Off we go!


Well, my friends, we are about to hop on a plane to fly to the Dominican Republic! I’m not sure if we’ll have wifi or not, but if so you can check for updates on Instagram! 🙂 Happy weekend, friends! 🙂

Love Rach

26 responses to “Off we go!

  1. Have an amazing time. I would love to go back to the DR!

  2. Have a great trip!!! Can’t wait to see pics!

  3. Have a great trip! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  4. Yay!!!!! Have a great flight and an even better time on your trip!!!! 🙂

  5. HAVE A BLAST!! ❤

  6. Woohoo! Can’t wait to see some pics 🙂

  7. Have fun! Can’t wait to see pictures!!

  8. I can’t wait to read all about it! I hope you are both having a blast. 🙂

  9. saw about the food poisoning 😦 😦 feel better girl!

  10. eeek—-so excited!!! have fun and can’t wait for pics 🙂

  11. Loved following along on Instagram! 🙂 Hope you’re feeling so much better!!

  12. what a fun and exciting trip!! i hope you have a blast!! ok but did someone say food poisoning in the comments?! oh no!! feel better!!

  13. I know that things didn’t go quite as expected… But I’m looking forward to the recaps of the fun days you did have! 🙂

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