowling thing like that–only on tv! and i’ve always wanted to do cosmic bowling. yay for 30 days starting!

  8. It sounds like you have been having a busy time. It always takes me so long to get in to a proper routine when I have stayed up really late. But, it is fun to do every now and then.

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  10. I’m so excited for you guys and your 30 days (which there are much less than 30 of now)…such a great idea! I hope you guys have such a good time! I can only imagine how emotional that video was for you guys…you are such a thoughtful mentor! And I hear you on staying up late…I always have so much energy the next day (adrenaline or something?) but the day after I’m completely useless!

    • We are halfway through the 30 days already! Can you believe it?! Someone asked me yesterday what day we were on and when I counted it up and realized that we were on day 15, it made me sad to think how quickly this will be over. It has been such a blessing so far! I’m looking forward to our last two weeks together! 🙂

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